Brian is the mouthpiece of God in the Destiny ethos. Were you baptized in the name of Paul? Bhavsaar says this event has been misinterpreted: This information is taught to the new recruit slowly and in pieces – a “frog in the pot” tactic. I have many stories of ‘leadership’ control etc, it’s so dangerous. All Christians and non-Christians should strongly oppose its use. A classic and extreme example was the Heavensgate cult, where the 39 members freely agreed to take poison so they could follow leader Marshall Applewhite into outer space.

Only the cult-supplied information is true. Destiny Church has moved itself into the realm of the cults, and needs to be treated the same way Christians treat other cults. However, there are other possible motivations: Sad thing is that it still does. Of course, this means that ultimately they are imitating Kip McKean. But I am among you as one who serves. What is Social Bookmarking?

Often information given in deepest confidence will find its way to leadership.

The IC box is not of the Lord. Doug Apr 04, We do have our freewill and if we have our own relationship with God in the Word and Spirit we would NOT get caught up in so called “mind-control” As a pastor your article does not reflect cilt churches I’m familar with.

This technique is really a partner to deception. But wait, unfortunately there is more, not only does Brian deny the resurrection of Christ, he also has redefined who Jesus is….

The International Church of Christ (ICOC)

Are proof that he is not a prophet or an apostle of God. Amoutsias says the person in the spotlight would have to kneel or stand while they were criticised, and some were spat on or struck on the face. That would be enough. Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have. If you leave the cult then it is said you have “fallen away from God. What Brian says is what God says, what Brian says is what scripture says.


Cults hunting students

Lynelle Feb 19, i was part of the International Churches of Christ and recognize every one of these “tools”. And sadly, still is. We all must follow the examples of Jesus and vrankovichh Apostle Paul by plainly warning about and exposing these false teachers including their false doctrines and practices,” he says. While you are doing that, put effort into keeping strong the relationship you have with the ICC member.

Brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church is Now a Cult

Read on to find out…. She says she had given all her money to the group and spent up on her credit cards.

Common sense tells us that a person who does not consider all information may make an unbalanced decision. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping. Doug’s comment sounds like a robot talking.

The International Church of Christ (ICOC) – CULTWATCH

She would often get just four or five hours’ sleep. To listen to these quotes in their full context download this twelve minute unabridged mp3 Which Christians believe, since we are all called to be representing Jesus as His ambassadors to the world. Well the Apostle Paul tells us…. CW Article Version 1. I just want to be exactly like Kip.


He sure showed me where I wasn’t meant to be. Bhavsaar and Porumamilla surrounded by devotees at the Vdankovich retreat. The test of having Christ in you does not work if we all have Christ in us by default. Amoutsias was dispatched to a bed in an open garage space.

Kuo says her experience of the confessionals began with the interrogations of Bhargava. She suggests she was too kind, too generous, too empathetic, and frankovich paid the price.

His claim that he hears from God. If you have a red flag, if they try to “put things on the back burner” Cjlt they vrankogich you that you out of Gods will if you do not agree, or that you are walking away from God if you do not follow the LEADER By controlling those who we associate with and those who we respect, a Mind Control cult can influence a person towards becoming like those people who are “good” to be around.

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