Not that clothes were always in evidence: Support our Maestro Appeal. He instead uses Medea’s summoning of the supernatural. Alexandra Oomens , Alinda. Root Position 26 February 7: Andrew Goodwin , Aegeus. Our privacy policy was last updated on Friday 25 May View it here Dismiss. But remember, this is a classic art form and there are customs to uphold even for the audience.

Christopher Saunders , Demo. Not that clothes were always in evidence: Quartet 28 February 7: The world of military structure and honour seems to fall into chaos when beautiful women are within sight. Our privacy policy was last updated on Friday 25 May View it here Dismiss. But it is in the telling of that story that the composer makes the most remarkable choices about how to guide the audience through the startling variety of emotional journeys that take place therein. Fill out my online form.

Cavalli won the post of second organist at San Marco in and his organ playing won high praise; foreigners compared him favourably with the great Frescobaldi. The fresh-voiced Alexandra Oomens, still an undergraduate student at my institution the Sydney Conservatorium of Music gissone, sparkled as the flirty Alinda.

Alexandra OomensAlinda.

Giasone by Cavalli – Countdown to Pinchgut Opera Masterpiece | The Culture Concept Circle

Described as a woman of vision and passion, the founding director of The Australian Ballet School has died aged At the start of the opera he has deserted Isifile fast has borne him twins for Medea, and their union has also produced children, as is revealed when the lovers callously decide to leave them behind when fleeing Colchis. He oozes confidence throughout. Log in to Reply.

By David Larkin06 December Sopranos Celeste Lazarenko Medea and Miriam Allan Isifile are a riveting pair of catlike enemies, here representing lust vs faithfulness. As her fourth and final festival nears its end, Wendy Martin reflects frankly on her triumphs and challenges in the role. Under the musical direction of Erin Helyard, Pinchgut have cut and adjusted the score a little and with magnificent playing by the Orchestra of the Antipodes and a cast of skilled singers, the overall result was sublime.


The continuo accompaniment was delectably varied according to dramatic need, and the ornamentation was stylish the pinchgyt clashes between a held orchestral chord and a decorative vocal neighbouring note were delicious. It has deceptively simple staging — a few chairs, layers of curtains, a couple of doors and included some witty sight gags. Orchestra of the Antipodes — Julia Fredersdorff, leader.

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Giasone by Cavalli – Countdown to Pinchgut Opera Masterpiece

I think the whole audience was swept away in the final scenes where the performers opened up. Subscribe to our enewsletter. Root Position 26 February 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. At the dawn of the 18th century, a group of opera-loving intellectuals in Rome decided to gather informally to discuss the future of the genre.

Hansen has an almost impossibly high countertenor, which is brightly burnished and pours out like melted chocolate. Seventeenth-century opera expert Ellen Rosand believes it was because Giasone represented an ideal meeting of music and drama. Re-live the magic of a wonderful production in this incredible score.

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At first, he was an impresario and administrator as well as a composer. In the s, Cavalli began working with a series of great librettists including Giovanni Francesco Busenello, then a member of the highly influential Accademia degli Incogniti, and his long-time collaborator, the brilliant Giovanni Faustini. Tinalley String Quartet 27 February 6: For readers who have yet to attend an tiasone I will give this advice — go giasons see an opera.

Our production was the Australian premiere. These days Giasone is rarely performed. The cast was extremely strong from beginning to end. Quartet 28 February 7: Though I do wish that someone had explained to me before what a czst was.

What most impressed me about all the singers was their ability to project their voices the way they do — what kind of sorcery giasonf that?! David is a lecturer at the University of Sydney, specialising in nineteenth-century music.

To the Arcadians, Giasone was their worst nightmare. The Pinchgut production was not the reverent exhumation of a corpse, however; instead we experienced something much better — a joyous, animated resurrection. From its premiere inGiasone enjoyed unprecedented revivals all over Italy for 40 years.


Australian Stage, 6 Dec – Nicholas Routley. Medea soprano Celeste Lazarenko was tall, elegant and commanding in a slinky red ruffled dress.

Giasone is the opera that began it all. I am an avid music fan — but most of the concerts I attend have some level of amplification. Pinchgut Opera’s L’incoronazione di Poppea is a glorious feast of singing, acting and playing but the production is brutal, taking Monteverdi’s vision of corruption in high places to excessive lengths.

Giasone was so popular in its day that it inspired a play which existed independently of the opera — a very rare phenomenon indeed. Celeste LazarenkoMedea. All I can say is thank the Lord above that I had the fortune to attend with someone who was familiar with opera etiquette. How to add your events to Bachtrack.

Giwsone Helyard cut an animated figure leading the orchestra, now playing the organ from a semi-standing position, now cueing the singers, now directing the players with such verve that at times it verged on interpretative dance.

And what a glorious voice – an absolutely splendid performance throughout pincngut long, demanding show. Fabulous counter tenor David Hansen as Giasone Jason has an entrance to remember, both visually and vocally, wearing nothing but his golden plumed helmet and strategically placed bubbles in the bath. While gixsone newbie to the classical music scene, when she’s not playing mum or moonlighting as a virtual assistant, she can be seen around Sydney town watching alternative acts and taking in the ambience of the city.

There is some wonderfully effective staging and lighting at this point.

Fill out my online form. To review our subscription options please select View options. Not that clothes were always in evidence: Download the Program including libretto. Erin HelyardHarpsichord.

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