Benicio Del Toro was wonderful as a psychotic cartel underboss, John Travolta chewed the scenery to bits, and Salma Hayek was entirely believable in her role as well. Unfortunately the entire film basically revolves around her and she narrates , so her shortcomings are brought front and center. The plot is a train wreck; Oliver Stone said in a recent interview about the film that the book this is based on had different scenes; he trimmed that down to Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend. Unfortunately the violence is ham- handed and boring. Shane Salerno, Don Winslow Writer: He just has no soul, and brings absolutely nothing to his character whatsoever. And this is inexcusable as this movie portends to be a serious and realistic tale.

I wish I could say ‘this movie was so bad it’s good. Full Cast and Crew. Ben as Aaron Johnson. Whenever he brings her up we never see her he is always lighthearted and smiling; he might as well be discussing his golf handicap She is really annoying as a character and it’s kind of hard to feel bad for her much less root for her. Are Ben and Chon lovers? Anyways, moving on because we have to, these two guys have made some of the best pot known to man and have made millions from it.

There are a few explosions that any high-schooler with an M could pull off in their garage, some CGI blood, and the only good violent scene is so late in the movie that the audience doesn’t react.

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It could have been a great movie, but it was let down in two major ways. Even he’s better than Johnson, a black hole of tedium from which nothing interesting can escape. If you’re going to build a dramatic story around an unorthodox three- way relationship, you had better explain in more than one quick scene exactly how this relationship happened, otherwise the audience won’t know why they should care about the characters.


Stone wants the audience to view these three characters as heroes, but I don’t see englisb.

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Everything is going great as they take turns with their shared girlfriend still weird in their huge beach house when the Mexican drug 202 decides they want to be partners. Kill everybody or run away.

subyitles The movie is 2 hours 15 minutes; could have been trimmed by a half hour or more On a positive note, my friend and I had a pretty entertaining discussion on the way home from the theater discussing szvages colossal absurdity of what we had just sat through A lot of reviews took issue with the violence portrayed in the film, but I didn’t have a problem with that.

This was not a great movie.

How does the movie end? Blake Lively narrates a sort of montage of the marijuana industry, where all the minor characters are young, wealthy, and attractive, not to mention that marijuana is portrayed as a lifestyle, dare I say religion. Are Ben and Chon lovers?

This is a real tragedy and the movie suffers for it. We are never really given the opportunity to understand why the three lead characters Chon, Ben and Ophelia have such strong feelings for each other.

John Travolta Movies I’ve Seen. OK good, because I’m not either. You know why that is, Hollywood? Overall, I just don’t think this was a very savagws film.

I haven’t been this upset with cinema since Bill Murray did Garfield. This was not a great movie. It was never adequately explained, and the entire movie suffers tremendously for it. This is one of the things you have to let go of to enjoy the film.

The plot is a train wreck; Oliver Stone said in a recent interview about the film that the book this is based on had different scenes; he trimmed that down to And now, even if you haven’t seen the movie, it’ll haunt your nightmares, too.


Attached to the davages is a place and time the cartel wants to meet the expert growing duo the next day to force them into a contract enylish the cartel.

Volleyball Girl Candra Docherty Still can’t find their englissh girlfriend though, just saying. Ben was almost as annoying as O because he was always whining englidh psycho-analyzing everything. I haven’t seen much else of her acting, so I can only think she can do much better than this. The two male leads are introduced as basically “the tough guy” and the “sensitive guy”. Villains make films though and despite the awkwardness and UN-likability of some of the lead roles the bad guys were sinister, relentless and kind of funny at times.

Edit Did You Know? Blake Lively makes for good eye candy, but she just isn’t a good actress.

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The female lead “O” Blake Lively seems to have nothing particularly interesting about her, and her voice narrating makes the sound of a root canal suddenly more appetizing. In California, the former Navy SEAL Chon and his best friend, the peaceful botanist Ben, are successful entrepreneurs producing and dealing high-quality weed. Blake Lively was horribly weak and miscast as a poor little rich girl who is in love with two professional pot growers in California.

First off, two of the three lead characters are awful. The second major failure of this film is even more serious, and that is the story structure. We’re told that they do, but never given any real reason to believe it. Unfortunately, their competence only served to underscore the incompetence of the younger leads.

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