I got the option of “How come you’re not with her anymore” and he just reminded me of my business. I gave you a hand at the cafe, we chattered, I even treated your wounds… And you, two days later, you give me the cold shoulder. On the third trip to the Shop buy some more shizz. After class, head back into the hall. You get into a lot of fights. Now get the ring and rush to Rosa.

What did you do before coming to Anteros Academy University? I’m sorry I worried you, I’ll be better now. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I’ve been keeping track of my experiences and I thought I would share it with others. Lets leave high school in the middle of the day to take a trip to the dollar store! You really mean you have the best collections! And about the stuffed cat, I think it would be super cute if we find out in a later episode that he kept it.

You’re a girl, maybe you have an idea how I can prove it to her?

I give the poem, and she reads it and then she tells me to buzz off, pff what’s her problem?! But before that I met Lysander. I’d select C, idk.

Wandering to the garden, Candy will get the brilliant idea to make a bouquet for Rosa from the flowers in the gardening club. I hope you think of something”. This is very nice of you to go to episoode this trouble for your brother.


I see Lys, and I talk to him, beautiful. Grid View List View. Can I get you some water? If you pick B. So buy new ones!

I’ve been keeping track of my experiences and I thought I would share it with others. She is back to her den in the staircase. She wants you to make the first step. You know, teachers who distract the female students, by wearing open shirt collars and giving steamy looks, and preferably off campus….

I ended up replaying the whole series because I kept being too low with Castiel to get his pics. Is that a coin? I run into Melody in the student council room. So buy new ones! My candy love university life spoilers without context After all the drama I wanted to bring some humor to my blog and well here are some of my favorite vines and the characters shitty edits warning.

Green Jacket with ripped Jeans: Yeah, but you only have one family… So I take care of them.

My Candy Love Help: Episode 6

This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Twitter account. So why are you single then, if you have so much success? It must be rough causing episoce riot every time you go somewhere. So he’s played in public before?

Write Rosa a poem and let your brother totally plagiarize you! He looks good with dark hair. But you had a good reason to get her suspended.


my candy love university life

Do you want to go to the park, just the two of us? Why did you choose to teach this subject? Where would you have gone if you had left? But someone else already helped me. I’ll start thinking in the mean time.

Do you want me to leave? There are some guys who have feelings for their girlfriends you know. Just tell me if… Do you like him?

my candy love university life | Tumblr

Come on in… A. It was postponed until tomorrow first thing in the morning. Candy with movement APs: It’s cute, and since I can’t have a real one.

Also I talk about Armin a lot. Which boy you play this episode with is determined by the Crush option!

Hyun was just surprised to see me with a teacher so late.: Why is it so important for no one to hear us?

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