The letter d is often substituted for au. The accent cannot he thrown further back than the antepenultimate, and if the penultimate is long the accent falls on it. Ham of- God great sin did. May takbaii inml nabhi-ke Th e-boatman anything not said. In the case of intransitive verbs, wo may also have, for the same person, the termination kd, For the Future, we have the following terminations: This approach has been pursued by a number of anthropologists interested in history, including Marshall Sahlins, whose rereading of Hawaiian historical texts has had an important influence on this work. It will be sufficient to give one specimen.

In the five sub-plateau Parganas of Eanchi, besides the non- Aryan Mundaii, there are spoken both Bengali and a dialect of Magahi, locally known as Pach Pargania or Tamaria, which more nearly approaches the pure form of the language, and which is not so much mixed with Bengali as the dialect of the Manbhum Kurmis. There are many foraii. Form IV 1 o, OT au ,. I will give her to you, you give her to whichever son you want. The Musalmans of Mithila do not all speak Maithili. A few isolated insitanees of the fourth form will be mentioned subsequcmtly. The only exception is that we ate able to estimate the numbec of speakers of Bihari in Assam, and in the non-Bihari speaking districts of Bengal. They furnish a rich mine of recruitment to the Hindostani army, and, on the other hand, they took a prominent part in the mutiny of

Garaai has-become, yourself going see. The following are the figures which show the number of Number of speakers. The Jolahas are the wise men of Gotham of Bihar folk-tales. Sharp as a little needle would he strut about, till he became the worry of her life.

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It is essentially a tribal language. In transliterating the following specimens the Pronunciation. This reputation and the wonderfully evocative quality of the stories themselves encouraged me to portray Sultan Muhammad in a pashho comparable to Geertz’s handling of the Moroccan Sidi Lahsen Lyusi and the Javanese Sunan Kalidjaga.


Ek gota-ke dui bota raliain. This will be manifest from the following translation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son for which I am indebted to the kindness of Mr. My enthusiastic response to Rafiq Draam poems was undoubtedly conditioned by my earlier reading of Michael Meeker’s book, Literature and Violence in North Arabia. Auxiliary Verbs, and Verbs Substantive.

The principal points of difference between it and Standard Maithili are the follow- ing I. Tt is in the Bengali character, and awkward attempts have been made to represeut the Bihari sounds, to which that alphabet and system of pronouncing it, are not adapted.

I where bund have-constructed?

When I left Afghanistan to attend graduate school, the idea I had in mind was to live in a mountain village somewhere in the Hindu Kush. K5n6 manukhya-ki dui beta rahainh’. In Magahi it is usually hai, and in Bhojpuri it is usually bafe, bare, or hdwe.

Thus irflgT grdhya is pronounced grdjjh? Anderson ; Ashraf Ghani, ; M. When I met him, Shahmahmood was working as the soundman’s paid assistant. There-of the-seer very, big is. Another dama with applying the classic tribe-state model to the Afghan situation was the overwhelming significance of Islam. Jab ki sab dban sampat cbaWa gelai, tab property losing gave. Although printed in the Deva-nagari character, it should be understood that the usual character employed in Bhagalpur, as in other parts of Bihar, is t he Kaithi.

This division of the dialee. In the specimen, sometimes one and sometimes the other is used, and I have followed this in the transliteration. Tarader maidlie chhutu beta-tay One man-of two son children were. Ar takar liaiM paehto kbot-aio bblak. Perfect, J have teen, formed by adding kl or kd to the Past. In the East the oblique form of nouns and pronouns usually ends in a, while in the West, it always ends in e.


Subject to subsequent revision, the following is the proposed list of ;ashto of the Linguistic Survey of India. It is the same with the speakers of Bihari in Malda.

The details of the no,aran of people who speak each form of Maithili will be given subsequently, in dealing with pasyto of the sub-dialects. If a researcher could even discover the names pashfo appropriate people to interview on a particular subject, he or she would then have had to find out where they lived and try to make arrangements to travel there.

Au cbautba i ke, kabh! Nevertheless, I hope that all Afghans who come into contact with this study will recognize the good faith with which it was undertaken and the sincere concern its author feels for Afghanistan, its people, and its future.

The dar al-Islam is the territory of those who have submitted to God’s dominion. The compound nokaaran are rare, and, when met, will be easily recognised. I said, “all jinisckta ok-dar nrkhekh. Hek, hekek, hetek, be liocomos, he is going on.

In the list of languages mentioned on p. Takban so bk nakar-ko bolay-kc; dancing and music to-hear got.

Pashto Comedy Drama Nokaran…Funny Jannan…Pashto Songs Dance And Fun.. (3)

For nearly two years we were apshto, and I had the chance to spend many hours with him. For tribal informants, the Durand Line had the particular significance of differentiating and dividing what previously had been singular and whole. Thus ihe-riUage-of all the-men embraeiug-on embracing balain. Un’kanhT-ml-se obhot’ka sons wove.

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