January 16, at Last updated on 4th January It consisted of scenes set in an office run by an unnamed organisation where members of the series 4 cast were interviewed by 2 mysterious characters – Mr. They got there just in time when they see the wolfblood. November 2, at Use dmy dates from March Use British English from July Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. December 16, at 9:

Aran comes back, saying that the pack has left the territory, and Meinir has taken over. The pack have to find a way to save Jana before it is too late. The van arrives at Kincaid’s mansion, the pack delirious after eating drugged meat. An extra webisode called Lore aired 19 October I do fall into the category of adult fan and i am not ashamed to admit it the writing was amazing and the issues that were dealt with speak to a lot of people, we all feel like we dont fit in like myself or wish we could fit in. Rhydian gets help from Tom and Mr. The mystery wolfblood is unmasked and brings startling news from the Wild Pack.

January 16, at Add the video to your site with the embed code above. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Victoria takes an interest into Jana’s wild wolfblood abilities, Shannon helps Kincaid and Dr Whitewood to perfect a serum that heals Kincaid’s limp, and Tom sees Victoria is holding someone hostage and finds a strange device.

Maddy, Shannon, Tom and Maddy’s parents are wolfbloov their way to a theme park, but their car breaks down rrturn they stumble across a home of werewolf hunters who believe all of them are werewolves. Jeffries whom of which is sworn to secrecy by the pack.

It is dark moon day, and Katrina’s grandfather has made the Kafe a wolfblood-free zone. Meanwhile Ceri is being questioned by Victoria, Segolia’s head. None of the characters is exactly like me, but I suppose the closest to me as a teenager is Shannon… Questions about: Hi Debbie love the show and all grew up with it and currently been watching it again woflblood the few years and it was quite sad to see this go hope for the best of you in the future.

After getting some encouragement from Bernie, he tries to ask her out, but when he sees her in the dark room, she is face to face arguing with Rhydian, but to him it looks as if they are about to kiss. The mystery wolfblood is unmasked and ryydian startling news from the Wild Pack. The next day, the auditorium is vandalized with all of the artwork ruined, Jimi and the rest of their classmates pin it on Rhydian.


It’s a dark moon day and a school disco, and Maddy attempts to cheer Shannon up after she deleted all her evidence. Kincaid tries to use another serum on Tom to cure him, but it doesn’t work, leading to Ceri’s wolfblood healing turning him human again and the pack reunited once more. After it transpires that none of the wolfbloods have stolen anything, it’s a race to find the missing laptop before all the wolfblood secrets are revealed.

An extra webisode called Lore aired 19 October The wolfbloods, however, manage to find some of the serum that turned Tom into wolfblood, and distribute it to all of the other wolfbloods, foiling Kincaid’s scheme.

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January 16, at 9: This site uses cookies. If you send in your script and they like it, they might recommend you to write for Wolfblood or some other show. Meanwhile, Shannon is discovered to be a singer, and leader of a school boy band Harry Averwood notices and wants her singing for the Lunar Festival, but can Shannon overcome her stage nerves? Are there Wolfblood books?

But then, everyone loves werewolves, right? Although this kiss seaxon missing from the version shown in the US, Tom does embrace Shannon in an affectionate way. Meanwhile, Katrina is angry with Kay for having to stop living in the Kafe. I wish some of these old fans of the show from here would join and write with me as some of them seem like sill miss the show just as much as I do. Seasom have no clue what to do now.

Meanwhile, Shannon reveals to Rhydian she’s so crazy about finding the beast because one night, she saw a shadowy figure outside her tent. Rhydian and Maddy discover that there are wolfbloods who don’t lock themselves up during a full moon, called wild wolfbloods, which causes trouble when Tom and Shannon go beast-hunting.

Rhydian ends up passing out in PE, and he is taken to hospital to have a blood test. Join a youth theatre or a Saturday drama class.

Alric visits Jana and tells her the wild pack will punish Rhydian themselves if he does not come back to the pack to beg for mercy, and Rhydian decides to go through with it, only sdason he can see his family and Jana again.


If people keep doing so, I will have to close down this site. This was intercut with clips from Wolfblood episodes to illustrate what they are talking about. A total eclipse falls on a full moon, and Jana is determined to have Rhydian join her to understand what being a wolfblood really means. A second series was confirmed after the final episode of the first series had aired.

Aran and Meiner have come out from the wild, and Meiner is just not the same anymore.

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Production for series 1 began in February and ran until May By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jeffries and later, outside, Tom meets up with Maddy and says that Shannon believes Maddy is a werewolf, which is too close a guess than she can handle. Views Read Wlofblood View history. In an emergency, about a day? Retunr catch Sweeney just as Kincaid drives away with the pack.

To help cheer Jana up, Rhydian takes her on a trip to mark an old wolfblood den suggested by Wolfblopd. After Tom is accused by Liam of poaching, Seasno offers Tom an alibi when she claims they were on a date, just after breaking-up with Harry.

Kincaid reveals that it was in fact him who was responsible for the corrupt account, as he stole the money to perfect his serums capable rgydian altering wolfblood DNA, as he had a violent wolfblood foster brother, which led him to believe that all wolfbloods are monsters.

The TV channel showing Wolfblood makes those decisions, not me. Tom suggests that they might be dating, even though they are supposedly “distant cousins”, which is practically not being related at all. It says I can only read it if I live in the UK. So try to state your question clearly and briefly….

What about other supernatural creatures? There has been some discussion of a movie, but so far, there are no firm plans for one.

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