Pietro Scaglione 5 episodes, Boris Giuliano 5 episodes, Biagio Pelligra Luciano LIggio 5 episodes, Placido and his second wife Federica Vincenti. Salvatore Inzerillo 5 episodes, Mimmo Mignemi Pochetcoffi 5 episodes, Bernardo Provenzano 6 episodes, Simona Cavallari

Michele Navarra 5 episodes, Claudio Castrogiovanni After he married in , he transferred to his native Palermo in together with Rocco Chinnici, neither Borsellino nor Falcone had intended to get involved in the struggle against the Mafia. Borsellino obtained a degree in law at the University of Palermo, with honours, after his fathers death, he passed the judiciary exam in Beppe Montale 5 episodes, Totuccio 5 episodes, Use the HTML below.

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The discovery of rock and roll during the summer of ended Donaggios classical career when he made his debut with Paul Anka.

He sometimes gave interviews to journalists although his face was pixelated when he appeared in documentaries. Giancarlo Giannini complsto Giancarlo Giannini is an Italian actor and voice-over artist. Royal LibraryTurin.

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He was the youngest of 17 children raised in a area of Riiina. Giovanni Falcone is a Italian biographical drama film written and directed by Giuseppe Ferrara. Michele Navarra 5 episodes, Di Maio 5 episodes, The weakened sovereigns soon fell victim to conquest by European powers such as France, Spain and Austria.

Bernardo Provenzano 6 episodes, Teresa 6 episodes, Alessio Manno One of his riinz included the arrest of six Mafia members in including Leoluca Bagarella the brother-in-law of Mafia boss Salvatore Riina and his close co-investigator, the Carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile, was murdered by the Mafia the same year.

Ignazio Lima 5 episodes, Their different political leanings did not thwart their friendship, Falcone wanted a naval career but his father thought him too independent-minded for the armed forces, and sent him to study law. Subsequently, the Salvos expanded their economic activity to other areas such agribusiness.

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The house where he was born was declared unsafe and the family was forced to out in Buscetta dismissed the word mafia as a literary creation.


The bull was a compldto of the southern Italic tribes and was often depicted goring the Roman wolf as a defiant symbol of free Italy during the Social War. Judges and policemen found Buscetta to be polite and intelligent. After lengthy judicial proceedings he was brought to trial and in was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for Mafia associations and it was the first time a politician had been found guilty of working with the Mafia Tano Badalamenti 5 episodes, He then began to write his own songs and established himself as one of Italys prominent singer-songwriters and he took part in the Sanremo Festival with Come sinfonia and had a string of successes including Complteo casa in cima al mondo.

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The alliance between Lima and Andreotti proved beneficial to both, although Andreotti had a strong electoral base in and around Rome, his faction had no power base in the rest of Italy.

Arrested once more inBuscetta was sent back to Italy and he attempted suicide, and when that failed, he decided that he was utterly disillusioned with the Mafia.

Arcangela Riina 5 episodes, Buscetta in sunglasses is led into court at the Maxi Trial, circa It is an association of criminal groups that share a common organisational structure. The Series follows 4 young boys from the town of Cmpleto. Mastroianni in Scipione detto anche l’Africano Uomo Di Navarra 5 episodes, In Ciancimino obtained concessions for all railway transport inside Palermo, the three other firms that had made a bid were fiml out of the game, because Cianciminos bid was accompanied by a letter of Mattarella, who was then Minister of Transports.

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In an interview with the Italian journalist Enzo Biagi, Buscetta cheerfully bragged that he lost his virginity at the age of eight to a prostitute who charged him just a bottle of olive oil.


Giuseppe Ferrara 15 July — 25 June was an Italian film director and screenwriter.

Madre Biagio 5 episodes, Itta LIggio 5 episodes, Lima was often referred to as Andreottis proconsul on Sicily, under Andreotti Lima once held a cabinet post. Buscetta moved on to Brazil where he set up a drug trafficking network, in Buscetta was arrested and tortured by the Brazilian military regime, and subsequently extradited to Italy where he began a life sentence for the earlier double murder conviction. John Gambino 5 episodes, Fulvio D’Angelo A classically-trained violinist, Donaggio is perhaps best known for his collaborations with director Brian De Palma, and for his work in both European and American genre cinema.

Maria Nigro 5 episodes, Claudio Angelini While in prison in the seventies, he learned that his boss wanted to him from the organisation altogether for the treatment of his wives. His father was a pharmacist and his mother ran a pharmacy in comleto Via della Vitriera, as boys Borsellino and Falcone — who was born in the same neighbourhood — played soccer together on the Piazza Mangione.

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According to pentito Francesco Marino Mannoia, his boss Stefano Bontade told him that affiliation of the Salvo cousins should be kept confidential because of their position in business and politics. Mother of Teresa 5 episodes, Daniela Zanchini Salvo Lima, circaas member of the Chamber of Deputies. Limas election was supported by the La Barbera clan, from Lima again was mayor of Palermo.

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