Try the Site Map. Nunu [Tier 2 Jungle] – Nunu is still a very viable jungler. It requires something to hit you though, if you flash away and hit strut, no minion is gonna be like, “Hmm, Ima go past two lines of minions and extend my auto range to match cait ult range just so I can screw with that chicks passive” It is an insanely strong escape Like trying to catch someone with mobi boots. I saw some guides with nashors but I think they were all pretty outdated and I am not really sure wether its still good I see this may be your first time here, in order to better customize this list to your needs, please answer the following: These champions generally do very well regardless, and have some sort of advantage over most other champions.

Toolkit and Options Click to toggle champion movement history Search for a champion: Just building AD mostly, some AP too I personally don’t like Hurricane anymore. Sometimes statistics can be misleading if you’re not looking at all the numbers. You should try the earlygame runes, AD marks, armor seals, ap glyphs and ap quints. HUE July 25,

Dap LoL July 26, He’s a serius threath as a damage dealer, and if he builds tank, he brings a lot of utility as well. Mister August July 25, Ur build is ok but if u wanna aim for more poke u should really go BT Botrk is safer and helps u vs tanks and some assasins but ur poke wont be as strong.

They need gold to do their job correctly, and if they don’t get enough of it, they become sandbags for the enemy team to punch. I’m not sure if you are referring to the most recent buffs or all of them, but I tried her again played her a lot last season and thought she was really strong. Jax [Tier 1 Jungle] – Despite a weak early game and somewhat difficult ganking power, Jax late game is absolutely monstrous after he’s built up a few on-hit aspd items and gets sated status.

LoL Nocturne Jungle Build Guide – 5v5 RU Challenger|Master – METAsrc

Lol or not sure where to find everything? Although she doesn’t have the benefit nicturne having devourer like her jungle counterpart, she’s still in a great spot right now and can easily dominate lanes, split push, and 1v2 with ease.


Just asking, noctuurne whining or something I want to know why he is strong, I haven’t played against a lot of shens and I also like top lane so, should I buy him? If correctly used he can burst the squishies with it. I love playing scumbag jg too where you just focus on your build first.

2015 Champion Tier List – Solo Queue – Patch 5.14 Update

Hey, I just asked a jugnle hours ago but I think people might oversee it now due to the new patch-update so I will ask it again Church July 26, However, as a top laner, he jungl a ton of CC, armor reduction, and also naturally builds black cleaver, which is an amazing team fighting item at the moment. LOOOL pesuedo alert system, “Oh shit vayne has 2 auto attacks on me, now i die nocutrne burn my flash and die”.

Click Here for a description of the tiers. I don’t think it’s anything special, but does seem to have more potential than we’re seeing right now. I can see that my dear Poppy is slowly making her way higher up in Tier 2 top. This is my build, and it shreds like no tomorrow.

Nerfplz | League of Legends Champion Tier List – Solo Queue – Patch Update |

I usually build crit and its great. They should revert her spiderling change because now elise deals tons of dmg while building tanky but the Cocoon change should remain seawon. BonafideBarnabus July 26, I agree poke is very strong rn which compliments my playstyle very well, looking to pick up nidalee asap: MasterOfMetal July 26, Try the Site Map.

Lol I tried it, I did bad early game but did better during mid game. The nocthrne of this list is to pick out the champions that when played, will allow you to climb divisions the junhle by winning more games. I get botrk instead of bloodthirster just due to personal preference, i like the attack speed from botrk. People just suck at GP right now because they dont know how to effectively use those barrels. Josh Thurlow July 26, Lol, I kind of expected the god tier talon after how much you’ve been talking about him recently.


The increased slow on her make it rain also help her stick to targets to stack impure shot stacks. Nunu [Tier 2 Jungle] – Nunu is still a very viable jungler.

Honestly, I liked Warwick more before Feral Flare was a thing, all it and devourer have caused is nerfs to the poor dog, he can’t even function without them anymore this coming from a Warwick Top main. Also why is Rek’sai ranked more higher in the top lane than in jungle?

Νόκτουρν Build

Excuse me did you just say You should try the earlygame runes, AD marks, armor seals, ap glyphs and ap quints. What is your thought on Nocturne mid? I think she was in an okay spot last patch but now they overbuffed her and she will get nerfed again soon I suppose. Minions take off her W but having her fully stacked strut for even half a second which is surprising they made it like that to get of an auto for a kill is really good. Nice sustain in lane and if youre a bit more careful you wont go oom.

Then void staff and last 5.14 unless, maybe, if someone on your team has cleaver. She was fine even before they buffed her.

Because easier champions mean easier to carry at most ranks especially the lower tiers. Jordan Lewis July 25, Her Q is pretty much an auto attack since it applies on-hit effects and helps does more damage, like Vayne’s Tumble.

James Vaughan July 25,

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