I just wished Chilbongie had a better closure. Looking at senior actors and actress Maybe she just freaking loves her dog. Lee Chun-hee talked on Strong Heart about being embarrassed because he misunderstood such a nudge. There are several things being criticized here, and perhaps Suzy is taking some unnecessary blame. Anyone got translation or vid?

HokaaC December 31, at 1: With the whole level thing that knetizens have, she should’ve behaved more like an actress while giving her speech and not like an idol. SB End-of-Year Review, I should watch the whole speech also.. She’s probably shitting bricks up there, the poor girl. Just this one thing BAM! As the saying goes, it’s the dumb ones who are brave. Others point out that it is very easy to forget a speech when nervous or overwhelmed.

Reblogged this on seagizem’s Blog. Dafnalina December 31, at 1: Trash became famous because he became Chiblong’s doctor BUT can’t afford to buy his own house that’s why they rented out in Chilbong’s apartment and Chilbong became their landlord.

Suzy’s attitude controversy “Fidgeting on stage, ingenuity in her speech” Source: I think that she was like that because she didn’t expected to win the highest award and was a bit lost in her speech. The ending was really bittersweet for me. No connection to Suzy, but bravery shouldn’t be automatically associated with stupidity. His love for Najung was what made him realize what lonliness but at the same time blinded him to how much people cared about him because he was always so focused on her.


This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Maybe she was so shocked that she won that she forgot what she was going to say?

Suzy Is Harshly Criticized for Her Behavior During 2013 MBC Drama Awards

dpeech Memories of the Alhambra, Episodes She’s probably shitting bricks up there, the poor girl. I think both shows had something that the other lacked. There are 8 couples, but who will be the winner? I remember Kwanghee bluntly said that he prepared a speech just in case he win for the award.

awadd I wonder if there are any articles about Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung being in the same venue? Megumi December 31, at 6: But this makes up for it! Harsh critics say her speech shows she is immature, air-headed, and dumb.

I doubt Suzy even thought she would win so perhaps she was extremely unprepared to give such a speech. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

Suzy’s attitude controversy, senior actors give her a ‘cold’ response Source: Leave a Awzrd Cancel reply Enter your comment here Suzy, you should be embarrassed of this.

She looked disrespectful, immature, and stupid. I LOLed when Seunggi chuckled behind her.

So close and tanslation. Not only do her seniors have to put up with MBC and their bullshit but they had to sit and listen to this child who knows jack shit about what being an actress really is babble awad try to act cute, like winning this award was no big deal for her.


Money Today via Nate 1. I just wished Chilbongie had a better closure. I put myself in Suzy’s shoes in this situation.

Suzy criticized for her award speech ~ Netizen Buzz

Actually Chilbong was photoshopped in the 2nd pic. Media outlets and netizens alike admonished Suzy for her unprofessional behavior in front of her seniors — the swaying, the giggling, the lack of preparation. Girl group Nature accidentally farts on stream. An idol gave an ill-prepared speech — who cares? Aw love the hug from Minho for his Seunggi hyung! I knew it would be Trash in the end because it was soooo obvious NJ only had feelings so much feelings for oppa.

Wish Suzy was more comfortable with him like HJW was. December 31, at 1:

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