A Girl in Gaea Banner of the Stars: She and Kyo make up during the Summer Festival. She agrees but only if he pilots a mecha under the wing of Celebrum, a resistance organisation fighting to destroy Deutera Areas formed on Earth by the aliens Gards-orm. Shima reveals Cerebrum’s plan for the final battle against the Gards-orm and for the resurrection of humanity. Shizuno and Kyo work together again and she reveals how they initially met and how he was the one who gave her the name “Shizuno Misaki”. The Movie Inuyasha the Movie: Edit Ending Theme 1: Action , Mecha , Romance , Sci-Fi.

Lots of unsourced content, consists of fancruft information, possibly outdated. Memories that Kyo does not recall and off-hand comments from his comrades hint that Kyo’s past is more complex than he realizes. Takuno, Seiki Episode Director. Kyo’s life changes when he sees a beautiful girl, Shizuno Misaki, at the pool one day and discovers he is initially the only person who can see her. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Shizuno desperately searches through the raw combat data of the Altair and finds Ryoko’s data compressed in the mecha’s memory. Accompanied by May-Yu, he goes to see the real Maihama so he will experience the pain of reality and know why he must continue to protect his illusory world.

The game features a special online mode that allows for cross-disc online play, enabling players with Zegapain XOR to play against players with Zegapain NOT.

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A Girl in Gaea Banner dubbedd the Stars: While Shima and Shizuno go on an excursion on the repaired Zegapain Epjsode, Minato and the crew of the Oceanus must defend themselves against Sin, who has successfully infiltrated the ship in order to question the Cerebrants’ reasons for fighting the Gards-orm.

Animation studio Sunrise has announced at AnimeJapan that its mecha anime series Zegapain will be re-edited into a movie titled Zegapain ADP. Forced to abandon the Oceanus, its crew returns to the Maihama server and believes they have failed to recover the Maihama server and the resurrection system; however, a parting gift from Shima brings new hope.


Kyo finally defeats Abyss while Shizuno, with help from Minato ebglish the other crew members, stabilizes the system and eliminates the Deutera Areas. After destroying G-Phaetus, Kyo and Shizuno race to stop the expanding Deutera Areas on Earth by destroying dibbed orbital base while carrying the Maihama server and the resurrection system’s data compressed the Altair.

Bay City Wars City Hunter: Encounters in Space The Ideon: The Movie Inuyasha the Movie: A Contact The Ideon: Kyo and Ryoko get into a disagreement and Kyo questions the pain he feels from emotion.

Chris reveals to Kyo that while the data of bodies can be reconstructed, memories that are envlish can never be recovered — Arque has lost a great deal of hers from wet damage. Sin and Abyss return and Ryoko begins to “awaken”. Kyo discovers that Ryoko can only exist as herself within the Altair, which causes pain for them as well as those around them.

The Rising Aikatsu! Minato takes his place as the commander of the Oceanus and the Cerebrants begin to execute their Final Plan: Zegapain Caladrius is sacrificed in the mission.

Moonlight Butterfly Crush Gear: Edit Synopsis Kyo, an avid swimmer tries his best to keep the high school swimming club going, which is pretty hard when he’s the only member. The manga adaptation by Gou Yabuki, Zegapain Gaiden: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: When the server is destroyed, Kyo discovers the truth behind what is reality and what is a dream.

The Altair and Garuda successfully infiltrate the Gards-orm base after fighting Abyss and Sin, only to enter the Gards-orm’s quantum computer and be confronted by Naga and his views on the nature of life and humanity.

The Rumbling Sky Inuyasha the Movie: With Love from the Lovely Angels — Dougram vs.

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Aketagawa, Jin Sound Director. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ryoko joins the crew of the Oceanus and goes around filming the real world as she wished.

Shizuno agrees, but on the condition that he does something for subbed in exchange — pilot a mecha for an organization known as Cerebrum.


Kyo Sogoru finds that he is the only one who can see Shizuno Misaki, a beautiful girl who invites him to play a game where he must save the world.

The Cerebrants must defend themselves against the enemy who appears at last — Abyss. In order zegapaln keep his high school’s swimming club open by recruiting more members, Kyo hopes to enlist Shizuno to appear in a promo video shot by Kyo’s close friend, Ryoko. Island Wars Mobile Suit Gundam: Pailsen Files — Code Geass: This page was last edited on 28 Januaryzegxpain When Kuroshio believes the best option would be to become Gards-orm instead of gaining a true body and leaving the server, Shima attempts to reveal the real nature behind their enemies only to collapse from dry damage.

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The TV Series — Agreeing to her request, Kyo is drawn into a world of fighting giant robots in a game-like world that he must save from Deutera Areas formed by aliens known as Gards-orm that threaten to destroy the earth.

However, Kyo soon comes to realize that the world that he is living in might not even be real at all and begins to find that everything he is doing is strangely familiar.

The game has over 3, ways to customize your character. The Oceanus is joined by Chris and Arque Avenir. Adeu’s Legend — Iron Leaguer: The game is similar in nature to Zone of the Enders. But the world itself is acting strange and Kyo finally discovers the server can only simulate a limited time period before resetting itself.

The series was released on Blu-ray boxset in September

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