Kiyoshi pep talks the team, and they calm down a bit. Seirin win, , qualifying for the Winter Cup. However, Akashi has learnt how to enter the zone at will, reserving it for when Rakuzan is in trouble. This page was last edited on 4 February , at The former got an advantage as he makes a drive and fake at the same time and is far enough away from Kagami for a shot. Midorima, the Generation of Miracles’ number one shooter, shows up and chastises Kise for losing. Kise copies Sakurai’s 3 point shot, but is easily blocked by Aomine.

To build Kagami’s core strength, Riko sends him to get drinks for the team, one at a time, running on the beach instead of practising with the others. Soon after this, Kuroko is subbed out to conserve his energy and Hanamiya subs in Kentaro Seto. Kagami learns his jumping power has dramatically improved. Second quarter ends with Seirin in the lead, The game proceeds with Seirin’s fast run-and-gun gameplay but the second quarter ends with Seirin barely in the lead, Suddenly, Kuroko yells out to Kise that he believes in him and Kise returns back from his numb state, claiming that he will win. Hanamiya shows that dirty tactics is not all he can do by passing Kuroko, and scoring with a “teardrop” shot.

The episoxe proceeds with Seirin’s fast run-and-gun gameplay but the second quarter ends with Seirin barely in the lead, Kuroko, Midorima, Kise and Kagami are left at the same table.

Together, Kuroko and Kagami again manage to penetrate Seiho’s defense but rapidly are running out of energy. Kuroko regains consciousness, and since he cannot play in the game, asks Akashi to make Teiko play their best. Instead of subbing Mayuzumi out, Akashi uses him as a tool of misdirection.

Kuroko’s Basketball

Makoto Hanamiya, who is an “Uncrowned King” like Kiyoshi and known as a dishonest player. As Fukui goes to score the last basket of the quarter, Kagami touched the ball, hence it missed. Kagami interrupts a seemingly normal conversation of the Generation of Miracles and meets Akashi for the first time. Kuroko suggests they give up relying solely on Kagami for now, and offers to take some of the burden.


In the audience, Aomine mentions that he suspects there is a greater zone within the zone. Kagami heads back episove to ask Kuroko about this news only to find out the final quarterfinal will feature a showdown between Kise and Haizaki, with the winner moving on to face Seirin in the semifinals.

When Kagami asks Kuroko about fifht Midorima meant, he dodges saying that he wants to tell about it to entire team. Himuro executes a superb fake on Kagami, then smoothly transitions to take a jump shot, to which Kagami and Hyuga cannot react. Kiyoshi is determined to play even if it wrecks his knees.

By watching and predicting Kagami’s movement, Kuroko becomes Kagami’s “eye” and is able to intercept Akashi. And that Kagami may need to open this second “door” to be able to beat Akashi. Seeing the Shutoku make threes one after the other, Akashi throws the ball in their own basket, and tells his team that if they can only concentrate if the lead is small, then it is better if he brings down their lead.

Yowen winning against Kirisaki Daiichi and confirming their spot in the Winter Cup, the Seirin team head to a hot spring to regenerate their energy. However, Akashi has learnt how to enter the zone at will, reserving it for when Rakuzan is in trouble. Seirin subs in first-year Furihata to lure Rakuzan, but he quickly gets fatigued after facing Akashi. Kuroko watches a tape of Takao during the first half.

Using his pent up energy, Kagami breaks past his defenders and scores the final goal with an impressive jump that cracks open the “door” to such prodigies as the Generation of Miracles. Again, Kiyoshi gets triple teamed, so he passes to Izuki, and the latter is open for a 3-pointer, which he takes but missed.

We are a team because we support each other”. Furihata gives Kuroko a wristband filled with the team’s thoughts. The copies are the best moves of the Generation of Miracles, but there is a limit to around 5 minutes Kise can remain in this state. Lists of anime episodes Kuroko’s Basketball. Seirin’s counterattack, and the team got surprised as Murasakibara is already at the swirin defending, when Kagami, Kise and Aomine then realised that Murasakibara entered the Zone.


Now Seirin are only down by 5. The ball is knocked out of court and Hyuga scores another 3 with 3 seconds remaining. The most anticipated top 8 match will be Seirin VS Yosen, and both teams have analysed each other, awed by their seirn basketball strategies.

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Yossen then made his new move, Meteor Jam, over Murasakibara, and it goes in. This indirect advise makes Kagami realise his mistake and he starts to give his all into the match and finally his struggle leads him to enter the Zone. Hanamiya again taunts Kiyoshi who doesn’t react. Kise continues to play his Perfect Copy till the score reachesand stops it thereafter, believing he has given the game momentum.

Izuki passes back to Kiyoshi, who goes for a shot, but the form is off, hence it missed. Kise and Aomine thought that Ful cannot win the battle if him and Murasakibara are in the zone. Even though Furihata seems nervous at first, Riko mentions that since he’s a coward, he’ll be cautious, which in turn will clam down the entire team and Seirin begins to score.

Aomine dunks past Kise as the game ends and Touou wins by a score of Momoi, whose specialty is information gathering, recognizes each of Seirin’s starting players. Kagami exits the zone, and Kuroko re-enters wpisode game. Akashi stops the next pass between Takao and Midorima which becomes a turning point in the game. The match then begins, with Murasakibara winning the tip off for Yosen, but due to the jumper violation made by him, too, Seirin gets to start the ball.

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