With a special volume 4. Not sure if you’ll like it, but it’s pretty interesting in a Princess Sara sort of way. Nakashiba Itsuka 12 episodes, Mirai Moriyama He is a wimp. Add the first question. I know there is not that many of those types of Dramas, so any other really good drama is fine too.

The characters felt very real. Comments by Ezalor [Rating: March Comes in Like a Lion It would be nice if there was a website where I could enter dramas I like and it recommends other dramas for me. Yukiyo’s inner monologue is hilarious. Nishimura has a passion for cooking, but never would he have imagined the task before him now: His classmate Akito Takagi, notes Mashiro’s drawings in it and asks him to become a manga artist to his stories. Cue demolished self-confidence, if there was one to begin with.

Add the first question. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? He has no confidence and, despite thousands of tweets, moteik followed by three accounts on Twitter.

Comments by Ezalor [Rating: Unfortunate for such a promising series as this. Will he be able to escape his “Moteki” status?

japanese drama recommendations

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I’m not currently in the position crazg look up what those are but Drxma start with Hanazakari if I were you.

Moheki the emotional pain from that incident throughout her life, Kanna is still Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter I watched the drama craay, and I was actually slightly disappointed by the movie.


Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? Wow, thanks for all the recommendations. I’ll add a third voice to “My Boss, My Hero”, it’s a very fun dorama. This section may contain spoilers! Crying Out Love in the Center of the World Aki, who is older and likes him but plays stupid games and can’t be honest, Natsuki who is perfect in his eyes but just sleeps with anyone to mend a broken heart, Itsu who is in love with his best friend, as well as his yankee friend Naoko from high school and now love coach to Moteki.

I know there is not that many of those types of Dramas, so any other really good drama is fine too.

At first, I did not want to watch this because of the plot, but it is so self-ironical that it is a pleasure to watch. Omu Sensei 12 episodes, Mayumi Hori The lives of women saved by the historical Tokei-ji Buddhist Temple. Audible Download Audio Books. Yes, he is not exactly the winning type and he knows it. It just showed that so long as we open ourselves up in our social lives we may strike jackpot one day, but truly that’s more dram than reality, and fantasy is how this movie got played out and made.


I’m looking for some Japanese dramas mooteki watch.

japanese drama recommendations

Retrieved from ” https: See the full gallery. Sure it’ll hurt like hell, but that doesn’t mean a disregard or a non attempt to try and sooth the blow.

I’m going to try downloading the rest of the recommendations. Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! First of all I was blown away by its amazing soundtrack, often name checked by characters on the show.

Worth watching for sure! His classmate Akito Takagi, notes Mashiro’s drawings moteik it and asks him to become a manga artist to his stories. He has never held a steady job or had a girlfriend. Tobo bengoshi or Liar Game is pretty good too.

Glimpses into Moteki’s inner world are ,oteki for comic relief. Straight-up good dramas are Hana yori Dango, you already said Orange Days, and a bunch more. Shimada Yurie 12 episodes, Yuki Izumisawa Was this review helpful to you?

Moteki TV Series Can anyone remember it?

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