You can say that again! Asty Sulastri Mei 30, 8: Daniel sits lifelessly and gets up to go to Fahsai. Wang demands for results slip and Wen Kai proudly announces that Yu Tang has won because she managed to get Yours to sign a contract. Seung-chan lights up at that, and Joon-mo puts him in charge of the upcoming one, too. Overall, this show is great when it shows their unity and friendship.

Notify me of new comments via email. Desi Shinta Dewi Januari 14, 9: Daniel thanks her but Dr. I was watching the ep Live last night, and it just felt so l-o-n-g! But I guess, that’s not going to happen, right? Ki-joon watches them from afar, and the perfect sound check sparks an idea. And why couldn’t Team Peserverance win the final battle of the singing competition? The hug was a sweet as the shake hands.

She gives him a half smile.

JYJPrincess June 23, at 1: And I agree with dramallama that it’s a great show though I won’t be watching it all over again, but I’ll definitely rewatch the musical numbers every now and then. I loved prickly, ‘abrasive’non insightful regarding her own feelings and worth as someone to love Ye jin.

Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Episode 12 Final

The love triangle never really got that annoying, though. They had so much potential, but I think their arc suffered from BSC puppy love. Love the episodes when they have normal folks like the high school students and recently the Seoul university students, with them! He does not count himself as flower boy, he really likes acting, honests to the story board.

Thank you for explaining that to me: Se-jong is rushed to the emergency room with Hae-ra running alongside, calling out to him frantically. Gambar dan video artikel pada website ini terkadang berasal dari berbagai sumber media lain.


Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap

When Se-jong wakes up, he finds Hae-ra asleep by his side. I liked the earlier PD much better but the eventual romcom turn was really good too. I’m one of those who welcomes the shift back to normal format, honestly, the first couple of episodes bored me to death and I had trouble staying awake while watching it. I agree that Kim Soo-hyun probably did cause the distribution of screentime to go off-balance in the later eps, but I really feel like the ratings success of Producer is a one-off.

Sure, one can say, forget the last two episodes. Ai Sha reveals that he has been paving the way for her ever since she has gone into Team 3. If you’re comparing its either you are a Lee Min Ho fan which i am also or you hate Kim Soo Hyun which im not because im a fan of him too.

I was thinking that it would parallel Seung Chan’s decision to become a producer because of his noona crush. But just before they were about to air, fresh information came in to show otherwise. Ye-jin visits the tape archive looking for all the potential appearances from seven to eight years ago that could have contained that interview with Cindy, and ends up with stacks of old footage. Seung-chan proudly shows the search engine rankings, where his latest trailer sits in eighth place, the last one hitting sixth.

As a fan, I feel cheated because we hardly see him in dramas at all, and then this happens.

Refresh Man Episode 12 Recap | THOUGHTSRAMBLE

I think this is a show worth-watching. Some characters turn over a new spisode while other characters fall back in their old ways, but one question remains, can Show cut out two episodes and still make it a compelling finale?

Jika ada masalah terkait hal ini, Anda dapat menghubungi kami disini.


Mia buing buing November 02, 2: Producer Jamie sits in a meeting with President Hwang and presents his artist picks to represent K-pop. Esp since the eps were so long. And if so, why did he agree to marry her?

Seung-chan wonders why the FD never goes to team meetings, and the FD just smiles bashfully. Will miss team perseverance. EmmaArfah Oktober 15, 5: Backstage, Se-jong walks by Ki-joon, who trips him by kicking his crutches. He tells his team about it, and they laugh that either Seung-chan needs to stop drinking, or it was an impostor who slipped inside the building. They turned Daniel into a weaker character and one that makes bad decisions in his love life.

Haha, is this a matchmaking attempt by our guards? So, I can’t relate nor compare it to The Producers which I think is of a different genre. You prstty check youtube. He takes her hands and teases her, asking why she loves him. Shukmeister Musings Of a Twisted Mind. Because I want to like you more earnestly. In a way its kinda suggesting that they could be something in the future but not right now. He gave his girlfriend to another guy ainopsis agreed to marry someone else.

Eppisode had to compete with regular shows because it ran for too long. I didn’t have a problem with the bitchiness since everyone she met wanted something from her–even if it was just to put on a different outfit. I like the ending episode very much, and I think it’s the best one of this series.

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