Post Share on Facebook. Surya Saputra as Husband. And then it revolves into a true head-scratcher, a picture that definitely belongs in the ‘WTF’ horror sub-genre. He is probably only away from home for maybe a week at the most, probably could be done in 4 days, not including travel time there. Ia sengaja memposisikan dirinya sebagai korban, hal ini dapat terjadi karena pengaruh obat-obatan yang ia suntikan pada dirinya sendiri. Who set the box into fire when john was hiding into it? Apakah keluarga yang dicarinya merupakan keluarga sang tokoh utama? You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made.

He only had 4 shots, which it takes 2 per family, one to forget, and one to remember. Rio Dewanto as John Evans. Was this his beautiful wife? His family is happily at home, while John pretends to save some random family he actually slaughtered. Watch the latest videos on YouTube. Previous video Next video.

Kala and The Forbidden Doorwhich are both heavily-stylized, wildly colorful, and “trippy” in the best sense of the word. Surya Saputra as Husband. And, I’m not sure I remember why the son was bare chested.

Ritual (Modus Anomali)

As I alluded to earlier, the first portion, which consists of a lot of sneaking around in a small part of a very dark forest, and is presented at an extremely slow pace, made me believe that Anwar was experimenting with a different style of filmmaking. Trivia Director Joko Anwar did an open casting by asking people who were interested to post their pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve read your review and thank you, it helps a lot! Assuming his phone conversations were real, he will bury himself and “hibernate” for some extended period of time avoiding what ever bugs and junk will slide into his, ears and eyes then call again and say “oh sorry babe, the conference ran over a bit Modus Anomali or Ritual follows a man named John with amnesia as he tries to piece together the events prior to his unconscious burial.


The main character is NOT the protagonist, but the antagonist Before he understands what’s going on, he finds himself separated from his family. He didn’t kill his own daughter and son in the woods, they were trying to kill him to save their already dead father; therefore, there isn’t a maniac in the woods, it’s the children. Search for ” Ritual ” on Anoomali. Stars on sppiler Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project.

Horror Movie A Day: Ritual (aka Modus Anomali) ()

Full Cast and Crew. And his wife and children as in the picture were killed during the movie.

If you all remember, he took the black box and went back to the beginning, he had a flashback. The movie is admirably almost completely free of dialogue – apart from his occasional “Where the fuck am I? Mike Keith September 14, at 3: I believe that Joko Anwar knows what he’s doing, and even if not everything made the transition from his brain to the screen — narrative logic is not necessarily his strength — Modus Anomali kept my jaw dropping throughout.

Mengapa sang tokoh utama menanam weker di tanah? Bersekutu dengan Setan Even to my Indonesian ears, the main lead’s English sounds a bit off – fluent English speakers in Indonesia don’t even sound like that. Well, everything in the first two acts is a delusion — a result of an amnesia and paranoia causing drug.

Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. Mike Keith September 24, at He didnt have the luxury of photoshop. But, other than that, the film is pretty damn good actually and well worth watching.

You’re being guided moduus this path before it completely, and not entirely unexpectedly, veers you off of it and it reveals what’s really going on. Plus, expecting a horror film does a disservice to its best shock moment, as it’s the sort of thing you would probably expect in a horror film it’s actually similar to a moment in The Descentbut in a thriller is a drop-dead “Holy shit” moment.


The movie offers about as much motive as the original Halloween did – “just because” seems to suffice for its screenwriters, and that’s fine by me.

Modus Anomali () [SPOILER] / FAQ | harianfilm

As I understand it, film production in Indonesia is currently experiencing something of a boom following a fallow period, to put it mildly, from the end of the s when hardly any films were being made at all. I can understand the movie now. I thought I was a lil crazy trying to figure this out but after reading this not so fil,

It opens in Indonesia next month. I’d actually pay money to have a bunch of entitled assholes playing with their phones throughout this particular movie give a thorough plot synopsis after.

This is one of those films where the central character discovers information about his situation bit by bit at the same time as the audience; so it would be wrong of me to reveal much more than the bare bones of the spoileg.

And I think that’s kodus the film is partly about. At the end we get to see him in action, and what he had to have done to the original family we saw in the beginning of the movie. There is NO flashbacks, the entire movie is told in linear format.

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