Good to see Radha Ravi on the screen again. Ram KS 25 February at Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Dhollywood moves beyond formulas. Fight scene has been choreographed beautifully such that I was feeling the guy’s pain when he was hit at the back. In tamil cinema there is a lot of may be most of the directors is here to entertain you with full masala movie or full and full of comedy movies to relive the stress but we fully bored to eat the same food in the menu. To call off Naga as a rookie would be far stretched as the actor looks tailor made for the character of Siddharth. But despite the presence of the titular spirit, Pisaasu is very much a companion piece to Anjaathey or Yuddham Sei.

Priya 26 February at Its something besides that, kind of a new Genre. Retrieved 22 December The very first scene starts with the blissful face of the heroine Prayaga Rose Martin similar to the end scene of Irreversible and as the camera zooms out you see the pool of blood. And the answer is Yes.. Beats him and causes pain. Pratik Deshmukh loses weight for new role. Snigdha Akolkar, Kalaiyarasan, Myshkin.

Pisasu review. Pisasu Tamil movie review, story, rating –

There is a ghost theory, there are emotions, there is everything you movid love to watch. Due to the added security, Rinku Rajguru can write her papers well, says dad. Mysskin’s cinema is all cinema, and it appears to rise from some place deep within him, some place even he may not be aware of. Colours can deliver myaskin lot of things. First and foremost it’s a pure myssikin film leave behind horror.


Pisasu Review

Cinderella’s fav color is blue http: Note that the people getting beaten by Bhavani have RED on them or around them. Prashanth 24 February at mobie The film works to a large extent because there is a level of acting here that’s rarely seen in films in this genre. Pisasu – saying it as a horror comedy, there is slight dominance of comedy in the movie, but its completely planned in the script.

Trivia The male lead plays violin for Illayaraja Intha movie who is the director’s favourite composer. With that said, in the second half Mysskin switches to his signature thriller mode from horror, and then finishes off in grand style.


Nirmal’s blog: Trying to get inside Mysskin’s head.

It itched my thought, “how can a good colour cause moviie accident? Fight scene has been mjsskin beautifully such that I was feeling the guy’s pain when he was hit at the back. A violinist experiences paranormal experience in his flat after a death of a girl who he tries to save due to accident.

After awaiting so many days after watching Wolf and the Goat, the movie really moved me since the start of the only song. Saras was wearing a RED it also signifies intense things.

Two words mysski describe mocie movie: Never thought of pisaasu It was fantastic to work with Boman Irani: Soon after a few days he realizes that the girl dead in his hands is still with him. Then the lead gradually understands that the girl who passed away in the accident is actually turned into a ghost and he assumes that its trying to haunt him. Music is the soul of Pisasu. This scene fits the words in the warning board.


Pisaasu is elementally Mysskin that way. Baradwaj Rangan December 19, They question the cop about the person who drove the car, and they get the answer, which also leads them to the GREEN coloured mywskin. But, if your findings are in line with his way of thinking then I can only say one thing, he was born in the wrong part of the world.

He begins to feel a supernatural presence at his house.

The rest of the story revolves around why the ghost is behind the lead’s back, what does it want and mainly who is responsible for her accident. I might have missed something, or if I’m wrong anywhere, do comment that below.

Pisasu: A terrific addition to one of the most exciting oeuvres in Tamil cinema

Akshara Singh takes to Instagram to thank those who helped her. Full Cast and Crew.

Definitely Show this to my non-Tamil cinema lovers? Ram KS 25 February at Is there another filmmaker whose work is driven less by the love between hero and heroine and more by that between friends, or brother and sister, or parents mhsskin children?

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