Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Arvinder is TV gold and very funny, although you will have to endure Channel 4’s terrible comedy Yamaha organ soundtrack whenever he appears on screen why do they do that? One shot at perfection: The meal is eaten and it is time to leave. Mother of British soldier forgives ‘broken’ best friend Man denies murdering his pregnant ex-wife with crossbow as she did the washing up Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 50, of no fixed abode, has pleaded not guilty to killing Sana Muhammad, 35, from Ilford, east London. These often star Arvinder, a man who has not as yet fully embraced feminism. Television has thrown up many memorable married double acts but there has been no one quite like Arvinder and Sarbjit Grewal.

But the fact is that what’s most unusual about them is that they like each other and they’re happy. Until last month, the Grewals were just like the rest of us facing their challenges and celebrating their successes in private. The family are profiled on the Channel 4 website at http: The couple had a registry wedding in and their Punjabi wedding was in August — a major event in the series. Tuesday, November 24, at With a wedding on the horizon and a baby on the way, the family is feeling the pre. Plastic surgery ‘I like the pain’:

Get the biggest celebs stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Todd Milsap, year-old son of country music legend Ronnie Milsap, is found dead on his houseboat in Alongside those painful scenes are moments of pure comedy. Show 25 25 50 All. Despite the fact they were married at a register office inthey dreamed of a proper Punjabi wedding, which took place this summer. He met Gurdip in Mumbai and married her in India before moving to England almost four years ago.

‘Wonderfully warm’ Grewals star in TV series | Sikhs Online

Essex Police Firefighters ‘hose people down’ after ‘acid attack’ near shopping centre Witnesses at Chafford Hundred rail station, near intu Lakeside in Grays, Essex, described the shocking scenes. Sarbjit says her husband showed off for the cameras and Arvinder mocks that she used to emerge from bed “looking like Victoria Principal” with makeup already on. It is that honesty, I think, that is the reason why the series is such gripping television. When the original series of The Family was broadcast on British television in it was hailed as groundbreaking because it was the first time that viewers were given an intimate look inside an ordinary British family.


Extra co-host Renee oozes elegance in a dazzling white tulle gown as she attends the Oscars Blac Chyna cuddles up to the daughter she has with Rob Kardashian If I had been dying she wouldn’t know.

There’s wacth and dad, Sarbjit and Arvinder — a pair who share a mocking humour only a wqtch who’ve been together for 35 years can get away with; eldest son Sunny together with his fiance Shay; pregnant daughter Kaki with husband Jeet; and youngest son Tindy.

‘Wonderfully warm’ Grewals star in TV series

Blanca Blanco goes from makeup-free to fully glam as she prepares for the 91st Academy Awards Cara Delevingne ‘sets her sights on music career after recording vocals for new single’ Kaki gives birth to her new baby son in episode seven.

Maduro lashes out at America after Pence announces more sanctions against Venezuelan socialist leader’s inner circle ‘The wealthy are definitely undertaxed’: Simon Dickson, deputy head of documentaries, said Channel 4 was lucky to have found another brilliant family through whose eyes viewers could experience the highs and lows of family life.

Tejind admires Sir Alan Sugar for his thr acumen and feels his own biggest accomplishment is his degree.

From a gifted wahch and scholar to a convicted child sex abuser — how one of the most powerful Catholics in the world rose through the ranks before it all came crashing down Pope’s No3 faces jail within weeks as gagging order is lifted unmasking him as cardinal convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys after catching them drinking sacramental wine ‘You’re in trouble’: Pregnant Kaki is feeling hormonal and unhappy, while Jeet misses the film star days he l.

Without him she’s been struggling with the pregnancy and she is worried he won’t be with her when she.

Share or comment on this article: But the fact is that what’s most unusual about them is that they like each other and they’re happy. From a gifted sportsman and scholar to a convicted child sex abuser — how There’s a dark cloud onlinw the wedding because of disharmony in Shay’s own family her mother hasn’t spoken to her for over five yearswhile Kaki suffers a life-threatening illness and gives birth prematurely. Reality shows are a really demanded and favorite thing about tv fans. Sometimes the frankness has been poignant: Also in the house is youngest son Tejind Grewal, noline, who runs a part-time DJ business.


He also works at Heathrow in security. We had to live in a hotel for two weeks while they put all the cameras in.

Meet the Grewals, a British Indian family just like yours | Television & radio | The Guardian

While the series does delve deeper into Asian family life than anything before, I was doubtful about how typical they were of other Asian families. For two months this summer it was also home to 28 cameras, 37 microphones, several miles of cabling and a production crew hiding in the back garden.

Gary Lineker Gary Lineker reveals his thoughts on Leicester City hiring Brendan Rodgers Rodgers left his post at Celtic after the club ‘very reluctantly’ agreed to grant him permission to speak to the Foxes.

Until now he has maintained a silence on girlfriends and sex but, with his mum and dad looking for a bride for the ‘baby’ of the house, Tejind comes clean on a night out. She is married to Jitender Singh Chaudhary, 36, a professional puppeteer and former Bollywood actor who gave up his career in India to be with her in Britain. Get a free account. This year Channel 4 has picked the first British Indian family to undergo the rigours of hard line reality TV surveillance.

New underwater pictures of Emiliano Sala plane in ‘three Channel 4 is taking TV’s most intimate look yet at British Asian life with a fly-on-the-wall series about meeg generations wwtch a Sikh family. Once-a-month injection could stop children suffering from He used to have his own courier business but closed it down when it ran into difficulties. He studied at university and plans to further his academic profile in ACCA accounting.

Knife crime Boy, 17, stabbed to death ‘on his way to the gym’ is named. Tindy, the youngest son, hearing that the Guardian has sent a photographer, has leapt into the bathroom for a shower and shave.

Last year Channel 4 brought the format back, showing the day-to-day life of the Hughes family from Canterbury in Kent. Their lives will be aired as part of the iconic series, The Familyon Channel 4. Horrifying choice faced by young woman.

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