Is it any coincidence that Peggy is a teacher, representing education and, by implication, civilisation? But I have a problem with the omission of any kind of musical score. The Gunfighter is the first of it’s kind, a western themed drama about a man with a lifetime of regrets wanting to make a change for the better, only to find his destiny written in stone. Of most I can’t even remember the titles, but this one is different. She died in The final scenes of this movie were absolutely riveting

Thanks for stopping by! They, however, got some fresh horses and guns from a helpful rancher and were closing in on Ringo a lot quicker than he thought He is aimless for a change, sick with death and glory, showing tiredness of killing, conscious to a tragic fate one day You can wallow in its angst and love it! Strett doesn’t want to see his old buddy die, so for old times sake, Strett will help Ringo see his wife and son and get him out of town also. Hot on his trail are three determined brothers of young Eddie Richard Jaeckel whom Ringo had been forced to shoot the day before in another town.

Peck is nice as a man just about over the hill, haunted by the dead weight of his reputationholding a fear of lonelinessthe certainly of dying gunfigter the hands of some fast-draw punks. His only friends were his guns and his refuge was a woman’s heartPeggy Walsh Helen Westcott.

The Gunfighter 1950 Gregory Peck Full Length Western Movie

This is a good Movie. She died in Yours truly saw it inwhen it was new, with my family in the local small-town theater. The fifties is regarded as the decade of the great classic western.

RJBurke 1 May Most of the time, the film concentrates on Ringo and his character, which is slowly revealed through long, but interesting, dialogue scenes. You are what you do; you can’t reform and hope the Gods will forget ths past. Serendipity takes him to a town where the Marshal turns out to be his ex-compatriot in crime and the bartender knows him from elsewhere but feels nothing but admiration for his past exploits and both do everything they can to help him, much to the dismay and annoyance of the townspeople especially the Ladies Committee made up of self-righteous biddies.


The bulk of the story is spent waiting westdrn see if Ringo who lives by his wits as well as his guns, can survive. There are no spectacular gunfights, cavalry vs indians or raucous barroom brawls. It also inspired another great western “High Noon”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

There are a number of highly thought of psychological westerns that focus on gunfgihter tough nature of the west, rather than the fanciful guns a blazing actioners that one time dominated the genre, but few look and impact as hard as this one does. Otherwise, a great film in my opinion.

If that’s you, check out Lust For Gold — see my review. The supporting cast is mostly fine, and while there aren’t many action scenes, they are well done enough. Of most I can’t even remember the titles, but this one is different.

FightingWesterner 7 August Is it any coincidence that Greyory is a teacher, representing education and, by implication, civilisation? He never let me down, giving a fantastic performance, again. Johnny Ringo cannot escape his past! Probably one of the saddest moments was when Jimmy Ringo shares a drink at the bar next to the young upstart farmer with a wife and son, a look into what might have been for Ringo if weren’t so arrogant in his youth.

After many parts in many indifferent films she became just another working actress mostly on Television.

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The much under-rated Millard Mitchell, playing Sherrif Mark Wrstern, gives Peck some fine support as his former partner and now the local town custodian and, as the movie progresses we get to enjoy Millard’s character, a likable guy trying to do his best for his friend and his family. Helen Wescott gives a good performance as Ringo’s former wifeshe does a well measured portrayal of a woman who still loves her previous sweetheart and who promises to leave with him which ultimately can never be.

While Ringo still drifts from town to town, occasionally having to show some punk who’s fastest, Mark has gone respectable and settled down. But deep in his psyche he knows it will never be.


The Gunfighter established the trend for mature Hollywood westerns by having the hero be a mature gunfighter who wants to retire in peace, not in pieces. It is quite simply a character study of a haunted man trying to exchange his reputation for a yregory quiet existence far from his reputation.

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RJC 17 July Peck once again teamed up with director William Wyler in the epic Western The Big Countrywhich he co-produced. Motion pictures are not plays which depend solely on the spoken word to connect to an gunfiguter.

Addendum on the Gunfighter frontrowkid 3 January Surfaces are untrustworthy, motivations questionable, psychological derangement hovers in the wings, the “law” is both more and less than it appears, and as characters make startling pacts with their bloody pasts you can almost sense the triumphalism of the post-war years turning to anxiety and dread.

Zanuck thought that moviegoers liked to see a clean-shaven Peck. Helen Westcott gives a good performance as Ringo’s wife.

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In fact when Ringo stops in a dusty town, he is being pursued by three brothers of his latest fkll seeking revenge. Jesus, do you need a whiskey. Let me set the mood vull you. Technically speaking, Ringo is an outlaw to be feared by the general public, yet one can’t help but take sides with him and empathize with his situation.

Falling squarely between the s and s, I was at first uncertain at to which camp this film fell into. I found every moment of this movie gripping. When the movie opens, we see the gunfighter riding across the prairie as if pursued by the devil.

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