The shock sends Geu-rim to tears, and he comforts her. The more I read the recap, the more I wanted to watch the drama – I’d have to wait for the DVD since viki doesn’t have it Noelle August 30, at This drama was a reverse role of the typical girl acting as a guy. Posted by aszlechai at 5: Geu-rim explains being quite sick for a while, spending a lot of her time in a hospital due to leukemia. Taegurin a mashup of their names.

I still wouldn’t have minded a couple more episodes, though. But Irene is actually a boy and his actual name is Hyun Woo. Thank you for the recaps D Wish someone would sub it soon. TTBY – beginning of ep. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: This, of course, is all imagined. Geu-rim declares that fraud is still wrong, though, so her agreement to keep silent is only temporary.

Aw, do you feel like an ass now? She really can pull off any kind of acting. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I there any other drama which is like ma boy?? Is anyone subbing this? Saturday, September 15, Ma Boy. Hye-ri realizes she dropped her trendy new bracelets while fixing up that laxative-laced drink, and she heads back to the building to search for it.

Surprisingly, he came back to attend in the same school as before. It just sounds so cute and right up my inner teenager alley. Thankfully Hyun-woo has an eye out and sees her from their balcony. I won’t be surprised. God knows how much I need fluff right now. Noelle August 30, at The more I read the recap, the more I wanted to watch the drama – I’d have to wait for the DVD since viki doesn’t have it The manager-hyung freaks out when Hyun-woo walks in and tries to stuff his head into a plastic bag.


Why profik you swim at this hour? Ignoring Geu-rim, Hyun-woo starts practicing and she watches, impressed. I wish hyun woo would find his real path: They have an awkward parting, with each one telling koera other to go already, hiding their reluctance to leave behind a facade of irritability.

The Idiot Trios of both stars are, well, idiots. But xun sneaks a look at her heading back inside, while she stays up tossing and turning. They are gonna grow up well!

And then feeling conflicted because he still likes Irene. Oh, sorry, my reply for this is at number Then she peers between her fingers to sneak a look at all the pretty, glistening in slow-motion, soft-filtered backlighting.

Anyway, thank you for the recap: O It’s weird to see her play a “nice” character. Taejoon is just a sweet as Hyunwoo.

What a cute sweet story–Thanks JB. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Newer Post Older Post Home. Then, the time has come for the guy to stop acting as a girl.

Speaking of which, I really do like that non life-or-death aspect of this drama. Forgot to hit the reply button to What we’re watching by DB Staff. Ah, things are starting to make sense….


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This drama was a reverse role of the typical girl acting as a guy. The Tackle girls rub their hands together gleefully at the thought of Geu-rim being taken out of the performance and thus usurping her spot. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Too bad they forgot the camera.

Kim Sun Woong

Tae-joon persists in courting Irene, asking her to be his dance partner for the upcoming school festival. Just then, they get a message from Tae-joon, who asks them for a favor….

I have seen her in several places and I cant wait for her to get older and take leads in longer and more in depth series.

I enjoy this mini drama a lot. You know what makes this show good? Gaksital is going to be a dark dark trip when I okrea watch the last 6 eps When the news breaks that he really IS a sin There they meet again and got a chance to explain to her why he was gone.

How dare you toy with people?! I just hope it was longer that 3 episodes. I still can’t believe this thursday marks the last episode of this drama

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