My highest claim perhaps is to have done my best and I do hope that others will be sure to do better. This conception of good and bad values has also directly and indirectly influenced their patterns of analogy e. Jang disentuh oleh pepatah, ialah pikiran, perasaan seseorang. A few examples can be cited in order to explain this tendency. Dalam masyarakat Melayu traditional yang mengutamakan perasaan kekitaan, sikap dan pandangan bersama, pembicaraan tentang minda kolektif collective mind menjadi lebih relevan kepada kita Urusetia Panel Anugerah Sastera Negara , He claimed that there was no real philosophy, logical or scientific thinking prior to the arrival of Islam in the Malay- Indonesian world e. This seemingly old language, before having its written form, began at one time as nothing but oral tradition. Double-Effect Argument Example 1 Figure 6.

Should knowledge only be restricted, constricted or constrained to rational thinking? It is morally right, therefore, to quote Obelkevich , Sabaruddin includes the Malay idiom simpulan bahasa, kiasan or ungkapan as part of his corpus of Malay proverbs. Certain Malay sayings can be quoted about their belief in fate and destiny: For a discussion on a critical comparison of Indian, Chinese, Islamic and European modes of argument, see Daor Explanation of certain key terminology i. In order to suit the English grammar and contextual understanding, Malay words which commonly appeared like peribahasa in the text will be treated as singular and plural will be written as peribahasas. Good is the reverse of bad as tuhan is the reverse of hantu.

P’o is related to the contraction of yin.

As such, the contextual issue for the individual proverb use by particular individual does not become a matter of importance to me. Bidal dan peribahasa pun dapat juga dipakai untuk mematahkan bicara orang; bold added Actually there are no differences between bidalan maxims, guides, metaphorspepatah, petitih sayings alluding to social customstamsil comparison, similes and perumpamaan proverbs.

In comparison with the Malay worldview, hun is closer to the aspect of budi. This attitude has forced the indigenous words to die. Brunvand40; cited in Danandjaya29 when studying American proverbs stated that proverbs can be categorised into five big groups: He even sent me an unpublished article on the studies of African proverbs that he had presented in Italy, which he considered as imperfect but which I should admit gave me some kind of comparative framework and inspiration to work out with my analysis of Malay proverbs and their reasoning.

This explains the succession of rituals that the padi farmer has to conduct and taboos that he has to observe from the moment the seeds are sown to the time the padi grains are stored away p. The same logic goes well with garuda as which direction this bird will fly is very much dependent on the movement of its wings.

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Some agree that ungkapan and simpulan bahasa should fall into the same category, but there are others who tend to oppose See Daniel Jebon Janaun27; Tan Chin Kwang5. Bumi mana tidak ditimpa hujan? The challenging force comes from politicians who are trying to portray to their audiences that they are more Islamic than their opponents.


But without being an idiot, seraoah research on paremiology would have been possible! Aristotelian, Chinese and Indiantwo interesting philosophical questions arise seraph we try to relate it to the Malay tradition: BUDI The realm where human being, animals, plants, ,adu and bad semangat are situated: Based on the platform laid down by them, which claimed that proverbs of Anglo-American culture do indeed illustrate a significant number of logical principles, this study will try to find out whether it is possible as well for Malay proverbs and their culture to reflect on a fairly elaborate logical system See also Lim But due to the priority given to budi as the Malay mind, the logical thought argument as product failed to emerge in the dara of dialectical attitude argument as procedure and can only be presented in their own rhetorical modes argument as process.

Its extinction describes even better the idea of an ideal state. Are peribahasas relevant in that sense to represent the logical and rhetorical thought of the Malay folks as demanded by the method outlined above? I have tried to focus on the Malay mind, especially from the perspective of Informal Logic through their peribahasas in Limbut feel that the discussion should be deeper and requires more insight and contemplation.

Servant mentality had pushed the Malays into a state of self-denigration with no confidence, which later altered their mindset and conceptual worldview of rendah diri into hina-diri, after more than years of cultural camouflage.

However, there are exceptions lately. Furthermore, some of the societies depended very much on proverbs because in which the law of the society can be traced, through which their values and rights were being arranged. Nonetheless, in the second half of the twentieth century, there was a shift away from purely literary and historical studies of proverbs, as a result of the influence of the social sciences.

The latest interesting proverb collection was compiled, translated and illustrated by Ublan Lee Bagaimanapun, pada waktu-waktu tertentu apabila penghujah mengabaikan dimensi rasional budi akal budimaka budi iaitu budi pekerti akan kelihatan setakat memenuhi citarasa adat-istiadat sahaja, sementara jika hati budi menjadi gerhana, maka jiwa dan kemuliaan budaya menjadi agak tidak manusiawi, bersifat kaku dan membosankan. For more example of one word Malay idiom e. Any crudity in the handling of the padi plants or grains may drive the derapah away.

Klinkert acknowledged his indebtedness to the late Mr. Take a statement by Abdullah Jusoh ; then we will be able to see the popularity of proverbs in the context of various discourses: Hample has suggested a third kind, argument0, which represents the cognitive processing which is necessary for the production of either argument1 or argument2 cited in Hample Perhaps one work that can be quoted that discussed the Malay language and their thinking is Asmah Shafie daarh right that most of the terminologies related with the mind were influenced by Islam, but to claim from such argument that it was the Islamic influence that brought forward the emergence of logical tradition among the Malays seems to be a rather hasty conclusion.


A Philosophical Study of Malay Ways of Reasoning and Emotion in Peribahasa This research is a first scientific and theoretical attempt to look into the logic and emotion of the Malays from their proverbs, peribahasa.

For them, if the father is a good example, there is no reason the son will be wicked, as for instance Adakah pernah telaga episkde jernih itu mengalir air yang keruh? A group of words or sentences which is has a fixed arrangement and normally connote certain meanings etc.

Cerita Peribahasa is divided serapab three categories of peribahasa: Another scholar which tried to relate the emergence of logical thought to the arrival of Islam is Mat Rofa Ismail, who concluded that: Kedatangan pengaruh Hindu- Buddha terutamanya membawa falsafah inkarnasi penjelmaan.

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Ia turut menyumbang menyemai serta mengentalkan sikap-sikap beradab, rajin, mengenang budi dan sebagainya selaras dengan nilai-nilai agama dan norma-norma budaya peribahasa becomes an effective educational input. In the writing of this dissertation, many have extended their helping hands, either by sending me articles or accompanying me to go through tedious library search.

By learning those logical methods, i. A proverbs test for clinical and experimental use. Chinese58 and Philippine See Sahlan Mohd.

Hence, for instance, they will choose the right moment to start their journeys or work. Even I-Ching had to come over to Sumatra to learn about the teaching of Buddha.

In the Western continent, people approach philosophy from episoce to top, from many to one, from micro-cosmos to macro-cosmos. Cited in Paczolay Dahlan ex-Dean of Faculty of Development Science, UKM xerapah, who trusted me to serve the faculty and indirectly encouraged me to explore the inner dimension of the Malay oratory, their budi and argumentation.

For the references and discussion on simpulan bahasa, Kamus Simpulan Bahasa Abdullah Hussain will be used. Statement of the Problems There are various problems in the study of logical reasoning and culture. It is morally right, therefore, to quote Obelkevich The problem of contradictory proverbs is one of the important concerns among paremiologists.

It is not that easy to really separate between what is the worldview of the Malays and what kind of influences were introduced by the other traditions. Simpulan bahasa is even shorter. The publications of numerous collections of such sayings in the recent past particularly in the fifties does not belie this trend; it rather confirms it, and serves as another example of the undermining of the old medium by the new:

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