She tells I m not consider he as my elder brother. Yash says, those shoes and this glass of water.. He proceeds towards the room. Gayatri says, so what if I am not there.. Pavitra Rishta is a Tv Shows aired. Pavitra Rishta talks about the strong emotional bond. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Category General General General. He says, she knows what kind of shoes I wear. He says, you all ladies rest today.. He can stay in this house.. Arjun is telling DK that inside that man is gunda. Teju telling to all that if manav baba not shoots him he will be kill archu.

Pavitra Rishta 17th January 2012 Archana Ka divorce

Published on Oct 10, She then says, there should be something special for Yash-Aarti… tell Vidhi bahu to make special dinner. My dad balan never does not do with me like this. Gayatri says, so oavitra if I am not there.

Find online video episodes of TV serials, TV shows, reality shows. Purvi giving hopes to archu. Pavitra Rishta Episode Video Songs. Ansh says, that uncle was like my Yash papa… he took me out to epjsode ice cream.


Her father is arguing with Shobha ji. Doc tells now patient want to take rest after he gets conscious one by one all family members are meet him.

Pavitra Rishta 17th October Written Update – Meelak

He says, you all ladies rest today. Yash-Aarti back to their house. Yash notices someone shoes and tells them, sorry. DK says manav u don’t worry everything will be fine. She says, I can guarantee it will be a boy. Posted by Mohammed Akram at Teju tells that u all is not known what happen with them in darbanga.

He proceeds towards the room. I stayed away from amanv for 18 years. I and Yash were worrying so much. His father asks Shobha ji to stop now. Manav says no purvi we are here.

Pavitra rishta episode 18th oct – The good wife season 3 episode 11 full episode

Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest. Arjun tells purvi that manav did not know Vishnu is soham at time of shooting. Now you have to pay for your mistakes. I have decided now that Prashant will stay in this house with us. Archu says to soham u try to understand her. Yash agrees this time.


Secured Loan Calculator Phoenix dui lawyers. Manav says soham… soham tells leave me alone.

Teju telling to all that if manav baba not shoots him he will be kill archu. He says, and he became my epidode friend too. Pavitra Rishta is a Tv Shows aired.

Aarti bends down to pick it up but Yash stops her and picks up that thing. She leaves from there. He says to Aarti, what are you doing? Watch Full Episode of 4th October Doc tells him that he is now in Mumbai. Shobha ji tells him, you had to think about all this before. Savita telling manav that u don’t worry time will change everything.

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