Centra-Lock body and cushioned hoods increases reel foot stability Machine-cut side slots reduce weight and prevent slippage Reduced diameter for improved ergonomics. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If you are restricted by a budget then it is possible to utilise a good quality mid-heavy uptide rod for surface popping. As the rod is intended to cram monsters, use Lure to weigh g and gaming capabilities PE less practical, it can be concluded here la weight rod with capacity ratio Weight: Hi Alex, My personal view is that beside the rod, reel and line, the choice of popper is very important. The rod effortlessly cast small to medium weight lures. Satisfied with all my might throw kesasaran.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Thanks n pardon me for the detail. I’d go for the shorter rod,more power and the longer rod will tire you quicker. Mark Harris , May 8, JigWrex would have capture a bigger market if those number are display then, instead of depending on those few daring chap to test it themselve to tell other. Pelagics and reef dwellers pull completely differently and put different loadings on a rod as illustrated here – http: This site uses cookies. Thank you in advance.

Hope someone can help in this I attach two pictures of them. What it wasn’t good at or designed for was being hit by another guys g popper and sadly it casf now in my museum of dead tackle.

All About Fishing: Review Rod Popping- Caranx Kaibutsu

Thank you in advance. Also, is it worth going all-out for the Lesath or will the Caranx perform just as well? The rod effortlessly cast small to medium weight lures. In addition, quite difficult for me to make any benchmarking with other popping rods as it is the only one owned popping rod. May 8, 2. Here some info from other guys who’ve used both rods: The heavier models being more parabolic is forgiving to the angler when the rod is under load, as compared to faster action rods.


Shimano Caranx Kaibutsu Long Cast GT Popping Rod | eBay

I’d go for the 8’4″ because you’ll be able to put more hurt on the fish than with the longer rod. Cast Division Beaststick 69 Travel No, create an account now.

Hope that I did not buy it at a very high price Just as attap seed adviced. The takes are mind blowing; an explosion of white water and an arm wrenching jolt as the fish grabs the lure, kicks down a few gears, lights its after burners and screams llong.


In my opinionthe final product as rods would have different curvatures than the blank without guides. Similarly, casting surface poppers at blue water pelagic species such as schooling yellowfin tuna is even more hard-core; some might say bordering on stupidity.

Discussion in ‘ Rest of the World ‘ started by QuaylewdJun 25, May 8, 1. May 9, 5.

Perfomance categorized as moderate. May 6, Messages: Hi, notice that the max drag spec was not stated on this rod, is there any formula tat we can reference? So have some fun and go flex your muscles abit Allen” said:.


The PI is rated for PE,around lbs braid,very good casting rod with standard gr. It is also equipped with High Density Velvet EVA Grip, this in turn can provide a wide gengaman and effective touch ppopping on this rod.

The Caranx Kaibutsu Popping rods captures the hearts of many Saltwater Anglers with its superior performance. This site uses cookies. I have had a fair bit of experience of the Caranx Kaibutsu range and although the Long Cast is the best of the models, there are better choices out there in this price range unless you are getting them very cheap.

It was just in so cant resist the temptation and bought it. Equipped with an aluminum gimbal and this facilitates relaxation angler rod into fighting belt and thus well able to withstand the attack again.

Paul I will let you know once I tested it but I think my FR will need to take sometime coz no time lah. Sep 19, Messages: Mike, depends what you are paying for them Mike? Ready to return to Halmahera? Rompin fishing 26 to 28 Mar CatsMay 9,

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