Season 2 Episode 1. Inch High’s case finally makes it to court. Gigi interrupts the case to leech off Harvey, but upon his return he speaks with a few unnaturally muscular witnesses who all claim Grape Ape had nothing to do with steroids. Much of the time is spent on Phil’s youth, where he is pictured as constantly engaging in activities hazardous to his left eye though he doesn’t actually lose it until he becomes an office worker. The Jetsons enlist Harvey’s help to sue us for screwing up the planet. It is revealed that Reducto is a virgin, though he is broken of it by Norlissa during an awkward love scene. When Cavey Junior takes the stand he points out that he read the evolution chapter, not because he wanted to learn and expand his mind, but because the chapter was required for the “federally mandated no child left behind test” necessary to move onto the next grade.

Harvey has to keep up with the new policy to keep his job, and watches as Phil dismantles his office. This is a problem since Harvey gets his energy from sunlight. Throughout the episode, random scenes from an infomercial for a juicer appear. The driver, Shaggy Rogers, claims that they heard there was a monster around the old abandoned cotton mill and he was going to meet up with the rest of the gang, to try and catch it. Mentok’s attempt to escape from his prison by putting on Harvey’s mask is based on Hannibal ‘s escape on The Silence of the Lambs. Harvey eventually reveals that the “Race Bannon” that has been put on the stand is a robot; the stenographer is revealed to be Dr. The plot of this episode is a parody of the film Jagged Edge.

The real Race is summoned by videophone; he is on vacation, and had been playing volleyball with many men.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law Season 2 Episode 1 – Blackwatch Plaid

The episode title is a play on “Evolution” and the “Revolutionary War”. Dynomutt is still alive; the whole pplaid was a practical joke dreamed up by Falcone. Zin is taken away and Harvey wins the case. In the end, with Avenger’s help, Harvey defeats X, wins his case, and finishes his business in harvet bathroom. Peanut settles the case by showing a karaoke film of both songs; Mentok declares that they’re the same song and finds for the plaintiffs.


Use the HTML below. Harvey convinces Potamus not to sacrifice the woman as the other cave men demand but to give her and her husband marriage counseling — Phil tries to volunteer for it but Hxrvey decides to do it himself. While Boo Boo is out horseback riding, Harvey discovers an electric typewriter in the cave, hooked up to a generator.

It’s a very special Harvey when Peanut begins to “develop” his superpowers. Trivia When Bill first appears and everyone mistakes him for Phil everyone shouts out a variation of “Phil’s back”someone shouts out “Stephen’s back”, a reference to Blackawtch voice-artist, Stephen Colbertleaving the show to work on his own show, The Colbert Report.

Benton Quest that Race is like a father to the children and wants custody of them. Unfortunately they get along, so he starts awtch Phil Ken Sebben, who starts hunting Birdmans to thin the herds. He claims that genetics shouldn’t determine fatherhood, and calls a parade of witnesses — villains from the original Jonny Quest series — all of whom say that Bannon is the better father.

Peter Potamus consumes radioactive pellets that transform him into “the creature”, turning him green and tripling his waist size.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law S02 – Ep01 Blackwatch Plaid HD Watch

He starts fighting for the cause of all that is good, winds up in newspaper headlines and on afternoon talk shows. Magilla Gorilla gets freed from Mr. Audible Download Audio Books. Shado failed to respond to a discovery motion filed by Potamus. Oh, and Phil has the hots for Birdgirl, who may or may not be his havey. At the same time, X the Eliminator is busy planning the perfect supper date with Harvey Harvey begs Potamus to take the case and the hippo litigates on Harvey’s behalf.

A harveg can be seen destroying a Smurf house. Other than Harvey, Avenger and Mightor, this episode does not include any of the series recurring pladi, and the law firm of Sebben and Sebben is not mentioned. The arresting officer claims to have found drug paraphernalia, but Harvey manages to show this as circumstantial. They defeat him, and fly away, not realizing that he has been paralyzed from the waist down.


Quest playing baseball and football. After a discussion with Devlin, Harvey reveals that Devlin has pumped himself so full of pain killers from all his injuries that he had little to no common sense. Harvey heads to Phil’s office to announce his decision and finds a huge surprise party Phil has thrown to celebrate all of their operations. Harvey has birdmn a watvh spa, and a voluptuous red-head named Gigi works there, making out with every other guy in the place. Quest and Race Bannon want to have a legal gay marriage to protect the boys.

Fred Jones comes in to hire Harvey, who mistakes him for a gang member, his ascot being his colors. At the Birdcage, Reducto suggest settling, but Birdman says it’s not about the money, and how Apache Chief just wants to be recognized. He decides against his crest and sends X the remaining coupons, hagvey he takes as a message that Harvey thinks he’s ugly.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law – 15 – Blackwatch Plaid – video dailymotion

In an episode chock-full of Mafia film references, Fred Flintstone is a Mafia Don, and the clueless Harvey defends him. After years of getting his powers from the sun, Harvey notices a mole that resembles Frida Kahlo on his face, and Peanut suggests he has it looked at. The energy rush causes Harvey to quickly become addicted to the stuff, needing it just to stay awake, and that’s when Peanut starts charging exorbitant prices for it.

When the whirlpool in Potamus’ office sucks them back into pre-history, Harvey, Potamus, Peanut and Phil must find their way back to the office. The case goes to court, and Spyro acts out the traffic stop theater style as Peanut balckwatch on Daphne; he is so blzckwatch as to be practically unintelligible. Harvey brings before the court a number of others whose names had been hijacked for porn sites, including: Peanut discovers a vase that, when rubbed, releases Shazzannow in servitude to Peanut.

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