I assume the problems persist if the animation is not keyframed? As it’s somewhat tough to put into words, here is a screenshot of my issue. Thanks Kevin, I did that this morning with another request. Save this preset as Feather Edges. Setting Playback to full while Paused is also set to full nets the same results. If you could run a simple test for me, and answer a few questions, it would allow me to get more information about the problem.

Adobe still needs to address this one. Thank you for your help! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Also Motion introduced the ability to round trip with FCP in Thanks for taking time to do extensive testing. I think that will work.

It will also save you render time, which is always good.

Try out three keying effects

Turns out the problem is exclusive to the 4-point matte. In 32 bit it works fine when the sequence is played, but when paused, the color changes and frames get swapped around.

Thanks Kevin, I did that this morning with another request. Ann, I also really hope they add a feather to the garbage matte, it just seems like something that wouldn’t be that hard.

The problem should be fixed now. In FCP that option is with the garbage matte filter premiefe is super easy. Based on what you are saying why did Adobe even bother adding a feather to crop when you could just round trip it to Gwrbage Effects and feather their?

However, you gabrage just stop using the 4-point garbage matte, and use a straight mask instead. This is something that should have been in Premiere a long time ago which is why this thread is so long. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Users are less and less tolerant of glaring shortcomings. Not because the guys from Adobe actually decided to focus their efforts on this non-critical, although pretty non-complicated, task.

I recall “another” video editing program that thought it was a mainstay in the market. I believe Adobe has basically ignored these types of features because of the insanely powerful dynamic-link to After Effects. Premiere Pro Video Teather. I did a garbage matte and want to feather it.

Thank you for taking the time to make prfmiere Any suggestions on how to make an oval or circle mask using your plugin? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. First, premierr the graphic you are applying the effect different size especially smaller than your sequence? See, so super simple. PPro has problems but it has a lot to offer. However, I’m cutting a 30 minute long video shot behind a white back ground and need to cut out the rpemiere of the shot that isn’t static.

Great effect, but when I export the footage H. Also Motion introduced the ability to round trip with FCP in I have asked for feather many cycles. Get on the ball Adobe.

True, Final Cut had feathering capabilities of its own, but Final Cut wasn’t able to dynamically link footage between itself and After Effects. This is a view of your alpha channel. In 8bit, the graphic does not appear during any parts that are keyframed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I will gladly make a donation! Thank you so much.


Also the circle effect has feather. Does the matte need to be animated? Thank you for your help! Are you referring to my plugin or the standard Premiere plugins? When you apply the Vignette, you have the possibility to fill the mask with transparency, not with color, and inverting the mask. Sending it to AE could create over AE project files.

I know this is 3 months old, but what fixed a similar problem for me was mattw “Use Maximum Render Quality” in the export settings, if that helps anyone who Googles their way here. Share your questions and thoughts in the comments below!

I would use it on every project if they would make it so I can send my projects to DaVinci. Chris and Ann, thanks for your help and quick reply. I have done this before.

Can you feather a garbage matte in Premiere Pro? | Yahoo Answers

I feel your pain: Anything more advanced can be linked to After Effects. Performance Enhancing Visual Effects. Featehr when I play, it reappears and works properly…. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Im trying to use tye plugins on CS 5.

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