Uh… did I miss something? Thank you so much. She goes outside, dressed to the nines in an adorable outfit that matches her heels, to wait for Sang-woo. Papa Lee fumbles for an excuse, and Sang-woo finds it odd his father went hiking in that area when they have mountains right next to their own home. At the hospital, Papa Kang wakes up from a nap and finds Seo-young holding onto his hand, fast asleep. Still brimming with anger, Sang-woo turns around and glares at her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Annie December 20, at 4: When a bad company folds, everyone involved, sellers, courts, and buyers, makes sure the bad managers get paid while employee contracts and pension funds are written off. Were you going to run away wearing the shoes I bought you? Notify me of new comments via email. Woo-jae just staaaares, letting the car veer off and sending the lovely drivers of Korea into road rage plus, and Seo-young yelps for him to pay attention. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. First with that Kim fellow drama having trouble finding an airing spots among 3 key broadcasting station, now with Lee Bo-Young.

Notify me of new posts via email. Your descriptions are accurate. Seo Young is an iceberg, her twin is an ass, Ho Jung is psychotic, Mi Kyung is a spoiled princess, and her brother Woo Jae is delusional Archived from the original on 15 April I was struggling to explain the show’s popularity until someone told me that there is literally no competition in the timeslot.

First Love Love in 3 Colors. Again thank you so much for the journey in your blog. He tells her to go home and rest, and Seo-young docilely agrees — a reaction that surprises Sang-woo.


Where is the “like” button? Seo-young pulls up in front of the police station and tells Ho-jung to go on in — Sang-woo is inside. How is that even possible?

If I may ask, what next drama will you guys recap on? Mi-kyung can care for him now, plus Seo-young must be worn out after propping him up dauhgter the way down the mountain. Did anyone see the humor in the joint wedding? Later that day, the whole Lee family goes to Jin-an together. When she pulls down her box from on top of the dresser, though, she finds a gorgeous pair of brand caughter heels inside, along with a card.

And i have never found him likable to begin with. And it was a tale of forgiveness and reconciliation. He grabs her in a hug, giddy with happiness, and Seo-young hugs him back, smiling with just as much joy. Woo-jae is busy pacifying Sol and telling Seo-young to go back to sleep, and he eventually falls asleep, arms around both of the precious treasures of his life. I can pick up my car later; hand me your keys.

Best Young Actor [29]. My Daughter Seo-young bowed out with an daughterr best That evening, Mi-kyung presents the family with her plane ticket to America. Neongkuljjae Gulleoon Danshin ; lit.

KBS Drama Awards [32] [33]. Hey, Cha Ji-sun, are you really sure you can live by yourself if you get divorced?

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Choosing to deflect the question, Papa Lee changes the subject and asks why Dauthter was hiking when she just opened her law office. Back back back to the present. From joung visual episodf editing standpoint, Seo-young was so well done, a feat difficult to achieve for these long-running, lower-budget weekend shows.


Mystisith December 20, at 3: Yeon-hee says Seo-young has changed so much — she even played Cupid for another couple. So you forgive yourself first. You can call me anytime. Would you drive me to the hospital? Evidently a “good drama” has a pretty low bar for dsughter people. The way the last sentence is phrased, it means that he will marry her as a favor of sorts — he will do it since she wants it so much.

Lee Bo-Young could not form chemistry with any of her lead actor. Is anyone going to get paid, or will the producers walk off with the money? How could I ask something like that? But Woo-jae said he heard Yeon-hee was a very close friend, a trusted friend, of Seo-young.

Ho-jung explains that guy was 25 — a dong-saeng younger person, literally a younger sibling — which sends Sang-woo into an even greater panic. Thanks for your understanding.

My Daughter Seo Young Episode 46

Forcing myself to do it even though it is annoying? Mama Lee chides that he only cares about Seo-young, never Sang-woo, and Papa Lee responds that Seo-young takes excellent care of Sang-woo. Thanks for final episode recap.

One very last shout-out to our newest and a few old, whom I forgotsies Patch Friends: If I am to make an excuse, that was why I felt more desperate and rushed. Wish they make this ending a template for all dramas.

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