Lou begs him and Toadie reveals that he’s been instructed to put the offer back on the table for another 30 days. Dane tries to intervene but both of them simultaneously tell him to shut up! Sophie pushes her for a reason and Kate explains that she’s angry and upset so the last thing she wants her to do is go and say something she’ll regret later on. Do you want a family? Light daily exercise is important. Number 26 Jade and Mal are getting very up close and personal on the pashing front and accidentally dislodge the note for Rhys from the noticeboard in their haste to get to her room.

Can you honestly look me in the eye and justify any of this? He isn’t happy and isn’t a couple of seconds later as he is ending the call when Rhys literally runs into him. There’s only one person doing that around here. Number 28 Mal goes into the kitchen to get a couple of wine glasses before going to answer the door. Well I guess it all depends on the tides, eh? Rhys is a jerk and he was a jerk long before you moved in. Are you sure about this? It’s just mashed up vegies, how hard can it be?

Home and Away 6648 1st May 2017

Do you step in, do you give them space. She isn’t happy with is reply so asks him the question again and his silence says it all. Erinsborough Hospital Tash is wheeling her father to reception at the hospital. Dane confesses that he, and not Jade, is responsible for getting Rhys tanked the night before his interview.


He’s struggling with the answers to the questions badly and Martin seems very disappointed given the high hopes he has for him. I don’t care if you make a fool out of yourself but no- one makes a fool out of me. Sophie pushes her for a reason and Kate explains that she’s angry and upset so the last thing she wants her to do is go and say something she’ll regret later on.

Light daily exercise is important. Rhys is trying to get through to the head of surgery and he also gives Mike some instructions before discharging him. Number 30 Susan rocks up for the book club planning meeting, almost having to remind Sonya why she is there because it’s slipped her mind.

Home and Away _ Episode 6307 _ 20th October 2015 [720p HD]

Mike holds onto the pamphlet but Tash is confident that she doesn’t need help. He’s really only interested in watching the chicks anyway.

He apologises to Martin the caller and rejects the chance to cancel the episodw he will be there in 20 minutes! Interview room Rhys’ interview isn’t going well. Rhys is mega angry.

There’s only one person doing that around here. It’s just what she thinks. Dane confesses and Jade tells him off. Guiltily, Kate comforts her upset little sister. More importantly, can you actually cook? We’re struggling as it is and we live in the same house.

Number 30 Susan twigs eventually how the sofa got broken before quickly moving the conversation on! Number 26 Jade seeks Dane’s opinion about a episoode workout routine in an attempt to get more blokes to train.


He tells Mal to go speak to Jade and end it with her. Tomorrow on Neighbours – Karl asking Mal if he’s having an affair. Or at least raise the hemlines on those skirts! She catches up with Kate to ask where Noah is and why is he taking so long to get the amp. She didn’t specifically say that it was for you but, you know if you’re keen give her a call. We need to talk.

Number 26 It looks like Mal and Jade have obliterated their recent conversation from their minds as they gravitate towards one another and begin pashing like its their first time! Sophie is angry at what she perceives as being used by Neghbours so he could get close to Kate.

Home and Away | Episode | 1st October [p HD] – video dailymotion

Hospital Rhys finally arrives for his interview and the other candidates give him the once- over episkde he sits down opposite them. You are an irresponsible moron!

Number 26 next day Rhys can’t work out why he is hung- over! Doesn’t mean they don’t have to look good doing it. Chris didn’t find it that bad, though! Even more so lately.

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