Synced to this release. Thanks to Honeybunny for the sync. Homicide Life On The Street: True Blood s06e01 p p p x by persian movie. Dutch subtitle Nederlandse ondertitels. Thanks to Honeybunny for the fast synchro. Credit elderman and addic7ed. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearengcd.

Homicide Life On The Street: Cleaned, corrected, missing parts added and sync perfected etc. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearswecd. Ripped af Ouija for www. Episode one is compatible with true. I Smell A Rat. True – Blood DiziCD True – Blood – S05E

Search Need to duych video with subtitles? True Blood05x00We Are the Authority. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearspacd. Season 4, with titles in filenames and without editor names. Original upload by elderman.

I have downlaoded it from a torrent. True Blood s06e01 p p p x by persian movie.

True Blood S01E12 p. True blood s06 till e Death is Not the End. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearswecd.

Did text editing only from the main subtitle file by naming, spacing, correcting, etc. Fixed spelling and capitailization. Corrected some timing problems. Subtitles for True Blood S05e05 Tip: Enjoy and huge subtitlees and thanks to Honeybunny!


Sorry for being late – there was a situation. I just assembled the kitty.

Let’s Boot and Rally subtitles Dutch

Synced by Honeybunny so huge thanks to her for sending me this file! Probably working fine for many other HDTV releases as well. You are free to distribute and upload these subtitles on other pages but not use it as your own in any way. True Blood S03E07 p. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearczecd. Corrections subtitlea on ndr77’s version. I have translated from swedish to english.

God, she really finished it within 2 hours! True Blood – 07×03 – Fire in the Hole. True Blood Season 4 – BluRay. I Will Rise Up, With minor corrections, credit to original subber.

Subtitles For True Blood

Swedish subtitle Svenska undertexter. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearslvcd. Episode one is compatible with true. Telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters a strange new supernatural world when she meets the mysterious Bill, a southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire.


Did minor editing like naming, lining, capitalizing when necessary, etc.

Croatian subtitle Hrvatski titlovi. DramaMysteryFantasy. Estonian subtitle Eestikeelsete subtiitritega.

This is the foreign parts translated from what I assume is Swedish to Romanian subs to finally English using Google Translate. Rippet og tilpasset af: This is the same as http: Fixing running time error causing the file not to run. Credits to the original authors. Hungarian subtitle Magyar feliratok. I Smell A Rat. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rallyara-1cd. True – blood -lets-boot-and-rally-yearhrvcd.

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