And probably the most despicable act in the process of this murder was the betrayal of Jesus by one of his closest friends, Judas Iscariot. Acestia sunt oamenii daca-i putem numi asa care L-au batjocorit, L-au scuipat, L-au batut si apoi L-au rastignit pe Fiul lui Dumnezeu- Domnul Isus Hristos -, pe Cel care nu a avut nici o vina. To answer a question like that we should put our hands on our mouths and silence our philosophical speculations. What kind of Jesus do we want her to see living through us in Philips neighborhood on 11th Avenue? StirileKanalD — Va mai amintiti de familia Bodnariu, ai carei copii au fost luati de autoritatile norvegiene? It might be worth considering just who some of these resurrected folks could have been:.

Intrebarea pe care ar trebui sa ne-o punem fiecare din noi acum, este, daca nu cumva eu, care ma consider om religios — fie ca sunt preot ori simplu enorias, fie ca sunt un om in varsta sau tanar, ca sunt cu multa scoala sau cu mai putina, ca sunt fruntas al poporului sau om de rand doar un simplu trecator prin viata aceasta , iL batjocoresc pe Fiul lui Dumnezeu, pe urmasii Lui, sau pe semenii mei. We can trust His Word. Later events will cause them to get much more interested in what is happening on this day, the day Christ died. No one ever died like this before or will ever die like this in the future. Aceasta a avut semnificatii si implicatii deosebite. In loc sa-I multumeasca, ei Il scuipau, Il batjocoreau! Jewish trial, phase 1: Uneori este chiar o chemare.

I think it is therefore reasonable to assume that some of those who were raised and who went about Jerusalem were martyred prophets. Dar uitati-va si vedeti Cine a fost batjocorit: How did he respond?


The death of Christ was effective in its purpose. Mihai si Maria vor acasa. You can imagine how frustrated these fellows must have been.


Jesus knew everything that was about to happen to Him John And why are we told the city from which he came? But there were those who could do nothing else than to believe, because of what they saw. He could just speak and Pilate would perish; the Romans would be scattered. What a difference three hours can make.

And second, Matthew wants us to see that people believed because of the sheer weight of the evidence, apart from the prophecies they fulfilled. Or do we want her to remember: How could Jesus, a man dying as a criminal, be so convincing? The crowds cried out: And within a generation the city would be obliterated. But if you do good and suffer and so endure, this finds favor with Vizionaer.

The procession arrives at last at Golgotha, where all three men are to be crucified. Can you imagine the impact this would have had on the mantuirae of Jerusalem?

Because He died like no one else had ever died, and because God testified to the uniqueness of Jesus and His death by the miracles associated with His crucifixion and death. The earth shook and the rocks were vkzionare apart.

How are you and your roommate, or your housemates, doing together?

The Work and Love of God The reason why this series of messages matters is this. Though men like Peter, or Judas, or the religious leaders failed, Jesus did not.

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Think about how this works in our relationships with other people. Third, these miracles testify to the fact that Jesus was who He claimed to be. The Scriptures prophesy that Jesus would be betrayed by a close friend for thirty pieces of silver.


Judas was not an innocent bystander when Satan entered into him. He bore the wrath of men, and of God, alone. Immediately the rooster crowed the second time. As death came over me, I felt everything become dark. Notice that this time Jesus does drink some of the wine. While Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant girls of the high priest came by. Cum sa iert si sa fiu liber?

These soldiers, who had just a few hours earlier settled down for a long vigil, aloof to the suffering of Jesus and even joining in on the mockery of Jesus — see Luke The profound truth at the heart of the holiday ends up being obscured.

They are going to hand him over to be crucified. Marturia lui Jim Caviezel. So they stumbled over the stumbling stone. John provides greater detail here John But the great misunderstanding was that he would enter Jerusalem and by his mighty works, take his throne and make Israel free from Rome.

Jesus is identifying Himself as the Suffering Servant, the Messiah whose death will bring about salvation for lost sinners.

I pray that you will too. So it is with our relationship with God.

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It was all they could do. Matthew provides a somewhat more abridged account. The thing I wish to point out is that these soldiers have little or no interest in who Jesus is, or in what He has done.

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