Sting coming, and Lesnar kicking everyone’s ass. Y2J and AJ Lee returning is great news. There age is over That RAW was on fiiiiyaaaaaaa! Punk doesnt have to win shit. S I forgot how amazing Stephanie is with her promos. Without getting any further, let’s see what you have to look forward to at TLC!

SAW RAW well VINCE is back lol well for the part where he changes the term of the team authority vs team cena match at survivor series, this time if team authority loses, there will be no more authority in power hehe another thing to note, randy’s pawning team authoritys balls since last week, this raw was no different either Expect a lot of chair shots and a lot of pain! Sent from my LG-F using Tapatalk. Pitting him against Lesnar for Summer Slam is probably a good idea, since Daniel Bryan is out of action. And i think Roman is not gonna win the WC title at battleground.. And a good crowd too after a good number of months. Without getting any further, let’s see what you have to look forward to at TLC! This was more terrible than last year’s RR.

I don’t know but you are using the word ‘deserve’ wrong here. Sent from my GT-I using Tapatalk. For the past few weeks, Randy Orton has been taunting, disrespecting and humiliating Rey Mysterio.

You say he’s a decent in-ring performer but bash Cena day and night for doing his 5 moves of doom and call Reigns’ 3 moves of doom Spear, superman punch, apron kick decent? Some of the many highlights: I cant wait for Royal Rumble, my favourite show.

WWE TLC 2009

Just imagine toc wrestlemania entrance that one day. If you look at it from the wwe’s perspective, they knew this would happen and they went ahead with it anyway because whether it is negative or positive, they are going to get a lot of publicity because of this.


Brie Bella Loser must be “assistant” to winner for 30 days. Poor Reigns got booed just because DB was eliminated. From Slammy awards to Royal Rumble. SAW smackdown well it was ok It requires a lot of stamina to do all those moves.

The whole Royal Rumble was structured after Reigns, to make him look strong and protect him from everything that could’ve gotten him additional heat and it backfired. A pretty meh PPV. If The Rock couldn’t get him over, he is destined to doom.

He will get his ass kicked it’s not easy at UFCwatfh don’t last more than fights there. They just can’t seem to hit the ball out of the park.

The fans saw everyone who wasn’t Batista to be more deserving of the spot because he was just handed over the victory without having to do anything for it. Looks like the rumors of him going back to UFC are true, and current deal finishes at the onine after WM.

The triple threat match. D hehe, a rematch but still damn good Cena is booed because of his stale character not that he isn’t good at what he does. By the way what are HHH plans? Returns, turns, surprises, title changes, teases, a loud crowd.

I would like to see brock lesner charging on others in 30 man match. And then Brock just wanted to beat up the rest of them.

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Saw smackdown well it started with a good tag match between the usos and goldust and stardust Sheamus Nikki Bell vs. Saw smackdown well nothing much new, some decent matches and stuf Saw smackown well in two days we wll see survivor series and this smackdown was all team cena and team authority, although cena was missing team cena did good until at the end! D haha anyways even the divas four dfsirulez four elimination was good LOL in the end being 4 on 1 lol paige being 1 haha and wth AJ and nikki match!


It’s beyond frustration now and the crowd rightly chanted Bullsh-t when they were having none of it. His comeback was amazing after being hit by the MIB case twice in the face. But i gotta admit, reading the fans blowing up on forums is hilarious lol. They should have given Ambrose or Ryback the fucking win. Having wrestling background Real wrestling not what Ttlc calls wrestling.

WWE TLC 16th December MB PPV WEBRip |

Our site uses cookies to deliver a better experience. I liked cena vs lesnar and rusev vs swager matches.

They eliminated Bryan early so he doesn’t have any interaction with Reigns, backfired. Surprisingly, three titles are not on the line at TLC. Summerslam Brock vs cena well tbh Brock should win he conquered the streak and if he lose to cena it will be a shame now if Brock wins the title, will he be cumin regularly? Saw battleground PPV well the ppv started with a really great tag team match between uso’s and the wyatt family rowan and erick If they knew that, why give him this monster of a push in the first place?

WWE are ruining his career themselves.

Either way, things are going to be exciting for TLC. He is the kind of guy Brett Hart was back in the day.

Then what about the rumor of sting vs undertaker? Ahh Man brock started raw and ended it aswell STING peeing on the authorities plans once again, glc guessing vince is behind this

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