For normal melee weapons, use regular power and damage types. Set it to “true” for units that constantly show an animation, such as: Multiplier for the power of craft weapons, e. Algorithm to use when considering retreating from the dogfight unless overridden by mission wave. During bughunt mode, you can see all remaining enemies on the minimap. The defaults above are the generic defaults. Every craft radar has a detection chance dependent on its radarChance. OXCE supports flag display per “nationality” or better said per name pool file.

Sprite ID from BulletSprites. List of “rectangles” on the globe defined as [lon1, lon2, lat1, lat2]. If 0, the weapon does not have the corresponding attack. Amount of craft weapons this craft can equip. Besides panic attack and mind control, weapons of psi-amp type can have also a third type of attack, bound to “use” attributes for example costUse. Defined by weighted alien deployments can be more than one , which determine appearance for mission sites e. Doesn’t have any suggested use, feel free to use it to recolor anything you want:

Width of the subdivision in pixels. Does not appear in the inventory.

Elements called palette only have range between palette offsets. For modding purposes, the specific defaults are relevant they override the generic ones. Type of the weapon projectile, used for the projectile sprite in dogfights: Which type of tiles can be used for escape. String ID of the unit used for zombification eg. OXCE offers the ability to use movle custom scripting language to modify game logic on certain places via script hooks.

Does this item represent a live alien?

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Defines how fuse triggers work. For each damage type, there are also specific defaults that emulate the vanilla hardcoded damage types. Set it to “true” for units that constantly show an animation, such as: String ID of the message displayed on the [Next Turn] screen, explaining to the player what is happening. How much of the primary damage is applied to the unit’s armor after armor is considered. Crafts use up fuel based on their speed while traveling.


Message for the player informing about the un-priming of an item. The higher the value, the longer this unit remembers player troops tumasinz turns. The amount of ammo stored in tumazina weapon clip. List of mission zones. Amount of money spent for purchasing this item. Only polygons with 3 or 4 vertices are reliably shown on the globe, i. If you try using non-unique labels, you’ll get undefined behavior.

Custom positions for the unit deployment in the craft, listed as: Makes the unit wearing this armor less visible during darkness.

Ruleset Reference Nightly (OpenXcom)

Skyranger with a new vehicle you used to make the last section of your journey. String ID of the tumasnia palette: Height of the subdivision in pixels.

Allows seeing better through smoke. If your mod has multiple possible retaliation missions, the game chooses one randomly, but considering weights defined in this attribute. In case of a negative monthly score, there is no penalty. There is also a special constant “baseTerrain” for base defense missions, which takes the terrain from the globe definition see also baseDefenseMapFromLocation.

If none are specified, this item is unlocked from the start. The unit body part where the effect is applied. Determines whether or not any changes in stats from this project should go above the statCaps defined on the new soldier type.

The amount of time in hours it takes for new recruits of this soldier type to arrive at a base. A facility to leave behind a dismantled facility must be of the same size ; or a list of 1×1 facilities to fill in the old facility’s place.


Possibility to fulll global bug hunt minimum turn for this alien deployment only usually to set a higher number for longer missions. For transformation of existing soldiers e.

CAT played when a unit wearing this armor moves overrides unit’s moveSound. Amount of live aliens this facility can contain.

Weapons can be configured to cause disintegration or not thmasina. Should the health of a unit with this armor be automatically set back to maximum after the battle is over?

Item to be added to tumxsina stores, when the research is completed. Should the damage calculation ignore from which direction the projectile came? For example [1, -4] means it will be executed if command with label 1 was a success and command with label 4 failed.

This allows you to create, for example, a rifle with a built-in grenade launcher. Drawing routine used to put together the body parts in the unit’s spriteSheet: Damage type details for meleeType.


String ID of the additional mission description displayed when clicking on the [Info] button on the [Target Info] screen. The horizontal text alignment for the caption movle. String ID of an item that will be added to base stores for free only if the mission is finished successfully. Cannot increase visibility beyond the usual e. If the cutscene is “wingame” or “losegame”, the player is returned to the main menu after the cutscene plays.

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