This page was last edited on 3 September , at Soon-bum replies defensively and Jung-in calls him out for making an assumption, and Tae-yeon steps in just in time to prevent a prosecutor-cop throw-down by telling them both to hold off till the autopsy. We knew early on that he was a vamp, since he turned Tae-yeon in Episode 1. South Korea Date aired: Poor Soo Bum and his first love, she’s already forgotten about you. Drama Korea Vampire Prosecutor Subtitle Indonesia Sinopsis Kali ini mimin Download Drama Korea Terbaru akan updet drama2 korea terbaru untuk pengunjung For those who are fan of supernatural Korean drama me too I would definitely suggest those dramasWatch Korean drama online and watch Korean movies online. Tae-yeon thanks Runa for her help and dismisses her, but she requests to see a roster of everyone who disappeared on those days. I will not be surprised if her vision gets its happening

Vimeo gives control freaks the power to tweak every aspect of their embedded videos: Vampire Prosecutor Ep8 Preview I dont own the vid. Besides, Thirst is faithful to the vampire subject, because it respects the “biological” precepts from the myth, wisely avoiding its most theatrical and bland characteristicssomething which is an indirect way to say that there is an abundant level of blood and violence in this movie. Sinopsis Vampire Prosecutor episode 12 part 1 , part 2. Vampire Prosecutor Ep7 Preview I dont own the vid. I want to make a correction.

Soon Bum knows it, his buddy bud-bud It seems like the red eyed vampire is the original or something. It’s possible, and probably a good speculation for a future “twist.

vampire prosecutor

Ha at first I thought her character was a phony and that she was behind the killings. Jo has thalassemia; a blood-related genetic disease that requires regular transfusions? Onichick September 18, at 8: I don’t think the writers leave anything just sitting there. Keeping loved ones in the dark will prove to be difficult in this final chapter because everyone will be on the move to procure and epizode what’s theirs.

Blood Korean Drama Description This drama tells the story of a vampire, Park Ji-sang who prosevutor as a doctor in a hospital. This is sinopdis crime scene our prosecutor team finds. You get the sense that he could go toe to toe with Tae-yeon, and maybe even come out on top in the right circumstances. I think at the end, when park hoon gets bitten, it shows the moment he was turned into a vampire. Especially because of this: Boy, I must really be confused if no one can help out. The team gets to work digging, while Runa screams and beats on her coffin.


Korean vampire drama

Both vampire dramas are doing well in Japan and have fans overseas. Loved her in Love Shuffle. I had to watch most of this episode during lunch hour at the price of looking like a super-anti-social-tv-geek at school. September 18, at 4: Thank you for nine great years. Vampire drama lacks fangs and blood for you to sink your teeth into. This is a genre that I’m very hit or miss with, but when they do it right, I love it.

This year the character has more personality, and the actor Lee Kyung-young gives him such a nice color and complexity: Damn, she looks scary. So they stand by waiting while Runa begins her work, waiting for her to feel a sense of Min-young. Vampire Prosecutor Promotional poster. A mystery investigations drama where a vampire is the leading prosceutor. She sensed that there were other incidents in the past, and more to come.

Yoo Ri-ta is a hotshot heiress doctor, epixode star physician at the… Country: Mom pulls a third card: He solves various cases for his clients while also trying to uncover the mystery surrounding himself.

The first subject is a young woman whose aura Runa reads, and detects her recently injured back, which elicits impressed murmurs from all. I wonder, is hottie-bartender lollll so true the one Tae-yeon was talking to at the beginning of the first episode?

Trap Strangers from Hell Thank you for the recap, javabeans! Both dramas, airing simultaneously, focus on supernatural beings who originated during different episodde in Korean history and are now living in the modern era. The prosecutor team follows. Chinese Modern dramas meaning set in the modern days are usually longer that Korean ones, I would say an average of 30 episodes versus 16 for Korean dramas, which for me is rather a weakness as longer dramas tend to drag a bit.


The mother pulls a tarot card: Power to bromance man! Give my top and favorite picks for Korean ost featured in Korean drama if Jo has photos showing the undisturbed crime scene, and begins his report.

I hope I won’t be disappointed just coz I declared my love early into the series but I love this episode. On to prosechtor nightclub, where a punk roofies a girls drink.

Feeling in the mood to sob? Archived from the original on November 5, But our beloved Tae-yeon entering the club on “I’m Sexy and I Proswcutor It” – which was the perfect entrance perfect directing strike – served as a sweet eye cleaner after the shaman rite.

Tae-yeon arrives looking pale well, paler than usual and takes over the questioning: A place for Chinese dramas, Korean dramas and more with a soft spot for wuxia and anything historical.


This drama tells the story of a vampire, Park Ji-sang who works as a doctor in a hospital. When he arrives in her room, though, he finds her lying in a pool of blood on the floor… with one kidnapper standing over her.

Watch Vampire drama online. No one, except for Detective Hwang Soon Peisode, knows that Tae Yeon was bitten seven years ago and acquired vampire powers. Despite his reading being an act, at least the guy can put his fortune-telling knowledge to work and he spots a similarity between Min-young and the other disappeared girls, reading their fortunes. Well, VP2 has been really serious and scary lately- that poor little girl! Episode 12 Vampire Cop Ricky.

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