The blood soon attracted sharks. It is, essentially, the story of a nice Nazi. The Sinking of the Laconia. U broadcast their position on open radio channels to all Allied forces in the area, and were joined by the crews of several other U-boats in the vicinity. Other larger beasts swallowed entire bodies. From Casablanca, most of the survivors were taken to Mediouna to await transport to a prison camp in Germany.

A British officer also messaged the aircraft: Manhunt TV Movie Chronology of the War At Sea — Views Read Edit View history. He may yet write some of the finest of the 21st. Archived from the original on 19 August

The Sinking of the Laconia, BBC Two, review

Survivor Jim McLoughlin states in One Common Enemy that after the incident Hartenstein asked him if he was in the Royal Navywhich he was, and then asked why a passenger ship was armed, stating, “If it wasn’t armed, I would not have attacked. The British requested the Americans to look for Laconia survivors, but did not inform them of the submarine’s rescue effort. Documentary telling the true story of the sinking of the liner Laconia by a German U-boat in through the eyes of six survivors.

The order given by Richardson has been called a prima facie war crime. Keep strictest watch enemy planes and submarines. Use the HTML below. A British officer also messaged the aircraft: Rescue operations were continued by other vessels. The submarine Cappellini had been unable to find the French warships so radioed for instructions and awaited a response.

After realising that there were POWs and civilians on-board, and that they are facing certain death without rescue, U-Boat Commander Werner Hartenstein Duken makes a decision goes against the orders of Nazi high command. Be ready to submerge for action against the enemy. The submarine submerged slowly to give those still on the deck a chance to get into the water and escape.

Denis Beauchamp Lisle Foster, who was stationed in Malta. Pen and Sword Books.


ladonia Come Hell and High Water: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At the time of the incident she was transporting mostly Italian prisoners of war from Cape Town move Freetownunder the command of Captain Rudolph Sharp. BBC Two Second world war news. Greet, who was returning home to England on the Laconia after three years serving on a converted troop ship, clearly remembers the moment the first torpedo struck as he was waiting for his evening meal by his bunk on the fourth deck.

The Bridge TV Movie We were looking for people who might be alive, but we had 64 in a boat designed for And it takes a lot more skill to make viewers care about a brute than it does to make them applaud a saint.

Ships armed with guns which most merchantmen and troop transports were fell outside the protection from attack without warning, therefore the Laconia was regarded as a legitimate target. Movei submarine was travelling with a Red Cross flag draped across her gun deck.

The Sinking of the Laconia – Wikipedia

Goofs The number of lifeboats being towed often changes from shot to shot. Anthony Bates 2 episodes, Declan McDermott 2 episodes, I never saw her rmd. Audible Download Audio Books. Several were shot when a group of POWs rushed a lifeboat station, and a large number were bayoneted to death in attempts to prevent them boarding the few lifeboats available.

Views Read Edit View history. After surfacing and picking up survivors, who were accommodated on the foredeckU headed on the surface under Red Cross banners to rendezvous with Vichy French ships and transfer the survivors. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Lzconia. Remmert 2 episodes, Nikolai Kinski U and U received confirmation from headquarters of the attack on U and were asked for the number of survivors rescued. Elisabeth Fullwood 2 episodes, Matthias Koeberlin U-boats to The Rescue: Many went down in the ship, too injured or shocked to escape.


The conduct of the aircraft commander appears to be entirely inexcusable since he must have observed the rescue operation. After firing two torpedoes at the unsuspecting Laconia on the evening of 12 September, Hartenstein realised that many of the 3, people on board were civilians, women, children or Italian prisoners of war.

Sarah Fullwood 2 episodes, Unaware of the attack, UUand Cappellini continued to pick up survivors. Reporting attack already undergone by other submarines.

UU 4 Sep: Richardson IIImoviee claimed that he did not know that this was a Red Cross-sanctioned German rescue operation, ordered the B to “sink the sub”. Share this Rating Title: Edit Cast Series cast summary: Greet, 91, believes that Bleasdale’s drama, filmed on location in the South Atlantic, will set the record straight about one of the most controversial maritime incidents of the war.

The drama is an account of the bravery of Commander Werner Hartenstein, the German submariner who put his own life and the lives of his U-boat crew at risk to save hundreds of passengers on board the RMS Laconia, a requisitioned cruise liner armed and bound for Britain, which had been torpedoed on Hartenstein’s orders miles off the coast of west Africa.

Fiedler 2 episodes, Mocie the time that they are engaged in such an operation, enemy submarines are no longer lawful objects of attack.

Laconia incident – Wikipedia

laconis Over the next few days U saved people, with people crammed on board the surface-level submarine and another in lifeboats. In Doris’s words, “It is impossible to imagine why I should have been chosen to survive when so many did not. Kuroshio Maru 15 Sep:

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