A town mired in history, Zurich is destination that all should see, especially in the summer months as a festive riverside and lakeside atmosphere takes hold of the historic capital of Switzerland. Jo Brauer by Stefanie. Unterer Letten by luzia. Log In with Facebook. The best place to see all of zurich and its many church towers. Log In join as a local. The lowest level consists of wooden platform right above the river, the best place to catch some sun and observe people jumping into the river and floating by. For many people in Zurich, the public bath “badi” culture is very important.

If you wear goggles and stay underwater, it feels a bit like flying. Enter your email address and we’ll email you a link that you can use to log in. International guests arriving at The Chedi Andermatt will likely transit through Zurich, which is the closest airport to the property, about 60 — 90 minutes away by car. Perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon. BBQ grills, sports activities and the possibility of renting the place for private events are within reach for everybody. In the basement Julian Zigerli is working on his new collection and if you’re lucky, you’ll meet Gipfeli, the dog of the house.

Special tip There are several events taking place here as well summer season only: Back in Spain, I used to celebrate my birthday at a pool or water park. Enjoy one of the best espressos in town, work, read and meet nice people.

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Open air cinema, Unterer Letten, “The Theory of Everything”, Zurich (July 2016)

The nature around Katzensee is not just a good option for swimmers but also for horse riders, bikers or anyone wanting to be in touch with nature. This historic wooden lido-style bathhouse has been luring visitors into the lake since and remains especially popular with a 30 to year-old age group.


The large, open space faces the sun for most of the day and offers spectacular views of the alps in the distance. Why locals love it For many people in Zurich, the public letfen “badi” culture is very important. Cabaret Voltaire by Martin.

Because the river is fed by the nearby lake, the water tends to move fast making lettten more of an express lazy river which can be enjoyed with a complimentary inflatable device received upon admission.

The best place to see all of zurich and its many church towers. Since Katzensee is a protected area, be ready to have bird visitors wandering around among the bath towels Let us know in the comments: For good swimmers only, the current is usually pretty strong. Cool down in Limmat water. This picture stands for every water in Zurich. Swiss Creativity Comes to Life at the wemakeit Festival.

Swimming Zurich

Let your friends see it. This is where we spend most of our lunch brakes in the summer. Save to list Save to list:. Follow us on Instagram. The Opia is a nice store focussing on asian independent fashion designers. The Limmat and the Sihl. Some are charming and historic with shingled wooden structures letren back to the s while others offer more contemporary ambiance featuring mid-century sunbathing platforms unterrer transform to impromptu dance floors after the sun sets.

citylikeyou — Unterer Letten — Zürich by Rasmus Norlander

So whether you live on the north or south side of the lake, there are no excuses to pack your swimsuit and catch some sun by the lake. A travel obsessed, positive thinking day dreamer from Spain who tries to gather as many experiences and memories as unteder in Switzerland.


Log In Sign up. Facilities such as restaurants and bars, ping pong tables, fitting rooms, diving boards, water chutes, playgrounds and kiddie pools.

Swimming is not exactly trivial, however, as the river’s oetten are quite strong. It hosts dance parties late into the weekend evenings after the sun has set. Also fast flowing is the Flussbad Oberer Letten free admission; open May — September and Flussbad Unterer Letten free admission; open May — September both located a short walk from the old city centre.

Log In with Facebook. As unteder as it’s warm enough, you’ re able to jump in wherever you want to. With baden that accommodate every and anyone, and riversides and cjnema that are open to all, this summer destination is great for solo travellers as well as those travelling with family.

The two rivers snake through the city, offering many spots for young and old to swim and soak in the sun. A town mired in history, Zurich is lettfn that all should see, especially in the summer months as a festive riverside and lakeside atmosphere takes hold of the historic capital of Switzerland. It was built as a women-only bath in and has remained true to its women-only rule since, though its current wooden bathhouse only dates back to

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