Retrieved July 29, After years of fighting, Madara accepted Hashirama’s proposal to end the war and Konoha was created; however, the two clans’ hatred resulted in Madara abandoning Konoha. While reinforcements from the alliance assist Naruto, the five Kages continue their losing battle against Madara and Sasuke learns about the war. In the aftermath, Naruto is finally hailed as a hero, the village starts to rebuild, and Tsunade, having expended all of her energy to protect the villagers from Pain, falls into a coma. Although Sakura is able to avoid Ino’s attacks for much of the match’s duration, Ino is eventually able to restrain her. Danzo Shimura of Konoha’s council, fearing the Akatsuki might try to capture Naruto for the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him, assigns Sai to join Team Kakashi with Tsunade responding to it by assigning Yamato as the group’s temporary leader. To see whether or not the three are ready to become ninja, Kakashi administers a test to see if they have what it takes. Retrieved July 3,

Retrieved July 30, In an effort to get stronger, Naruto trains harder than Sasuke and Sakura. Through his willingness to face the unknown, he is allowed to continue on to the second phase with the rest of the examinees who were not caught. Elsewhere, Sasuke meets with Itachi, leaving Hebi behind to deal with his partner, Kisame. Orochimaru tracks down Tsunade and makes her an offer: Archived from the original on December 1, The fight between Naruto’s group and Obito and Madara is cut short by the resurrection of the incomplete ten-tailed beast. Unorthodox Pinchi pinchi pinchi!!

Retrieved March 29, Intrigued by his progress, Tsunade makes a bet with him: Once word of Orochimaru’s defeat by Sasuke reaches Konoha, Naruto decides that this would be a good opportunity to try to retrieve Sasuke again. Using the silk he produces to create a bow and arrow, Kidomaru begins firing shots at a blindspot in Neji’s defenses, eventually succeeding in hitting his target. Retrieved October 12, Kakashi and the others have a considerably more difficult time with Kakuzu epiwode his extra hearts before Naruto arrives with Yamato, Sakura, and Sai.

The two ultimately clash, and after the smoke clears Neji appears to be the victor. In order for Team Kakashi to gain entry to shlppuden Akatsuki’s lair, Team Guy is forced to split up in order to take down a barrier over the entrance. Although Sai attempts to capture him on Naruto’s behalf, Sasuke proves too strong as he overwhelms the assembled Team Kakashi. For the first twelve years of his life, Naruto Uzumaki had to live a life without parents and endure the apparent unsolicited hate from the villagers of Konohagakure, never knowing what it was like to be loved or have friends as a result.


While Itachi did as instructed, he chose to spare Sasuke and lived as a criminal while lying to Sasuke so that he could someday kill him to avenge their family. Guy decides to sacrifice his life fighting Madara. As Kimimaro is about to kill Gaara and Lee via a sneak attack, he dies of the illness that forced him to leave the Sound Four.

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Despite Naruto’s best efforts, Kimimaro is able to buy enough time for Sasuke to continue on his own. Using the strength left over from his fight with Temari he buys them the necessary time.

The Gokage Summit Commences Gokage kaidan, kaimaku!! Sasuke is sent back to Konoha to recover, and Naruto and Jiraiya continue their search.

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Willing his dream of becoming Hokage to Naruto, Obito passes away and rejoins Rin in the afterlife. Taken by surprise, Konoha mobilizes its forces, Kakashi even engaging two of Pain’s bodies at once.

The test’s questions, however, prove too difficult for almost all present, and it soon becomes apparent that the true objective of the first phase epidode to cheat without getting caught. Once finding Naruto, Itachi and Kisame try to take him with them. Tsunade meets with Orochimaru, though rather than heal him she tries to kill him. For a third time he battles Might Guyand is defeated.

In Konoha, Orochimaru summons the shikigami to revive the four Hokages. Retrieved May 21, Hinata Hyuga encourages him to continue fighting to protect their wills. Hurricane Chroniclesis based on Part II. Before they can do so, however, Sasuke arrives, ready to kill Itachi for murdering their family years earlier.

Before he and Naruto can undo the shippusen, Sasuke reveals his intention to murder the Kage and Naruto canceling the Infinite Tsukiyomi with the captured Tailed Beasts and killing them as well. Naruto Next Generations Boruto episodes.

Darui, a soldier in the Ninja Alliance Army, engages the most notorious criminal duo in Kumogakure: Though caught off guard by this turn of events and left outnumbered, Jiraiya is able to finish off the three bodies. Although Kabuto appears in control of the battle, Naruto is able to deliver a perfected Rasengan to his stomach in an attempt to protect Tsunade.


After defeating the five Kages, Madara comes to Obito’s assistance.

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Obito releases the true form of the Ten-Tails, the Divine Tree, which attacks the Ninja Alliance to seize their chakras and create the illusionary world. Naruto and Sasuke continue fighting against Obito, while the Alliance joins narutonin with the Hokages and Orochimaru to destroy the Divine Tree.

Before they leave Kakashi is able to learn that they are members of Akatsuki who seek to capture Naruto for the demon fox sealed within him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They were attacked by enemy ninja, who proceeded to permanently scar Kakashi’s eye and crush Obito under a boulder. Retrieved January 27, Jiraiya succeeds and sends his discovery to Naruto and the rest of Konoha, yet dies from his injuries. Recognizing that words alone cannot change Sasuke, Naruto says that they will meet on the battlefield as Madara told him. Eventually arriving to their destination, Yamato goes to meet the spy alone with the rest of Team Kakashi remain in the shadows as backup.

To bring the battle to a swift end, Sasuke conjures up a bolt of lightning to strike Itachi down. Meanwhile, Kimimaro, a former member of the Sound Four sent to continue the task of bringing Sasuke to Orochimaru, is forced to fight Naruto. Several allies including Neji die narutnoine Naruto, who is in shock. As Team 7 returns to their world, the Hokage and Obito bid them farewell and depart for the afterlife as Madara dies of his injuries. This reveals that the Akatsuki leader, Tobi, has been using Madara’s name to wield power.

Using the knowledge gathered from Jiraiya and other Konoha ninja, Naruto locates Nagato, the emaciated man who controls all of Pain’s bodies.

List of Naruto chapters Part II, volumes 49— Sasuke knocks Sakura out to keep her from interfering, and he and Naruto agree to settle things at the Valley of nagutonine End where their conflict began. Although the battle is won, Team 7 needs three days to recover.

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