Can nick and his team win the David versus Goliath game? Most people think this is a great thing, an honor — not Nick, and certainly not his new varsity teammates. They don’t know the first thing about sports, and he’s not exactly a model student. Mar 21, Matt W rated it really liked it. Baseball — Juvenile fiction. Nick is a catcher. This is an adventure Nick will never forget. Lists with This Book.

Account Options Sign in. Then when things go wrong at the carnival he feels he can never play baseball again. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Victoria is a sweet, loving girl. When he’s cocked to fire a bullet and eliminate an opposing runner from the base paths, all that matters is what Nick’s arm can do in that moment, and there’s never been any question about his talent between the lines on the baseball diamond. Also the topics of being a person that’s picked on because of one mess up was kind of ridiculous. It never got boring and was action packed the whole way through. Though Safe at Home is my first experiment with this series of books linked not by shared story elements or characters but rather by fairl In classic Matt Christopher style, Mike Lupica presents the Comeback Kids series of junior sports novels, focusing on the realistic family issues and on-field action that make all Lupica’s novels so electrifying.

I gave this a 4 star because I feel like it could have been more real because a 12 year old playing varsity? He wanted parents who knew baseball and wanted to play sports, but he has to force his parents to play catch with him.

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But Nick needs to prove something. A Comeback Kids Novel, Philomel, best-selling author Mike Lupica for Heat and Travel Team keeps the page-turning game-play details crisp and exciting as his young athlete learns to manage the “head game” on field and off.

Baseball is everything to Nick Crandall. Insight into the sports and emotions of early adolescent boys is Lupica’s main mojo, and he’s got it working in the lpot and sweet Comeback Kids series. Nick must work through his own nerves, his teammates harassment at first, anywayand getting his grade Nick Crandall is a 12 year old who lives for baseball! One thing that is good in this book is how the author uses real life problems that most kids have to face when they are growing up.


He had made some nice plays in his first couple of games. That is a writer that I dont like that much, I mean she of course have some good books, but in general not llupica talented.

Maybe everybody else on junior varsity at the Hayworth School, all the other sixth and seventh-graders on the team, looked at the calendar and thought the school year was coming to an end. The fact that Nick is adopted, and that his parents are both professors with little interest in sports, are burdens for Nick to bear.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is curious about baseball and sports in general. Comeback Kids Review Nick Crandall loved baseball. Nick was looking forward to playing on the junior varsity team at school but the varsity catcher was injured and Nick was asked to take his place. Hardcoverpages. Why would a senior bully a second grader Safe at home is about a 7th grader named nick.

It was nice to see a boy with a girl best friend, as well as a thoughtful coach and loving parents. The novel, Safe at Home, written by Mike Lupica is about a Junior Varsity baseball player named Nick, is seen doing good in practice and gets promoted to the Varsity team.

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Nick ends up hitting a sacrifice bunt to advance the base runners, and the next hitter hit them home. They eventually won because of the throw Kike had made, Nick was very pr This was a very interesting book.


Apr 29, Charlie added it. He has a talk with Gracie and tells him to enjoy his house and his family because he is lucky to have them.

Also the topics of being a person that’s picked on because of one mess up was kind of ridiculous.

He would get bullied by his teammates, while having a tutor to keep his grades up. This was another great book by Mike Lupica. Apr 14, Alyssa rated it really liked it Shelves: Nick’s proficiency behind home plate is enough to change the entire complexion of a JV game, keeping runners out of scoring position and affording winded pitchers extra chances to get out of jams, which can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat in a game of inches like baseball. The story is gentle pleasure, a good book for intermediate grade or middle school baseball fan.

Safe at Home

The seventh-grade junior varsity team at Hayworth Junior High feels like his real family, the one place where he really belongs. He hasn’t thrown a perfect throw to second or third Can Nick accept having a lot of changes that hme going on? I also receive review copies from publishers or authors from time to time, with no implied promise that the books will be reviewed favorably or at all.

And you would have to like baseball to read this book. Gracie then asked where Nick would go next, and Nick said home. Mar 21, Matt W miie it really liked it.

ag Why would a senior bully a second grader. During Junior Varsity tryouts, Coach Williams sees Mike Lupica’s “Safe at Home” is about a 7th grade boy named nick who always loved baseball his whole life.

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