I wonder how old this guy is? He is such a complex character which is why its soo awesome. Seriously, can we get this guy some crutches? Both of them knock heads trying to pick up a coin and fall into bed unconscious. Their 1 guess is Hanna who coolly answers, Who else? And I don’t know, I don’t particularly hate Hana, but, I don’t particularly like her either.

I know this is a stretch but can SY come and save him this time? If someone touches your boob, you get your period. She needs to get over him and start liking SG!!! Kids study in Genie High — who knew? Support her, protect her – those are things friends also do for each other, and she thinks they are doing those things because they are friends. Some may say “at least someone didn’t get seriously hurt”. Jae-hee, your line of logic is:

I mean, wasn’t there a scene in an earlier episode in which he was taking care of his mother at the hospital, and he was already aware that his mother was really sick the same scene in which she gifted him the necklace? Ha — I love how Geautiful tries to leave when Tae-joon appears but he just pulls her back by the collar. Jackie November 2, at 4: But for me it’s You’ve performed a formidable job and our whole group shall be thankful to you.

We finally get some rich character development in this series. Then he stares at his computer screen again. Before Hanna can run to catch him, she receives a text from Jae-hee. Tae-joon instructs Hanna to come clean to Director Jang.


But to be eplsode to the Yoo He Yi character, although she was annoying, the Hong sisters and UEE seemed to realize this and thus her brattiness was portrayed as something more amusing and harmless, whereas Hanna has just been shrill and unpleasant – I kind of chuckled at Yoo Tou Yi’s antics but with Hanna I just wanted her off the screen. That’s why there was a point wherein there was a time skip between 2 episodes. Seung-ri slumps his shoulders and Eun-gyul responds: But if I confess, too, then she’ll feel like she has to leave.

That leaves Director Jang even more confused and asks if it really is Hanna. The roomies head inside and the door closes on Eun-gyul. Now who’s pulling my leg? I wish there was more emotion from Sulli and I wish Minho would really let Tae Joon’s cool facade go.

Did she find it amusing? Give this poor woobie his release, will ya? Well, maybe she won’t force him to date her this way, but who knows.

Missing You Episode 10 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

Watch at your own risk! But I guess I gotta wait till the finale to see if I’m right.

Soo Yeon watches him and smiles. I just love him! Tae Joon blames his dad eipsode not taking his mom to the hospital sooner to diagnose her disease. But his exit was classy, as expected. Even if I weren’t in love with this childhood friend, I would definitely still report the roommate! EG acted out his anguish really well, giving depth to his emotions and keeping it low-key but highly charged.


D Oh look, matching stripes.

Missing You Episode 10 Recap

I really liked this episode. Not Applicable Delicious Shares: Yes I did like that Violin girl Sorry forgot her name: I want to like her, cheer for her, but she just doesn’t let me! Analyzing Jae Hee is a worthless exercise in my brain cells.

I think I need a breather with this one. Hasn’t the director noticed yet? And the first was Harry crying over a body that was in a puddle of blood on the floor? Not Applicable H6 Headings: Glad that it us now no longer a secret!

To the Beautiful You: Episode 10 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I absolutely adore EG for embracing his feeling unmindful if the person is a boy or a girl. Han Tae Joon storms away.

But the lipstick situation is truly amusing. Just to emphasize, “Sure, she could pass a a boy. Thank you, Koala, cos you took the words right out of my mouth.

To the Beautiful You Favorite. What do you think? Actually she beauttiful deserve any of them. Flashback to his earlier conversation with Director Jang. Romance Is a Bonus Book: I’m guessing that scene with Hanna and Seung-ri will be sort of a “wakeup call” for Hanna’s behavior?

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