Purvi is in her room.. Purvi says Soham is her Dada.. Arjun comes home after spending one night in jail Arjun ignores Purvi and goes to his room directly. Urmi asks rashi to hide it from others. Jaitsar hospital Lal singh finds jagiya in the hospital and immediately offers him help spare clothes and some food when he gets to know that he hasnt eaten anything and spent his night on the road. Where is she now? Change the way you watch movies.

What happened to you? Ram trusted Priya more than himself. Welcome, Login to your account. Koki takes it and smells it. Shilpa Shinde is the winner of the show. Gauri also taunts her.. Babloo says the air we have inhaled we will exhale even that is not guaranteed.

She continues, I think you should talk with Priya. Sulo tells it was my mistake my medicines overed. She is my life. Hhe takes the liberty to help her wear some bangles when she refuses to buy them on her own.

The purvi tells Adi to give his marriage his best as it is a Pavitra Rishta and no matter how he got marriednow he has to do full desitvboc to this relationship. Change the way you watch movies. Sanskaar 5th April written video update. Like 0 Dislike 0.

Teju says everything will be fine. April 18, at 2: My mummy told me to lie.

Balika vadhu april 15 written episode : Puhoy adventure time episode

Arjun has to spend whole night in jail. Ram is leaving from there, but Neha asks him to listen to them.


I am ready to bear any punishment. He asks Krishna ji to go out and send priya alone and he wants to talk to her alone.

She tells Adi to try and understand wrihten life partner better.

Unintentionally, but I still liked her a lot. Till now no one has showed love on u and now everyone are showering love upon u then enjoy it. Shyam tries to console Anjali. Krishna says that we do understand and respect your feelings.

Koki takes it and smells it. Babloo tries to tell her that she isn’t understanding…. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Rajat leaves from there. She still tries to convince her by aying that what she has heard is right and also that shiv has a tendency towards promiscuity and that he was able to save her daughter and that anandi should be out pf this relation asap.

Shiv also mentions that the lady brought her luck despite her bad intentions because that was the exact day that dadisa asked for his hand in marriage. Ovi is ssptember to hear this. Karthik is angry and asks Priya, did Mr. She thanks to manav to help her. Gauri also taunts her. Suivre vues. Arjun is finally out aahh. Dilshad saying that you both should not marry each other and AsYa saying why??

Punar vivah 19 november 2013 written episode

Later priya will be asking the baby to call moma and ram asking the baby to call papa. Pintu tells Babloo that Pinky can do anything to show Krishna down. Bihari says because of shortage of time he had come. Junoon – Aisi Nafrat – 20th November Watch.


Pinky shows her glycerine which she used to cry. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates. Everytime you scold me so I lie. Set in rural Rajasthan, ‘Balika Vadhu’ traces the arduous journey of child bride Anandi from the brink of childhood. Pavitr broke his trust. Lawyers leave from there. Info about Punar Vivah. Ram says, ok then give me those 5 years back to me from the day peehu is born as I was not with her, she talked for the 1st time as I was not with her, 1st time she talked some thing.

Balika vadhu april 15 written episode Khyati Keswani as Vaishnavi Dead — A plan is significant for anything to happen in life. Neha is arguing with Vikram and asks him, you want us to stay quiet and just see them two destroying everything?

When everyone comes to know about this then I cant see anyone. I can’t believe writtsn a girl who loves Sonu so much can ever do such a thing. Purvi takes Pari and goes to her room after hearing this DK is very sad.

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