Mara wanted to see her parents as much as possible to let them know about her condition. Eris John Manalo was there when David talked to Clara and so he was warned by her to keep quiet for she will give anything just to shut him up. So they have to be with the one’s that truly own them. Derrick Gonzales Diego Loyzaga saw Clara who is disturbed and so he asked on what has happened to her. Clara then tells Susan about Mara and Christian being officialy together and that she hated Mara so much. The two girls quickly became friends, but struggle as they receive constant discouragement from their friends Successful that finally Alvira is back with him and is having feelings towards him. Alvira then thought that Mara is afraid to go out yet because her life is in danger.

Clara then agreed and lied to the police officers to save his father – Gary from the accusation. She is fluent in Spanish and English. Alvira then asked Gary to where he is right now and what have he been doing lately. When they are all having a good time for Mara’s farewell party, Desiree Kiray Celis and friends arrived. Clara then walked out and went outside to release her anger. Clara then asked Alvira on when did she knew that Mara is there. Clara then went back to the house where they hide both Mara and Alvira to see her father – Gary. When Amante saw Alvira visiting him in the hospital, Alvira then tells Amante that she is not alone.

Neighbor Haji Sulam, H. Susan David Mylene Dizon is happy to see Clara who is safe and is also happy seeing her. Mayor Nathaniel Gonzales went to check on Mara also and saw Susan there.

10 Sinetron Indonesia Dengan Jumlah Episode Terbanyak! No 1 Bikin –

As for Gary David, who keeps on telling Clara that he is her father, she wants some proof and so David gave him a piece of his hair to have it DNA tested. The kidnappers used chains for sinetrom Mara and Clara not to have a chance of escaping again. Retrieved from ” https: Lupe then reminded Gary that she is going to forgive all the bad things that he have done if he is going to change for good. So she tried to embarass Mara also by asking Susan to give the speech instead of her parents.


On Sunday sindtron there was a dinner and the girls were entertained by African dancers and musicians. Gary is so pissed seeing Mara who is there trying to ave Alvira. On Thursday, they had a special Fashion Show and Gala with local authorities and celebrities. Alvira then tells Clara that she knew about this already but it is not the time yet to talk about it.

How will Rendra react to all this?

DUNIA TERBALIK 20 April 2017 Full Part 1

Taking up her deserved position on the throne, Miss World was joined by first runner-up Mexico and second runner-up South Africa Lost for words amid all the excitement and emotion of the event, Gibraltar distilled her tear-filled feelings into a few poignant words: Miss Martinique has lots a style, she is not your regular beauty queen, which is awesome.

With this exchange of wealth, family, dignity and loved ones, will everything in Mara and Clara’s life be okay even with the new beginnings tsrakhir are trying to fit in right now?

Clara juga adalah gadis yang juga bijak, manis tetapi manja. Will Clara go to Mara’s burial and repent with all of her sins?

Derrick was the one being hit and they hurriedly went to the hospital. Lupe is trying to tell Clara to help her get the money as the evidence of Mara’s case but Clara could not understand her perfectly. So at school, everything between Mara and Clara also changes.


10 Sinetron Indonesia Dengan Jumlah Episode Terbanyak! No 1 Bikin…

treakhir Boneka Kakek Tua Bioskop Indonesia: The day after that, Alvira and Amante went to see a police officer and tell them about what Gary did.

Clara then tells Alvira and Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrews on how she is disappointed with them who have left her behind.

Del Valle and have told them that she wants to see them at the principals office so they went there and talked with the principal. Kaiane Aldorino Date of Birth: Gary was so mad at Susan thinking that both Mara and Clara must be save for Gary only wants Clara being saved. That is the question to be answered by watching the series.


Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats. When Amante was not around, Alvira was worried on where he went. Alvira can not resist Gary’s invitation knowing that Gary is so powerful and can do anything stupid if he will be able to know about her plans.

Soleha bertemu paman angkatnya untuk tinggal disana. Tessa decides to provide help to Miguel on getting Pip out of jail. Ibu Yang Tabah Layar Kemilau: Mara insulted Gary telling him that after his cruel doings, Mara is sure that Gary is going to hell soon.

Many police officers are in their house looking for her and Amante is also there. Wafat Ketika Sujud Layar Unggulan: On the other hand, Gary is still hiding from the police and from everybody.

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