One could literally see the weight of the world easing off the shoulders of this very weary couple. You wrote exactly what I felt about the episode…to the tee!!! Every time I would put it on the video and audio quality was so bad that I would give up. Excitedly, the whole house prepares for Zara’s long-awaited return. But too obvious about the drooling over him. I have to say I am really enjoying the hooks — the final moments of each episode, that not only ensure that the weaker moments in the episode are overlooked, but also leave us viewers counting days to the next installment- very well done by the TNS team. In an angry confrontation, Zeenia drops the box on the floor and it breaks open.

Totally agree Miss SZ! This latest episode has compelled me to turn my review upside down and begin with raving about the last scene — what an epic moment — sentimental fool that I am, I loved it, loved it, loved it!! He being the bechara gives in so easily to everything, even comes to pick her up for dinner. Oh and poor qabacha, really did feel bad for him at youth centre, will he get his miss saniya??.. Marina Khan is excellent! From somber moments to the more lighthearted ones, I like how we transition between moods here. Well hopefully everyone gets married soon in this drama because lets see , teen teen shadiyan hone lagi hain…wait isnt it 4?

Just checked with Mohammad Ahmad Sahab, the writer, and you are absolutely correct — it is Faran, not Farhan — my bad! The box contained letters and pictures of Zara, Zain had been secretly grieving to remain strong for his daughters. Was happy to see more siosilay my fave Iltutmish.

Asif Raza Mir is so good here and I wish we saw more of him. Faran has since turned quiet, moody and curmudgeonly, often staying in his room and not wanting to see anybody.


Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – Episode 8

It is now 27 years after the events of Tanhaiyan. I am sorry to harp on this week after week, but the Zenia-Zarak track is not cutting it with me at all, and all the Zarak Barak scenes are just plain painful.

Zeenia apologises for her behaviour and they make up. Meanwhile, Sareena wonders why Saniya has never married and tries to find her an ideal match which ends in humorous disaster, she later finds out about Saniya’s history with Qabacha.

Satiyanaas maar dete aur sharmindagi se Zaroon apna sar deewar mein patakh deta. Itna pyar karne wala phir kahan milega!!! Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilayalso known as Olper’s Tanhaiyaan: He being the bechara gives in so easily to everything, even comes to pick her up for dinner.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Drama by ARY Digital ~ Online Watch Pakistani Tv dramas Free

Every time I would put it on the video and audio quality was so bad that I would give up. He has failed and I will be fwding his scenes from now on. I was cracking up when Sania was chasing Serena around with a duster which was just so casually lying in the corner of the room btw….

His gratitude at having being finally forgiven was beautifully portrayed. You know honestly, I am not sure.

It is revealed that Zara once again became withdrawn and depressed when they had tanhaayan to the United States, furthermore, she was angry and upset that Zain had a female business partner.

I love how casually everyone just gets up and leaves the house and does not need to tell anyone, dates, dinners, shopping, you name it. Aani explains to Qabacha that he has been like this since a business deal went wrong and the family had lost everything, Qabacha vows to help the family and regain Faran’s affection. Not sure where Mr. On the night of the engagement, Iltatmish asks Saniya about her relationship with Qabacha. Saniya after all these characters are my bachpan epidode pyar.


Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay ~ Episode 8 Review

After all the tantalizing hints, I am eagerly waiting to see what transpired between him and Zara in those fateful final years of her life. Email required Address never made public. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hey sz great review but why are u not acknowledging the original writer…HAsina Moin…i know she only wrote first 8 episodes and changes were made by marina and mohd ahmed in her script but still she wrote thr complete story and the new and old characters were developed by her….

All we know so far is that something had happened between Zain and Zara, something which perhaps Zenia witnessed and misinterpreted, and that misunderstanding is now coloring her relationship with her father.

I was laughing at the way she wrangled a dinner invitation out of the poor Kishmish. However, Zeenia remains bitter, angry and upset with her father and insists on going back to the United States.

IF there is anything thats making this drama not the best is Zarak.

The serial ends with the whole eplsode together at Zeenia and Zarak’s engagement. Everyone is out and about and dont have to tell anyone. Excitedly, the whole house prepares for Zara’s long-awaited return.

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