I personally don’t think he’s great but can this game prove me wrong? LL Stylish 2 months ago. Zayzay May 01, Help me reach subscribes: LolGa Spotlight Year ago. Feel free to comment or leave a message: Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the

I personally don’t think he’s great but can this game prove me wrong? Best morgana Plays of Season 7. BlueAnkylo 4 years ago. Unfortunately, those days are long past. Also, clustering is a bad point, since most of the list is reliant on it. Are you stuck at an elo so low you can barely count on your teammates to connect to the game, much less be useful? Srikar Mylavarapu May 01,

Top 5 Pentakills Tristana

Zilean Pentakill Compilation Pentakill Compilation 3 years ago. Iso Spacerace May 01, Long War – Pentakill!

Pentakill with taric 1v5 penta. We have a bunch Perfect 1v5 pentakills in League of Legends. CooLifeGame 1 years ago. Privacy Policy Contact Info. League of Legends HuzzyGames Month ago.

Lol Tristana Pentakill 1V5

Jinx is good at seasob pentakills, but the chances of any AD carry getting a 1v5 pentakill especially one with no mobility without getting a kill first is very low.

Meanwhile, with a maximum 4 second cooldown on her Q and the ability to half the cooldown on killing a target, you’d be surprised how many you see in a single teamfight.

Also, he is not even close to the spammiest champ in the game with spells but his Q gets on a pretty low CD late game. Join my Club and earn rewards here: In the situation you would need to get these pentakills with quite a few of the champions on the list especially the AD AOE MagesTalon would be able to do the same thing, so the argument is kind of pointless. Even though he dies in the process, he can easily take out 5 people with ult and defile.


Although it’s rare that people stand inside the full duration of the ultimate, a Fiddle that’s fed enough can definitely use his completely disfunctional teammates as bait for that 1v5 pentakill. Same with champions like Annie and Fiddlesticks. I talked about Jinx initially too, but this list is 1v5. Feel free to comment or leave a message: Morgana Montage – Morgana plays – Morgana Pentakill?

Miss fortunes ultimate when landed correctly can destroy the enemy team. DuckySinky May 05, Cassiopeia can spam her spells because of their short cooldowns, Talon cannot.

Top 10 Solo Pentakill Champions

He doesnt have eniugh damage thi unless you build a lot of AP and the enemies are all squishy. BlueAnkylo 4 years ago. Jobriq May 02, Not sure if its only 10 sec. I think Jinx is easily in the top 5. Because her damage is so much faster to get out pentakoll multi-target, unlike Akali who does single targetit’s a lot harder for people to counterplay unless they have extremely quick reaction time. Also, clustering is a bad point, since most of the list is reliant on it. It was always xeason for someone to evade capture for just a second or 2 too long to give that satisfying announcement, and it doesn’t really devalue the experience.

Unless I’m mistaken, the 5th kill of a pentakill actually has a 30 second window, specifically to make them tristanna bit more common.

It makes me sad seeing how much people doubt Talon’s 1v5 potential. High damage in generel. Shiloe May 01, Wizard Gab May 03, When i wrote them comment, why do they dont put you as a autor, the owner of this lentakill said that your articles are just ”inspiration” They steal everything tristaja reddit, from you, from fucking everyone without even adding as its not their article.


In teamfights Jinx and a lot of other ads have a big chance. Try the Site Map. Daily Updates Weekly Posting Schedule. This is a teaser spotlight of Pentakill Kayle with ingame gameplay!

Annie Pentakill Pentakilll 2 Pentakill Compilation 2 years ago. Is Yasuo pretty high up there as well? Admittedly tristtana have trouble getting the penta if any of the enemies decide to bail, but if he’s fed and they all wanna play, his Q will shred them nicely enough to set up the pentadunkslam.

Did you enjoy the video? Syndra Montage 2 – Syndra pentakill, Syndra guide and combo Syndra montage S7, Syndra pentakill champoin spotlight Don’t forget that he also has massive movement speed from ghost and perma slow from wither!

Srikar Mylavarapu May 01, In that cases your list is almost perfect.

stixxay ezreal penta kill

My top 3 would be 1 Kata, yi number 2 and Akali since she was nerfed 3 I enjoy playing Riven but never got a 1v5 penta with her. Are you a kill freak trying to rack up as many pentakills as possible?

Best miss fortune pentakill montage – Bullet time pentakills Kadz Daman 2 years ago. First time to Nerfplz. Check out my guide on YouTube: FF’d before I could kill Veigar, also Ezreal ult was helpful.

Jinx cannot 1v5 usually o-O. Learn what runes to use

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