It is up to the Spiez to stop these animals. The Spiez are sent to investigate the disappearances, but find themselves facing a shark. Development The series was first inspired to make a spy show but for Family and Kids also a series wanted something similar to Totally Sp In the B-story, Tony starts to like Clover when she calls him cute. Tony wants to go to the factory of the superspy Flakes, to see how they make them, he is the last kid to receive the special ring. The Chaos Twins Alpha and Omega. The Granny quickly defeats the Spiez and leaves to “re-live her youth”. A mysterious object lands in the desert.

The program usually features the hosts and the addition of one “real” guest host. Around the end you can see a picture of the knowledge-stealing machine from the “evil roommate” episode from Totally Spies and during the ride to the first victim’s home, Lee explains that that was the victim’s house, but Marc’s voice is coming out of Lee’s mouth. The boys quickly come to Megan’s aid, freeing her, and they apologize for being such jerks. He then decides to convince Jerry. The Spiez are unable to stop Slick Mick again without Tony to help, as he skips out on missions frequently. Member feedback about Ron Rubin voice actor: Also, Mel first appeared in Mission No.

Tami becomes Sebastian’s henchman as she tries to eliminate them. Member feedback about Jill Frappier: Certain scientists have been abducted and the Spiez are sent to investigate.

When the Spiez get hit with the laughing gas you can hear Tony say “we’re doomed” twice. In the B-story, Megan tries to act cool so she can be invited to Tami’s birthday party so she can prove to her brothers how cool she is.

On the B-story story, Tony wants a date to get respect.

In the B-story, Marc must overcome his fear of heights, which he got from his mission against the Human Projectile which is shown when Jerry hypnotized him.


This mission is numbered the same as “Nano Spiez! Chauncy and his plants. In the B-story, a girl named Terra Prefontaine is beating all of Lee’s school records.

The Amazing Spiez! Complete (4 DVDs Box Set), Cool90s

She is a colleague to the scientists she abducted. It focuses on three teenage girls in Beverly Hills, California, United States, who work as undercover super agents. She was disappointed in her birthdays, so she wants to episove revenge by turning other spies children into mutants during their birthdays, and therefore have the biggest party on the block.

Views Read Edit View history. In Operation The 50 Ft. Bucky Alder former actor. The Spiez investigate and discover that a human projectile man who loves to do stunts is destroying the Techammer labs, because the company used him and his stunts in videogames without giving him credit. When strange weather patterns cause an overall rise in global temperature, the Spiez investigate.

The Granny quickly defeats the Spiez and leaves to “re-live her youth”. Later, on May 25,it was announced that “The Amazing Spiez! The Clarks must go and check up on Dr. Then they are called for a mission to investigate strange occurrences in Dubaiinvolving buildings and other structures breaking spjez. Around the end you can He uses it to kidnap Sam, Clover and Alex and then to kidnap the other Spiez to raredevil them.

The public saw him stop Slick Mick and start to call him “Yo-yo Boy”. Someone has been breaking in and destroying labs xaredevil a company called Techammer. In the B-story, Marc is excited about getting his own room in the new house That they were going to move in but never did when they realized the Condos were a trap. Hacker, the mission spkez isshowing continuity error on the show. In the B-story, Megan thinks that their parents are having a baby girl and is jazzed that ddaredevil will not be the only girl.


The gadget that Jerry 2. In the B-story, Megan was chosen to play a role in a school play instead of Tami. Megan complains about their outdated suits and gets to try a new prototype suit. Life and career Beard was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Sherry first appeared in Mission No.

ANI – Anime Network India Season 01 Episode 10 – Operation Dare Devil in Hindi

Sherry 3 Terrence 1 Jerry bumped his memory and forgot who he is. His new dream is to snowboard across the entire world, permanently changing the world’s weather patterns to do so. She brags about being a great actress.

They try to save him, but Lee and Tony are abducted in the process. When he is in the factory, Flaky brainwashes him and the other kids to take down the competition. Member feedback about List of programs broadcast by Cartoon Network: The Clark family wins a free cruise on a luxury liner.

Davey Hacker last appeared in Mission No. But soon, the older spies disappear and the Spiez rescue them together, despite their quarreling. While walking on the street, a truck almost hits Tony, but he throws it to thw other thhe of the road and figures out that he has super strength. Marc has to overcome his fear of heights because a spy has to be able to work at all elevations.

While spying in the room of one of the “victims”, Tony finds adventure cards that are supposedly a special edition.

Knights of the Old Republic. He uses it to kidnap Sam, Clover and Alex and then to kidnap the other Spiez to destroy them. Member feedback about Martin Mystery:

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