Our story starts with a heroic Lupe defending himself from the attack of twisted, evil creatures, while at the same time, in a small school on the outskirts of Neopia Central, a very similar battle is taking place During this time Lord Darigan, who, after his defeat had gone fully insane, regressed to an animalistic creature who stalked Meridell’s farms in search of food. Normally, users can participate to earn prizes, as well as follow the story involving Neopian characters. Here’s some comics here on Neopets. Meanwhile, Hannah passes out in the snow and her ambulate starts to glow. In this war, you only had the option to fight for Meridell against the Darigan opponents.

Jeran’s attack met heavy rain on their approach to the Citadel, and the turbulent weather may have made things difficult were it not for the Air Faerie Psellia , who cleared the sky for them. Also, the two minions he hired seem slightly worried for Hannah, so I guess not all thieves are heartless. Red Pteri header image courtesy of Suta Raito. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Darigan then returns to the main parts of the Citadell and calls back his soldiers. A green Arcara apparently is in love with Galem and his second in command maybe.

She agrees to help and is taking him to the Lost Desert to find the tomb… you know, Ice Comci right? The Lost Heirloom Back in Meridell Chapter Deep within the Darigan Cathedral, Lord Kass has been using dark means of blackmail, bribery, and intimidation in order to gain power after Lord Darigan’s downfall.

Battle for Meridell

Grid View List View. And she was unfrozen in a single panel, making this whole part incredibly pointless.


War for the Obelisk. Back in Meridell, Jeran is magically saved from the fight at the Darigan Citadell and is returned to King Skarl perfectly fine. Or is it just me?

Neopets Comics: Hannah and the Ice Caves | Coo Caw Toon

Happy ending, Kanrik now leads a possibly? The Treaty Chapter Neopets battle for meridell Lord Kass Lord Darigan Commic I don’t draw anthros much so this feels pretty wonky but better than I thought it would be! Over the next couple of weeks we will be telling the story of how a not so distant part of Neopia was uncovered. A green Arcara apparently is in love with Galem and his second in meridelo maybe.

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Plot Comics War Room. The Return of Dr.

Neopets Comics: Hannah and the Ice Caves

The Trek to the Tomb Chapter 4: It looked like this:. Can you give nelpets a link if there is one? Atlas of the Ancients.

Vor rushed to the barn to tell “Mr. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He is intrigued at the prospect of the heart of the mountain, the gemstone that the maps point to.

Down on the Farm: The characters all have cool designs, and I love the nighttime shading in this one panel. A few days ago I rediscovered the site and many parts of it still hold up fairly well, so I decided why not review a part of the site.

View your own userlookup if you participated and earned a shield in the Meridell War.

Plots have often coincided with the release of new worldsand introduce or revisit Neopian characters. He had also seeded Meridell Castle with spies and Morguss set a blight spell on Meridell’s crops.


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Old Stuff And here are some oldies. They perused him, and decided to take from Kass all he promised them – everything. And yeah, the plots were my favourite too. Those who participated in the war automatically received an avatar along with a trophy in their User Lookupshowing their collected points and title.

In The Darigan Citadel: Hannah and the Ice Caves.

If a separate part of the gem reunites with the bigger piece, the Bori will wake up again. Masila departs and the demon strikes the heart of the mountain, trapping him in ice. Most plots can only be participated in while these parts are being released, and after the final part is released its puzzles are closed.

He says the bringer was turned loose and the three run into the tunnels. I have updated Flash, still doesnt work. Now There are no active daily alerts. Views Read Edit View history. As Kass’ war machines pressed onwards with little resistance, Lisha suddenly snapped out of the Court Dancer’s trance.

Kanrik stays behind to help her. Epilogue Back to Top.

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