Smile Again – Korean Drama. Do Ji Won Main Cast. Dong Hae and Bong Yi continue to get closer and Its getting harder for Saewa to keep Anna a secret from her father-in-law. Episode 36 Episode Episode 49 Episode Episodes 1 2; Follow dramabeans. I think Donghae had received all shares and is now the biggest shareholder. Episode 83 Episode

Episode 52 Episode It turns our she went to meet Kim Jun but he never showed up. Lee Jang Woo Supporting Cast. Dong Hae believes resigning is the best thing for everyone involved but Dojin and Hyesuk feel otherwise. Plus, Taehun and Saeyoung may get a divorce. Episode 78 Episode Smile Donghae Volunteer Team. Episode 72 Episode

Dojin is again injured in a fight with Dong Hae and while tending donghqe Dojin, Dong Hae almost misses the first round of the cooking competition.

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Episode 3 Episode 3. Sae Wa is in terrible pain. Episode 96 Episode Episode 67 Episode Don Jin and Hye Suk are overjoyed at the success of Kimchi business.

Episode 46 Episode They decide to stop their Kimchi business. Hyesuk finds out that Anna somehow knows Saewa. Episode 86 Episode They get into a quarrel, and Hye Suk sues Pil Jae. Episode 23 Episode Oh Ji Eun Main Cast. While Kim Jun tries to find out if Anna really is in Korea, Hyesuk tries to find out what he’s been hiding from her. Dong Hae goes to the east sea to meet Do Jin. Hyesuk tries to put an end to the feud between the Lee’s and her husband.


Smile, Dong Hae – 154

Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Kim Jun thinks he sees Anna at the hotel but can’t sure and in an effort to keep Anna away from James, Saewa makes it possible for them to meet. Do Jin and Hye Suk pay full attention to manage the hotel. Episode 24 Episode Episode 92 Episode Bong Yi learns her dad has been working a part-time job since losing the contract with the Camellia.

Episode 7 Episode 7.

But, he hears bad episide about his health. Episode 40 Episode Episode 73 Episode Episode 37 Episode Episode 98 Episode Plus, Yujin tries to get closer to Dong Hae by taking him to her mothers restaurant. Hyesuk notices something emg wrong with Dojin and gets involved in their fight.

Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Just click on the episode number and watch Smile Again English. Kim Jun is tortured by Anna and Dong Hae.

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Episode 56 Episode Dong Hae is accused of betraying the hotel. Kim Jun and Anna finally meet but the shock causes Anna to faints. Episode 4 Episode 4. Mal Sun presses Hye Suk on how she found the dress. Episode 49 Episode Bong Yi regrets making a move on Dong Hae and Saewa gets the hosting job for the cooking competition show. Episode 31 Episode Episode 83 Episode But Do Jin refuses to accept that.


Click here to learn more. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Episode 76 Episode Episode 27 Episode Episode 2 Episode 2.

Smile Dong Hae

Episode 38 Episode Anna and Dong Hae are forced to return to the States when a problem with their visa’s is reported to the authorities. Anna goes missing during the Lunar New Year. Watch the first donghaf of ‘Run, Big Bang Scout. Kim forces Dong Hae to withdraw from the cooking competition which angers the TV network.

Seo Nu gives himself up to the police. Episode 43 Episode After saving Hyesuk from her would be attacker she offers Dong Hae a chance.

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