If you enjoy seeing BDSM films, this should be on your list of must-sees. She says that the Japanese are a very wealthy people, but not a proud one. I saw the extremely edited version of this film for USA release and was completely disgusted. Big practical joke, somebody clowning around with video camera? There are people in this Japanese pink film that have a very, very long way still to go on the evolutionary ladder before they could be remotely called human. Did some research recently and discovered that there are several versions of this, and scrambled to make sure I bought a worthy copy. She learns devote ways of fulfilling their customers most pervert fantasies from being no-stop under pressure to deliver a masochistic performance in lavish hotel rooms before getting penetrated in mind, body and spirit.

Most films dealing with prostitution that I’ve seen have been very straight forward. I needn’t have worried. Ishioka” Tenmei Kano that she doesn’t believe she is good at anything. Many people here seem to be lost somehow, escorts and clients as well, in the steel-like metropolis of Tokyo. I bought and viewed this film after reading reviews on the net and I must have got the cut version mins? None of the sexuality is erotic, but it’s also not presented as obscene or tragic.

The hallucination scenes reminds me a bit of the Mandrax infused scenes in Celine and Julie go boating The city of Tokyo becomes a gleaming morass of lights, skyscrapers and soullessness. Worse yet, she has fallen in love with a TV newscaster, apparently a onetime client, and pines for him. In Japanese, with English subtitles. Ai’s life is lived almost entirely in expensive but impersonal hotel rooms, apartments and restaurants in Tokyo’s skyscraper canyons.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I did not remember that drug use played such a big part in the story.

Subtitles ยป Tokyo Decadence () (Deleted) ::

It makes for embarrassing viewing even when you are alone, it is that terribly atrociously bad. What happens next is somewhat unclear and like the rest of the film is left for the viewer to figure out.

At least, that is how it seemed to me. Ai’s world is so artificial, and very intimidating; everyone around her seems to have so much money and power, and such an understanding and acceptance of any sexual practice.


Murakami seems to be highlighting the amorality of Bubble-rich Japan, his characters speechifying against the ‘real’ whores in the corporate and government fields. A shimmering brightness infuses “Tokyo Decadence”.

Ryu Murakami’s luminous “Tokyo Decadence” at the Nuart at midnight on Fridays indefinitelya film of power and astonishment, as serious as it is kinky, probes the daily existence of Ai Subtltles Nikaidoa demure, year-old call girl, to discover what her life reveals about contemporary Japan. Films with a similar idea that spring to mind are Klute and Strella subtotles I believe this is the ‘uncut’ version. Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. By the time she gets to his house, she has dissolved subtitels a stumbling wreck, subtittles her hopes of reuniting with her man are lost forever.

Likewise, I believe this film tokkyo suggests that a large proportion of the men in Japan feel similarly humiliated in the eyes of the rest of the world possibly due to their conduct during World War 2. It’s a sort of art house version of Showgirls envlish The suggested retail price of this should be on merit about a quarter.

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Cocaine, crack, heroin, Ecstasy. For example, in the first scene she is bound, gagged and blindfolded while her client injects a hallucinogenic drug of some decadenfe into her bare leg. As a matter of fact, she tells one of her clients named “Mr.

In addition to their working life, the A true-life tale of a broken woman whose hedonistic tryst with a high-class restaurateur resulted in a horrific crime of passion that littered Tokyo headlines in Very erotic and sick at the same time. However she is unhappy with her life for some reason.

This is mostly fokyo of the innocence of the Ai, the main character.

She’s unhappy about her work, and is apparently trying to find some sort of appeasement for the fact that her lover has married. Day in, day out she has to do with cocaine sniffing pervs and guys with the sickest sexual phantasies. She says that the Japanese are a very wealthy people, but not a proud one.


Obviously this could just be a flimsy excuse for a lot of gratuitous footage under the guise of Art. The first half of the movie was intriguing and interesting, but at some point our heroine meets up with a stranger colleague who talks with her about her love problems? Films with a similar idea that spring to mind are Klute and Strella Tokyo Decadence 6. Most films dealing with prostitution that I’ve seen have been very straight forward. This lack of self-respect and self-esteem explains the bizarre, often degrading behavior of their 19992.

There is a certain appeal in this abstractness in that it makes the main character’s motivations completely enigmatic and lends a surreal touch to some of the scenes what was that clairvoyante all about?

It’s a sort of art house version of Showgirls It gives perfect examples of how power play somehow gets us excited, but mainly rests upon images of gender and sex we have invented inside our culture. So as a bit of trivia I’m guessing that is the drug Ai takes. It is hard to understand why the producers allow this procedure. One of the imperatives of the trade is to never leave the client, something which makes her stay put in some pretty strange situations.

Share this Rating Title: Decent enough art house movie TidalBasinTavern 28 July This is most likely Murakami Ryu’s entlish work and is a excellent commentary to Japanese bubble-economy moral decay.

Audible Download Audio Books. Somehow, despite being exposed to every conceivable perversion, Ai retains a kind of childlike innocence that is ultimately heartbreaking to behold. The film is dark and explicit from the first frame, but takes a decidedly darker turn with the introduction of a jaded and fascinating young dominatrix named ‘Mistress Saki’.

Ishioka” Tenmei Kano that she doesn’t believe she is good at anything. I’ve had it for a long time, never gotten around subittles watching it, saved it as something for a special time.

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