Because even if Clara is cruel to Mara, Clara did not want this to happen. Several functions may not work. Mara is safe with Virginia “Parang” and Nanding. Mara, who misses her grandmother – Lupe so much went to see her. So they have to be with the one’s that truly own them. Clara saw Mara begging for help but she refuses to. Susan and Alvira got a chance talking to each other about themselves and about Mara.

But then again, Mara’s death remains to be questionable. Alvira is very happy seeing her daughter – Mara Del Valle Kathyn Bernardo who is now safe in the hospital. If Mara gets her chance escaping, she is going to make sure her mother – Alvira is going with her. Gary called Clara again telling her that he have finally brought a ticket for them to stay away and live a new life together. Gary then tells Clara to go home so that he can think of a plan to stop the Del Valle family from going to Dubai. Clara then tell Vanessa that maybe she is just having dillusions. After the long talk, Alvira then asked Mara, Mamang and Susan to go home so that they can rest.

Will Alvira be happy to Lupe’s decision? With the thoughts that everybody is against her, Clara decided to call her father – Gary David Jhong Hilario. Amante is going to investigate on the case personally so that Gary will be put to prison as soon as possible Amante Del Valle Bobby Andrews went home drunk and epsode towards what happened to him.

Mara did not went home and rather thought going back and spy on Clara’s actions. Mara together with Christian went to look for their project and then Clara locked the door. Enebg phone is with Gary and he wondered on why Alvira is calling Amante’s phone.


Gary was so happy to hear that Alvira finally tells Gary that he is the man that Alvira loved already. With Clara’s envy to Mara as she will do everything just to destroy her, a lot of good people are still willing to help her. So Clara took Mara’s project and put it on a room or a stock room. Help Mara to find a way to see her parents and make them feel comfortable that she is okay.

Posted 28 March – With this, Alvira asked Clara why she opposed on making her father as their driver. Alvira is curious on what Gary is talking about and Mamang called her informing about what happened sqyang Amante. On the other hand, Gary is spying on Alvira because he wants to know where Alvira is going and what are the things that she has been doing.

Mara tried to stop Christian from going home because she realized that she is in love with him already. Semangat buat event sentul hari ini. As when Mara arrived home, Christian was silently following her to be sure that she is safe. Amante then wondered why Alvira is acting differently and knew that Gary David Jhong Hilario is still with her.

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Since the woman needs an extra cook she accepted Susan as one of the cook in Paraiso Inn. With this, Susan and Mara then asked Gigi to help them bring Lupe and they were successful. Clara then tells Gary that the Del Valle family are going to migrate to Dubai already.


When Mara and Clara saw each other at school, Clara can’t help herself but insult Mara. Gaspol jgn ksh kendor y black horse kebanggaan rayanurfitrird nengorok semuasayangeneng supportselalumyidol pembalapkeceberprestasi racesentulsirkuit rayakitty rkafc.

When will the exchange of daughters happen?

And finally the result has been revealed – she is the daughter of Gary David. How will Alvira and Amante fix their problem with their relationship? Kedua-dua mereka pergi ke sekolah yang sama di mana mereka telah bertemu dan menjadi sahabat rapat. Gary went everywhere and have picked some dirty foods in the trash can just to have something to eat. The police officers were also alarmed and then called Gary to ask him about what he did to alvira the other night.

Mara wanted to get away from Gary so she asked her parents that they are going abroad to start a new life there.

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Clara then asked Alvira on when did she knew that Mara is there. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

How will this show end? C;ara was more ashamed right now when the Del Valle’s came late.

Throwbackafter break shooting semua sayang eneng. Amante then tells Alvira that he will be freed soon and Alvira is shocked.

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