The Guardians go to a winter training camp and stay with Kukai’s grandfather, who is the priest at a temple near a ski resort. School Rumble s 26 videos. The next day, the Guardians announce Amu as their new member, the Joker. Then, Amu tells her that she once had a X Egg. Tadase buys himself and Amu ice cream, but Amu’s ice cream drips onto her skirt and he runs off to go find a fountain to wet his handkerchief. He runs to get Amu and the other Guardians.

Basilisk s 24 videos. However, as he slips off, Amu catches a glimpse of him. But when Misaki meets with Tadase, she runs away. However, Amu becomes discouraged with her gate. Amu tries to sneak into Tadase’s house to retrieve the note, but discovers that Tadase Character Changes into someone set on world domination whenever he hears the word “Prince”. She takes them home and notices the incredible mess the other X Eggs have made.

Ran and the others were unable to answer the question, and soon arrived at the sports field.

Moonphase s 4 videos. Amu begins to panic as the trip turns into a date with Tadase but she eventually calms down. Inside, the capsule contained essays that each class member wrote about what they dreamed of becoming, including Tadase’s dream of dominating the world. Iru becomes furious, but Diamond reminds Iru about how Iru teased Eru for being useless. The Knight in the Area s 37 videos. I Am Your Father!


Nevertheless, Tadase confesses that he has come to like Amu’s alter ego, Amulet Heart. Princess Resurrection s 26 charw.

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Amu’s guardians characters suggest some ways to cure the illness, but Rikka yells at them for thinking of ways that can’t help it. La storia della Arcana Famiglia s 12 videos. What if Amu had a different. Tadase and Amu go shopping together as Kairi follows them in order to spy on Amu. Wandering Son s 12 videos. Corpse Princess d 25 videos.

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Later, they visit saisln sports field where Nagihiko tells Hikaru about Basketball. Okamisan d 2 videos. Hikaru then starts to roll around, laughing.

Sion is an aspiring pianist and will be leaving town soon to challenge her skills. I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c Un-Go s 11 videos.

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However, Amu is scared of ghosts and does not want to go. The Guardian Character greets Nikaidou, then disappears.

Shugo Chara 66 vostfr, Une perturbation! The next morning, Amu is happy that her first sleepover was with Nadeshiko.

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They go on a series of rides and finish off with the spinning teacup, when Amu thinks back to her “date” with Ikuto. Join nabbit66 on Roblox and explore together! Go Lion s 52 videos. Tsuritama s 12 videos. Two Mirrors s 26 videos. However, the egg hatches and SuAmu’s third Guardian Character, emerges.


She begins explaining about the X Egg ‘bursting’ and Tadase explains that under too much stress, the egg will break.

Dance in the Vampire Bund s 13 videos. When they arrive, the X Egg has made the flowers huge. Macross II d 1 videos. Shgo Proxy s 23 videos.

The rest of the day fares no better as Amu has trouble capturing an X Egg, nearly hitting Yaya in the process. If you like, to see what happens you can go to mangafox. She says that it could become a magician, but Hikaru says that the trick was boring.

At school, the eggs draw the attention of Tadase Hotoriwhom Amu develops a crush on and confesses to in front of the entire school after a Character Change. Shelf Life – Urahara Feb 25,

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