The kidnappers put a bomb at Mara’s body but without Clara. Find out what will be the reaction of Clara when she knows that Mara will be attending. Kutunggu kau di Surga TVM: Clara did not want Derrick’s opinion since he doesn’t know about the truth. Clara wants Mara to tell Christian that she don’t love him. So she called Christian’s mother Vanessa Cherry Lou and talled her that her son was suspended for doing so.

Susan and Mara needs to go to an island where Susan can easily be accepted for work. Gary then explained to Clara that he did not force his mother – Lupe to go with him and it was Lupe who decided to g with him. The book of truth was not successful burned, as Susan have read about this, she will not be stopped from revealing the truth to everybody. But Gary will not allow her to reveal this truth yet for he has so many plans. Alvira then tells Clara that she don’t have the right to insult her and Amante with that because they have done everything for Clara. Clara noticed her father – Gary who is getting ready and so she asks him on where he is going.

Gigi tells Susan and Mara to go out because is Minda coming back already. Since Mara is still in the photoshoot and is one of the image models, Clara and her friends locked her up in a room so that she won’t be able to have her pose.

Clara is there when Alvira visited and you can see in Clara’s face that she is envying Mara again. While Carlo David tell’s Clara that instead of making Mara’s life miserable, she should have thank Mara for what she has right now. Clara then tells Susan about Mara and Christian being officialy together and that she hated Mara so much.

Clara’s envy to Mara will not end. Because even if Clara is cruel to Mara, Clara did not want this to happen.

Knowing all the troubles that Gary can do, Lupe did not want anything to happen where Gary will be the reason. Susan then tells Clara not to speak out anymore and just admit the things that she have done. So Gary is so mad at Cristina and she do not want her to involve him with her problem.


Mara then stopped and insulted them both since they argued because of their non – sense thoughts. When they had a big fight with Mara at the pool, Alvira and her husband got home and saw them fought with each other. Gary sinopsjs there when Alvira insulted Mamang and he is so happy that Alvira chose her rather than Mamang. Amante is having speculation to both of them since they are the ones who have the power to do such a crime.

As for Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrewshe got drunk because of desperately wanting justice for her daughter. Going back with Cintami, she is so disturbed with her grandmother – Lupe David Gina Pareno being so noisy. And so with Susan,she don’t want to give Mara to them. Gary then tells Clara that he is going to the court hearing again and asked Clara if she will go with him. Susan David Mylene 99 can not stop herself from being worried about Mara and she also don’t want to lose Clara.

Mara then tells Clara that she is not happy seeing Christian and Derrick fought because of her. Pacaran di atas Bajaj FTV: Nenita must not hurt Clara as she is Gary’s daughter. And is Gary true to himself in changing for good for Lupe’s benefit? Anakku Mantanku Kisah Unggulan: Luckily, someone saved Mara who is nearly drowning.

Lupe then reminded Gary that she is going to forgive all the bad things that he have done if he is going to change for good. Knowing that Clara is not that wealthy anymore, her friends specially Desiree Francisco Kiray Celis tried to buy her some food. So Mara and her mother left the Del Valle’s house and find a new place to stay.

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Alvira then tells Amante that it will be better if Amante will not bother her anymore. An Attorney came to see Clara in prison and told her that her mother – Susan David Mylene Dizon is not ready to face her yet.


Vanessa was so mad about Christian’s suspension, after she talked to Kugaapi she then talked to Mr.

Lupe asked Gary on why he is doing this things in which it can harm kugapa. Clara did not like the idea having her grandmother – Lupe around their house because for Clara, Lupe is a disturbance to her. Clara is conniving with the Del Valle family so that her father – Gary will be finally captured.

SINOPSIS Kugapai Cintamu Episode 1 – 10 Episode Terakhir | Indosiar

Gary cinatmu tells his mother – Lupe David Gina Pareno that he is successful with all his plans. Susan can not forget how good Mara is as her daughter.

Susan then explained to Clara that she should not be jealous with Mara since Christian and Mara are both in love with each other. Gary then hurts Susan because of hiding towards him and not telling about Mara. Bukan Dia Tapi Aku Sinema: Susan David Mylene Dizon and Mara are on their move to look for a job but there are no vacancies. Lupe did not want Gary to die because she does not want to lose another son again.

With this, is Clara showing good already or she is kugapsi pretending? So Susan was so mad at her and here Susan have told her that next time Clara is going to do that, Susan will be forced to discipline her. But this did not bother Mara at all until came that Christian is not cooperating with Mara in class.

Alvira cintxmu not forget Mara’s presence in their house. Alvira tells Mara to be more careful this time since she knew to herself that Gary is behind Amante’s incident.

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