In self-supporting cost transmigration, potential transmigrants should registered in original residential place, and went to destination location using their own funds. This very young country also should counter any aggression that could happen. The loss of agricultural land caused by dam construction is a problem and it is a change experienced by the people in Jatigede sub-district. New jobs that are owned are diverse, such as traders, laborers, and service workers. The government should also intervene in providing knowledge and education so that people can firmly uphold the establishment as a nation of Asia. The government uses the technology to escalate the performance. It has already have so many subsidiaries in different countries, including Asi. These all are condition that more likely describes the way human being thinking, in spite of a straight and rigid thought.

Thus, under this circumstance, it is reasonable to contemplate that the Malays were required to become involved in the plantation of coconut, tapioca, tobacco, pepper, gambier, coffee and rubber although most of the Malays become smallholders due to the small scale of their activities. In line with the formulation of existing problems and after performing data analysis concluded that there is a significant influence of the existence of the dam on the socioeconomic conditions of farmers in Jatigede sub-district. As Geertz wrote the statement below: It then generates regional groupings according to the structure of economic growth and the level of development. The village of Olak-Olak is one of self-supporting transmigration destinations organized by the Government of President Soekarno in Waduuuh brharap mlm ini udah ada lanjutannya, trnyata gk ada..

Diah Eepisode Juni 18, 4: Theoretically, the breakthrough of the transition can be observed among the Malay peasants in the villages in the early twentieth century. Socioeconomic conditions may change after changing professions with income from new livelihoods which of course will be different when still a farmer.

One that can be seen in public diplomacy by Starbucks is to introduce the English language, especially English-style United States in promoting the product by Starbucks, such einopsis for example is the term macchiato, siinopsis, decaf, and venti Kusasi, Gastrodiplomacy itself is one example of Public Diplomacy, namely diplomacy to give effect to the public in the context of international efforts to achieve the national interests of a country.

The government may use the big data and analyze it to gain a complete insight about the city. It is understandable that they had to spend their money for other purposes especially for purchasing food, cloth and other consumer goods.


This figure is the number of inequities that fall into the low category. Transmigrants cooperated to build their houses one by one, in size of 4 x 6 meter square. Hereafter known as Tawarikh Datu Bentara Luar. The emergence betnara middle class certainly reflected the progressive and dymanic dimension in the society especially the peasant communities in the villages. Lack of communication between countries that became one of the factors of dispute between countries, which then can lead to war.

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The authors will focus on building the Jatigede dam by examining more deeply about its influence on the changing socio-economic conditions of farmers into non-farmers.

While the support of the local government is currently working to draw up local regulations that focus on the development of TBM. Waode Ningsy April 23, The current research is also too much centered in Java. Given the influences teh by Starbucks and Dunkin ‘Donuts, it is even easier to influence the lifestyles of US citizens.

Ex post facto research has no control of variables and usually there is no pre test. However, bsntara majority of the Malays were not accustomed to these concept and practice in commercialism. It has already have so many subsidiaries in different countries, including Asi. Download drama korea movie variety show subtitle indonesia.

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The experience in their homeland as peasants, tenant thw, or narrow land owner, some of them even did not have any land at all. The third question is which year is the most active year for smart city investigations in Indonesia.

In addition to having a great influence on the life of the surrounding community, dam construction also has an influence on the environment. However, It is interesting that these migrants community still hold and preserve their original culture.

In self-supporting cost transmigration, potential transmigrants should registered in original residential place, and went to destination location using their own funds.

Instead, such activities were conducted for accommodating external economic activities with outside traders. It is also expected to serves as a provider of water for agricultural land.


A plural research integrates diachronic, geographic, sociologic, anthropologic, economic, pedagogic and politics as well as other branches of sciences which interlock and influence globalisation.

This raises the desire to work together to attract the sympathy of the people who are Starbucks customers. British Colonial Rule, pp. This is because the Malay tradition only appreciated land based on continious occupation and agricultural exploitation.

Hebrew University Press,pp.

In Indonesia, the smart city projects have been initiated by 22 local governments. Koi Live Wallpaper v1. The most conventional for of financial assistance are subsidy and agricultural credit facilities.

Most of residents 1. Waode Ningsy April 15, 6: The conclusion of the result of this research is socioeconomic condition of society have been formed and stable. The objective of this research are: The government uses the technology to escalate the performance. D Tambunan proposed transmigration program. Table 4 The research locations of English-language research articles. This is because private investors were reluctant to inject capital investment into padi cultivation since this activity was mostly exposed sinopsiz the prospect of failure in a cultivation scheme.

This seminar is followed by 8 invited speakers and speakers which come from 6 countries. World Politics in Transition 2nd ed.

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This approach of focusing on the how to get an understanding in depth about an entities or events for a certain period of time.

It was mostly concentrated on agricultural activities due to their nature as peasantry. The road was constructed by Oil Palm Plantation Company. Some tradition had change to adapt with local conditions, some another are lost in time as disappearance of old generation, also physically the lost connection with Java. Waode Ningsy Mei 07, We limited the duration of research since the year to Sosiologi untuk SMA kelas X.

By making accessories characterized by the United States, Starbucks as if not only dispensing coffee into the mix, but also managed to mix globalization into a cup of coffee. The supportive government and technology will be useless without smart people behtara interact with.

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