Retrieved from ” https: In the end, who will save this soldier? I also like Vilairumpa as a villain. Chai Phee- certainly his muscles and guns were handy for all the bros. I followed this project from the very beginning and from what I know, originally Ken P was the first actor linked to this after his 3 Num Neua Thong debut, he was said to play Chai Ruj. Pope was announced next that his first leading man role would be in this project and he was originally Chai Pat.

Win a Japanese Snack box today! The series consisted of five dramas for a total of 55 episodes. He has the same mother as khunchai Puttipat. Also, I learned a valuable lesson from this drama: Chai Lek Such a hunk with laughter in his eyes.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Piengkwan Mint Chalida , she is a combination of the Juthatep daughter in laws.

I guess it is because James and Mint are the same age that it is easy for them to get along therefore the chemistry is easy to build on.

July 19, at 7: Yeah, I was satisfied with just that little bit. One of his students and also a young lady that he has grown up with, Mom Luang Raweerampai aka Maprang inconveniently catches his attention and he finds himself having to choose between her juhathep the sweet Mom Luang Katesara Thewaprom.


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July 22, at 4: And if I find them romantic, you know they are!! Ha, love him despite wanting to throttle him sometimes in Khun Chai Ronnapee. This drama was beautiful to watched.

Ask and you shall receive! It tthe just quite ironic how the most introvert and critical among the brothers turned out to be the most diligent suitor then husband.

Now we have the careers of the new shining stars: She is very determined, but had too much pride. Whenever I meet you Then all my dreams come true.

July 8, at 6: I could talk about this drama for hours; literally. Ah, I got that. Chai Pee also took stalking a woman to an entirely different level!! It was fun watching his demeanor fall when he was around Kaew and how he stubbornly refuse to admit that he jutathp falling in love with her.

Supaburoot Jutathep: The Music

Learn how your comment data is processed. M and Fia, thanks for bringing up the beautiful ladies of Juthatep.

When jutzthep did come to terms with his feelings he was so adorable. But that at least made sense! Whatever the case or reason, I love them to bits as Pee and Kwanh. When Khunchai Pee first saw Khwan, he was entranced. We were spoiled by channel 3 and the effort they put in bringing those 5 books to life. I really love the series! Every time I hear the score, my tears threaten to fall. My favorite tracks are listed with a star!


Proper and kind like Maprang, sweet and loving like Sfrie, hardworking and caring like Krongkaew, stubborn and strong like Soifah.

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I have to start you off with the BEST!! He has the same mother as khunchai Puttipat. Notify me of new comments via email. Tough, yet always willing to ask his bros for help.

Thai Lakorns: Suparburoot Jutathep Series OST

Khun Chai Gentlemem Thai: It took time, energy, thought and lots and lots of hard work. As I watched these in order, I will talk about each one in order. Last one was Mafia Luerd Mungkorn which I highly recommend!

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