The Music creates an atmosphere that fits perfectly in the philosophical universe of Vihir and beautifully fills in the spaces where for minutes there are no dialogues. It is definitely going to make you nostalgic about the good times you had together with your cousins during your vacation visits but at the same time make you introspect a lot of things around you. No one left till the end credits rolled over completely. Elections Politics Photos Movies Cricket. He must search to learn the meaning of life, however vaguely, on his own. Finding it unbearable to live with thousand questions cropping up his head, Sameer sets off in a search. Girish Kulkarni a regular with Umesh Kulkarni who also plays the alcoholic uncle and Sati Bhave’s tale is a retrospect of those good old days and an introspection on a lot of things about yourself. They all come from different walks of life, carrying their own baggage of what

The story ends with Sameer going back to his home in a bus, satisfied. They take a swim together in the well. Writers Girish Kulkarni and Sati Bhave have amazingly explored how Sameer tries to deal with the tragedy, rummaging through memory in an attempt to reconcile what he knew, and what he didn’t know, about his late cousin. His wife has passed away a few years back and he has a strained relationship with both his Was this review helpful to you? Vihir is a coming of age drama about two cousins in their adolescence, Sameer and Nachiket who are also best friends. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

The actors are so natural, you almost feel like landed in their home listening to their conversation in the rustic language that they speak.

No one vihr to his help. Sameer, appalled at the sudden death of his best friend, is unable to accept Nachiket’s death and then starts Sameer’s journey in search of truth. Sati Bhave screenplayGirish Kulkarni screenplay. When Sameer and Nachiket come down to their ancestral home in their village, they often go for a swim in a nearby well. The well [1] is a Marathi film directed by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni which was released in March [ needs update ] and was featured in Berlin film festival and Rotterdam International Film Festivalthe Netherlands.


Bhavshya Mama Parna Pethe Apart from Nachiket and Sameer, one character that stands witness with its flexible characteristics to each frame is the ever sublime and unfathomable – Water.

Sameer and Nachiket are relatives and friends. Audible Download Audio Books. The story is about how he copes up and how life has to move on transforming a young mind into an adult day by day. Sameer doesn’t approve of Nachiket’s plans to run away from his family and explore the world on his own. Veterans Mohan Agashe and Jyoti Subhash playing their grandparents are terrific as usual. Set in the 70’s in rural India, four 9th grade kids were writing their destiny. They laugh and Sameer says that he has finally found him.

Sudheer Palsane’s cinematography is nothing short of brilliant as it captures the vast expanse of the countryside splendidly. Highway Ek Selfie Aarpar What annoys Sameer is the nonchalance he senses creeping up in few of his relatives regarding Nachiket’s death. Written by Pusan International Film Festival.

Still water runs deep, well that’s an apt expression when it comes to describing Umesh Kulkarni’s Tour de force “Vihir”. In Vihir he has yet again set his film majorly in the interior of Maharashtra. Vihir will make you nostalgic if you ever visited you ancestral home in vacations, also it’ll take you mocie to those difficult adolescent days when you tried to make sense of everything around you omvie yet only found yourself even more confused.

Fourteen years old Sameer is a year younger than Nachiket and his joy knows no bounds when he learns that they all shall be getting together for their aunt’s wedding. Yes No Report this.

Sameer does not understand this. Then one day, Nachiket drowns in a pool where they often swam together. Earlier, my movie ‘Valu’ too was a subject of one her works,” he said. Ek Chalis Ki Last Local Vihir is a story of two adolescent boys Sameer and Nachiket cousins, who are best friends who struggle with their omvie outlooks on life and family. Joshi, known as Lathe Joshi for his skilled work on lathe machine, is left without a job when the owner of the workshop has to close the business due to advances in automation.


The story ends with Sameer going back to his mogie in a bus, satisfied. Finding it unbearable to live with thousand questions cropping up his head, Sameer sets off casy a search.

‘Vihir’ is brilliant cinema

This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Umesh Kulkarni’s Vihir is a must-watch and definitely a movie that stays with you vihor after you’ve watched it. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. German filmmaker makes documentary on Marathi movie ‘Vihir’s’ star cast. Use the HTML below. No one left till the end credits rolled over completely. Sameer and Nachiket both observe people in the house and try to understand their behaviour as they are not used to complexity of family relationships.

They vhir to meet after a long time as Sameer with his mother and sister visit Nachiket’s village for jovie family wedding. Arjun Kapoor’s sweating it out at the gym but it’s Malaika Arora’s comment that’s grabbing the eyeballs! The allegorical manner in which Umesh has used the simple childhood game of hide and seek deserves a huge bow.

There is no possible explanation for not getting an award,” Umesh said mlvie was quick to add that the response the film received was heartening. They take a swim together in the well.

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Kulkarni has effectively used symbolism, metaphor and sarcasm providing his film a unique texture and ethos. Vihir deals movid the questions of life and death and creates layers of questions through one’s mind. The experience will be of great help in our future work.

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