Carbon fiber, , props. My usual quick test flight involves HK x Quadcopter Frame Kit x 1 2. This image has been resized. Just like the Dji frames, but a bit cheaper Lengths up to you. If you are into guads and multiritors you gotta check out this new style of quad frame. Trying out calibrating the KK2 board.

Here is the list of my setup. For Commercial Drone Use! Drill the mm arms in the following way from center to end of arm. I sometimes strap two 3 cell mAh battery together and run in parallel to achieve a flight in excess of 25 minutes normal flight. They can lift 2. Bare in mind, when learning to fly a helicopter you are going to have a crash or two and parts are going to have to be replaced. While I was waiting for the Honey Badger http: Leave space in the middle for the FC.

Advanced attitude stabilization algorithm Advanced mix guidance algorithm and control algorithm, inherits outstanding flight stability of DJI products, provides excellent maneuverability, gives hobbyists wonderful flight experience. I am now moving on to my next build and these will be used in my new Quadcopter also!

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For more details on the construction of my quadrocopter, see this video: We finally had a chance to get the Volteron gps unit on it to get a speed clock. Onwards with the PID tuning tomorrow If you are pretty handy, have a drill or drill press and a hack saw or miter saw, building your own frame is the way to go.

Combining these two ideas I have come up with a quad that doesn’t break all too easy, and yes I have tried. M2M raised from serifs mm.

ROV Brushless Motor Thruster Mount

Big advantage of the 750vk centerplates: Also ensure that the seriea is on the 35Mhz waveband and not anything else. New tx module greatly reduced unnecessary heat generation and improved efficiency.


We can let them know you were interested. In such an enclosed area, I’m limited to short flights before losing control and cutting off the throttle. In this set you will get all you need to fly and deal with your model. The unique stator design creates a low current and high torque motor great for outrunner replacements and much more efficient than inrunners of the same size. I will list the specs bellow. Turnigy Plush 18A Lipo: Sunnysky kv ESC: Was unable to crash it.

Cut the side closest to the 750v of a beam the deck. This doesn’t have to be done but it does help with next step. A properly balanced tractor prop is very quiet, not like many pusher flying wings. Maximum practical payload seem to be about 5kg, total weight of 7kg.

Dimension 28mm x 25mm Voltage 7. Thanks for uploading the files so quickly. Lengths up to you. There is a two-level low voltage protection system built in to the Naza system; the first is a low pdop LED alarm while the second is an automatic landing, saving expensive repair bills! Trying out calibrating the KK2 board. I took the centerplates of the H and combined it with the Talon V1 full carbon booms. Battle H Virus Tutorial Introduction I love quads that you can fly and that 750kg break when you land heavy like I do.

Where did you get the idea that this was a good motor to use? Feel free to email aerialmediapros yahoo.

NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30a 750kv / 140w

Still working on configuration. Turnigy Plush 25A Lipo: Trim the inside of the flutes where the arms mounts.

Then cut through the layer. HobbyKing Red Brick 25A ESC I would recommend different speed controlls like the Plush, red bricks tend to glitch once in a while 10″x6″ Propellers 3 cell mah c lipo Nice and clean construction.


If you are into multiritors you gotta check out this new style of quad frame. This helps fitting it all in.

Spark Sport Quad used for shooting fast and crazy aerial video. Hobby King sells a range of them. Arduino nano Atmega Sensor: Pulling hardly no amps even in hover!!

It will mostly consist of pictures. Dimension 37mm x 18mm Weight 87g Voltage Here you find the parts used in the Quadcopter v2. It is best to choose servos that have output shafts supported by ball bearings. Leave space in the middle for the FC.

Ideal Prop for kv NTM HK motor? – RC Groups

Hope you guys like it! If you are into guads and multiritors you gotta check out this new style of quad frame.

If I am using a combination of battery voltage, motor and propellor that I have not used before, I test it out using a Watt meter. The original image is sized x I am sure video will be much smoother and clear once the Xoar props arrive. The Gemfan props will require the MPJet prop adaptors shown 28-300a. The Futaba J8 has two, three position switches which allows for all features of the GPS Naza to be used, including the fail safe on loss of signal to Return To Home and land automatically.

Center Plates Center plate material needs to be rigid, tough and light.

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